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Matcha tea lemonade

Matcha tea lemonade. A refreshing drink, full of flavor, original, colorful and delicious that you can prepare in less than 5 minutes.

easy recipe thermomix forest fruit smoothie

Forest fruit smoothie

In the mood to hydrate on hot afternoons? This forest fruit smoothie is a healthy and nutritious alternative.

easy recipe thermomix chocolate shake

Chocolate milkshake

Fancy something cool to combat hot afternoons? This chocolate shake is delicious and ready in 2 minutes.

Easy recipe thermomix pineapple smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie

Looking for a cool summer snack? We propose you this pineapple smoothie. An easy and quick recipe with fruit and dairy.

Isotonic drink

Relax with this isotonic drink that will renew your energy after a sports session or a day full of activity.

Homemade Actimel®

Do you want to prepare a homemade Actimel®? It is so easy and simple that even children can help you prepare it at home.

Dalgona brûlée coffee

Café Dalgona brûlée is a delicious and easy version to make with your Thermomix®. Ideal for the afternoons or summer afternoons.

Grapefruit and rosemary soda

Grapefruit and rosemary soda will be your favorite summer drink. Ready in less than 1 minute and with a flavor that will quench your thirst.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Melon and orange cocktail

Melon and orange cocktail

Do you need an exotic drink for a party? Try this melon and orange cocktail. With your Thermomix® in 1 minute it will be ready.

Easy recipe thermomix Summer Sangria

Summer sangria

Preparing this summer sangria is a sure hit. So quick to make, so rich and so refreshing that there will be nothing left.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Cherry Lemonade

Cherry lemonade

We show you how to make a cherry lemonade to enjoy your fruit and cool off on hot afternoons.

recipe desserts thermomix berry sorbet

Berries sorbet

Go ahead and prepare this berry sorbet. It is healthy, natural, refreshing and has all the good things about fruit.

Pink Pineapple and Beet Smoothie

Preparing this pink pineapple and beet smoothie with Thermomix® is very easy. In 2 minutes you will have a drink full of vitamins and minerals.

Easy Thermomix Mojito Sorbet Recipe

Mojito sorbet

Do you want to relax for a while with your friends? Make a mojito sorbet to remember the best moments of the summer.

easy recipe thermomix lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

The lemon sorbet is very refreshing, easy to make. This summer refresh yourself naturally with your Thermomix®

Tiger nut milk shake

Preparing a natural tiger nut horchata without preservatives is very easy and simple. A healthy drink for any time of the year.

Pink super power smoothie

With this pink super power shake you can recharge yourself with vitamins and minerals from the first sip. Ready in 2 minutes with your Thermomix®.

Easy recipe thermomix apricot smoothie

Apricot smoothie

The fruit and dairy based apricot smoothie is a cool snack for hot summer afternoons.

Easy Thermomix Lemonade Recipe


Do you want to enjoy a real lemonade? It is rich, refreshing and with your Thermomix® it will be ready in 2 seconds.

Easy Recipe Refreshing Cappuccino Thermomix

Refreshing cappuccino

A refreshing cappuccino ready in 3 minutes? Yes, with your Thermomix® everything is possible. A very easy drink to enjoy the heat.

Red fruit and chia smoothie

This red fruit and chia smoothie has very good qualities and is so easy to make with Thermomix that it will become your best ally.

easy recipe thermomix strawberry lassi

Strawberry lassi

Preparing this delicious strawberry lassi will only take you 2 minutes with your Thermomix. A drink as refreshing as it is easy.

Strawberry juice

Strawberry juice is a refreshing recipe that is great for your children to eat fruit. Ready in less than 3 minutes with Thermomix®.

Hazelnut and anise milk

Preparing a delicious homemade hazelnut and anise milk is easy with Thermomix. You can also take advantage of its benefits and flavor.

Easy recipe thermomix kiwi juice

Kiwi juice

This kiwi juice will help you regulate your body and will also provide you with vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

Easy Recipe Thermomix Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothie

The banana smoothie is a great idea for a light snack and for children to drink fruit and milk without realizing it.

Thermomix Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is ideal for any occasion. Also with Thermomix it is so easy to do that it is not lazy.

Thermomix recipe orange and strawberry juice

Orange and strawberry juice

This orange and strawberry juice is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is perfect to start the day well and maintain our diet.

thermomix recipe orange juice

Orange juice

Do you want to make a refreshing orange juice with Thermomix? In this recipe you will see how easy it is to make this drink for the whole family.

Cashew milk

Cashew milk is a vegetable drink, natural and full of properties that you can make easily and quickly with Thermomix.

Pear juice, such as purchased

The flavor of this pear juice will remind you of that of the packed juice that we find in supermarkets, either in a tetra brick or in a bottle.

Chocolate and banana smoothie

With this shake you will surprise the children and give them a lot of energy to face an afternoon of games. It has chocolate, banana and milk.

Dalgona coffee

Preparing this simple Dalgona coffee recipe with your Thermomix is ​​simple. Only 3 ingredients and in 3 minutes you can enjoy its flavor.

Nut milk

Enjoy making your own nut milk with your Thermomix. A healthy, homemade drink, without preservatives or colorings.

Tiramisu to drink

It is prepared in a few minutes and everyone will like it. We can use normal or decaffeinated coffee, so that children can also drink it

Grape juice and kiwi

With this kiwi and grape juice you can take care of yourself easily and taking advantage of seasonal foods that it brings us ...

Nescafe frappé banana and cookies

NESCAFÉ® Frappé banana & cookies

NESCAFÉ® Frappé Banana & Cookies, a perfect recipe to sweeten any afternoon this summer, with vanilla ice cream and a cookie and banana topping.

Anti-cellulite shake

Taking care of yourself is easy with this anti-cellulite shake and our Thermomix. A drink with matcha tea that will also fill you with energy.

Celery, apple and mint lemonade

With this celery, apple and mint lemonade you will have a refreshing, diuretic and sugar-free drink to appease the summer heat.

Summer sunset juice

The summer sunset juice is a drink that we can make in 2 minutes with Thermomix and that does not help to have a radiant skin in summer.

Strawberry isotonic drink

This delicious isotonic strawberry drink will help you stay hydrated and recover from your physical activity. Ready in 1 minute with your Thermomix.

Oreo hot chocolate

This year the Oreo hot chocolate will undoubtedly be the sweetest treat. A simple recipe to make with Thermomix will make your partner fall in love with it.

9 drinks for Christmas parties

9 drinks for the Christmas Parties is the compilation with which you can dazzle your guests. Cocktails and spirits made at home with Thermomix.

Christmas mulled wine

The most magical season of the year starts and there is nothing like a Christmas mulled wine to set the mood. Its smell of ...

Lemon sorbet with egg white

You cannot let the summer pass without preparing a good homemade lemon sorbet. It is easy to make, inexpensive and you can have it reserved in the freezer and In Thermomix, preparing a sorbet is very simple. We will do it with the following ingredients: lemon, water, sugar and an egg white.

Fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea

Drinks like this fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea help you take care of yourself so it is not surprising that they have become a This fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea is the drink you have been waiting for. Delicious, quick to prepare with Thermomix and full of antioxidants.

Multivitamin drink

If you like natural juices without preservatives or colorings, this multivitamin drink is going to enchant you. It is made with fresh fruit and it is so simple. Refresh yourself with this multivitamin drink and show off healthy and beautiful skin this summer. Easy, homemade and ready in 1 minute with Thermomix.

Grape Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie

Exquisite combination of grape and vanilla in the form of a frozen, creamy smoothie, with other fruits such as apple and banana, which make it a unique smoothie.

Banana & Vanilla Milkshake

We continue to beat the heat with delicious frozen shakes, delicious! Today we bring you an impressive vanilla and banana smoothie that is Delicious American style banana smoothie, made with vanilla ice cream, milk and a few drops of lemon. Refreshing, tasty, nutritious and delicious.

Melon granita

The melon granita is a drink that both adults and children like. Refreshing, delicious and with all the vitamins of the melon.

Banana Milkshake

We propose a snack, for adults and children, based on bananas and dairy. It is prepared in a Thermomix and it is delicious.

Petit suisse shake

Creamy and delicious petit suisse strawberry, cream and banana shake. Perfect for having a snack with the whole family. Ready in less than 5 minutes.

Samurai shake

A quick and creamy shake made with Thermomix so you can enjoy all the good of matcha tea and the delicious taste of pineapple and coconut water.

9 strawberry drinks

Strawberry drinks help us enjoy spring. Delicious smoothies, nutritious shakes and refreshing juices full of vitamins.

matcha latte

An original and different drink: matcha latte, milk flavored with Japanese matcha green tea. Ideal as a hot or cold drink. Sweet, tasty and full-bodied.

Onion tea

With this natural and healthy onion tea you can say goodbye to colds and colds. Quick to prepare with Thermomix.

Endive tonic

With this endive tonic and your Thermomix you can purify your body and curb excesses. We show you four alternatives to give you an extra health.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The strawberry and banana smoothie is delicious and will provide you with all the good of the fruit. It's fast and refreshing ... don't miss it !! We also tell you its properties and if it serves to lose weight or lose weight.

Cider punch

Prepare this delicious and spicy Jamie Oliver cider punch with your Thermomix. Perfect to enjoy on cold Christmas afternoons.

Orange and blueberry smoothie

With this orange and blueberry smoothie you will enjoy a drink full of color, flavor and nutrients that will help us to have a healthy diet.

9 recipes with coffee

9 recipes in which coffee is the protagonist. Flan, mousse, cream, sponge cake ... different desserts with that ingredient, ideal for meetings with friends.

Lavender lemonade

Delicious and refreshing lavender lemonade that gives us all the good things in lemons and will help us relax and sleep without problems.

ACE juice

ACE drink

ACE juice, with vitamins A, C and E made in Thermomix but that seems to be bought. One more drink for the summer perfect for the whole family.

Banana and jam smoothie

A smoothie made with fresh fruit and homemade jam. A refreshing snack loaded with properties, perfect for athletes and children

Black Forest Smoothie

Simple and delicious Selva Negra shake with all the flavor of the famous chocolate and cherry cake. Serve chilled for a perfect summer snack.

Summer juice for the skin

Summer juice for the skin based on orange, carrot and celery. Delicious, healthy and easy to make with Thermomix. And with only 20 kcal.

Orange, carrot and ginger smoothie

Smoothie in 1 minute that will give you all the energy to face the morning with strength. And a delicious flavor with fresh and exotic touches.

Grapefruit and apple juice

Healthy and refreshing juice made from grapefruit with orange and apple. A pump of vitamins and nutrients for our body

Healthy breakfast shake in 1 minute

Express healthy smoothie for breakfast with banana and oatmeal, when we don't have time to have breakfast in the morning. In less than 2 minutes it will be ready.

Broccoli and Strawberry Smoothie

Exquisite and nutritious smoothie made with broccoli and strawberries, ideal for breakfast or mid-morning or mid-afternoon. A source of health.

9 delicious spring fruit drinks

Discover how to prepare 9 delicious drinks with spring fruits. Healthy and natural smoothies, juices and shakes to take care of ourselves.

Cocoa fitness shake

This cocoa fitness shake is the perfect snack ... easy to make, healthy, rich, full of energy and with a delicious chocolate flavor.

Mango-tango juice

Mango-tango juice is a delicious fruit drink that will keep us hydrated at any time of the year. Prepare it quickly with Thermomix

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (basic recipe)

Hot chocolate (basic recipe). A classic in breakfasts and snacks around the world that we can personalize by adding liqueurs to our liking.

Orange and pomegranate nectar

A complete orange and pomegranate juice, with all the fiber and vitamins of seasonal fruits. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks.

Almond milk

Roasted almond drink

Toasted almond drink. A good alternative for the lactose intolerant or for those who want to introduce healthier options into their diet.

Green Smoothie

We teach you how to prepare a detoxifying drink that is also delicious. It is very healthy since it is made with vegetables, fruit and a little honey

Fake orange liquid yogurt

The other day, the reader Carmen left us a comment on the recipe for liquid lemon yogurt asking us if ...

Melon mojito

The melon mojito is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink with which to enjoy the summer. It is also very easy to do with Thermomix.

Plum smoothie

A refreshing plum smoothie very appetizing for its color, healthy and very rich. It is prepared in a moment with our Thermomix.

Homemade isotonic drink

Enjoy this homemade isotonic drink, without colorings or preservatives. Ready in 2 minutes and with natural ingredients. Essential if you want to take care of yourself.

Peppermint lemonade

Refreshing and delicious lemonade, with an exotic touch of peppermint. In just 2 seconds, we will have an exquisite drink ready.

Pineapple, orange and mango juice

This pineapple, orange and mango juice will help you start the day in a healthy way. It is made with fresh fruits and is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Strawberry apple smoothie

Delicious and refreshing strawberry and apple smoothie, ideal for hot days. Perfect for low-calorie diets.

Cinnamon hot chocolate

Are you looking for a special drink to accompany some typical sweets? Try this cinnamon hot chocolate. Delicious drink to warm up.

Sweet oat milk

Sweet oat milk is a perfect plant drink for preparing desserts and other sweet recipes.

Almond milk

This recipe for almond milk provides us with a perfect vegetable drink for our vegan or lactose-free breakfasts.

Pumpkin smoothie

A delicious and nutritious smoothie made with pumpkin, banana and coconut milk that we can have for breakfast or for a snack.

Tangerine and date juice

This tangerine and date juice is an excellent ally against anemia, against constipation and in weight loss diets.

Rice milk

Rice milk is a smooth and digestive vegetable drink with which you will save a lot of money.

Strawberry and orange smoothie

Healthy and nutritious fresh orange smoothie. Ideal to take advantage of the seasonal fruit and for the little ones' snack.

Frozen yogurt smoothie

The frozen yogurt shake is perfect to present as a dessert at a dinner or family meal. Serve in small glasses to avoid adding too many calories.

Apple juice

A delicious juice full of vitamins and with a powerful detoxifying capacity, in addition to helping our digestive system.

Strawberry, lettuce and lime juice

With this juice of strawberries, lettuce and lime we can easily be hydrated in summer and, at the same time, ingest vitamins and minerals.

Strawberry apple smoothie

A simple, inexpensive shake full of vitamins: strawberries, apple and milk. Ideal for the little ones' snack. Very easy to do with your Thermomix

Kiwi sorbet

Refreshing kiwi sorbet with cava, perfect to accompany Christmas meals and dinners between courses.

Banana and mandarin smoothie

Delicious and nutritious banana, milk and mandarin smoothie. Ideal to guarantee the consumption of fruit during the Christmas holidays.

Detoxifying apple, cucumber and celery juice

Detoxifying apple, celery, cucumber and lemon juice. It is a detox juice or green juice, ideal for eliminating toxins produced by food, stress and urban lifestyle. And it is delicious.

Antioxidant juice

This antioxidant juice contains pomegranate, strawberries and tomato, fruits that combine their anti-aging power with a high content of vitamin C, which strengthens natural defenses, as well as anti-cancer properties and multiple beneficial effects.

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

The banana and peanut butter smoothie is a perfect healthy drink for snacks for children or for the elderly and lacking appetite.

Red and blue fruit smoothie

This red and blue fruit smoothie has a very intense color, which indicates that it is full of antioxidants and vitamin C that will help us protect our body

Paraguayan ice cream shake

Refreshing Paraguayan-based ice cream shake ideal to refresh ourselves on hot days. Perfect for a children's snack or dessert.

Red and yellow plum juice

Red plum juice is a very easy and fast juice, with great properties for weight loss and weight control diets.

Melon smoothie

This smoothie is a low calorie yogurt and melon smoothie, very healthy, refreshing and delicious, ideal for diets or to take between meals.

Natural watermelon smoothie

The natural watermelon smoothie is made from skim milk, watermelon and whole sugar. It is simple and in less than 1 minute we will have a refreshing drink.


Refreshing mojito ideal to drink as a drink this summer.

Lettuce, pear and kiwi juice

In the lettuce, pear and kiwi juice, fruits and vegetables are mixed to form a delicious and very healthy combination. Full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Detoxifying juice against hangovers

This detoxifying juice is a natural remedy against hangovers, a vegetable juice to cleanse the body after a copious lunch or dinner where alcohol has been ingested.

Mango Smoothie

With Thermomix it is easy to make this mango smoothie. It's refreshing, healthy, and great. It is a perfect snack for the whole family.

Ginger Lime Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade with lime and ginger with which you can combat high temperatures. It will be the drink of the summer because of its flavor and because it is easy and fast

Yogurt and pistachio smoothie

The yogurt and pistachio smoothie is a refreshing and nutritious drink slightly spiced and with an exotic flavor. Perfect for a hot afternoon.

Super vitamin C juice

Exquisite combination of fruits and vegetables, with which we will create an exquisite juice full of vitamin C.

Salad emulsion

Salad emulsion, an exquisite recipe to use for when we have leftover salad. Ideal as a starter.

Pear and raspberry juice

This delicious pear and raspberry juice provides us with vitamins and minerals of the highest quality. The intake of fruits is essential to show off a beautiful body.

Apple, beet and lemon juice

Antioxidant and detoxifying juice, low in calories and full of vitamins, iron and minerals, ideal as a supplement to weight loss diets.

Natural pineapple juice

A natural pineapple juice, very healthy and low in calories, with all the properties of pineapple, made in 3 minutes and with a spectacular result.

Oatmeal milk

Ideal for fighting stress and supplying energy, this vegetable oat milk is a great option for breakfast, especially in the face of lactose intolerance.

Pear and lemon juice

Quick, easy and low in calories, this pear and lemon juice is a source of energy, minerals and vitamins. Sweetened with stevia.

Homemade colacao

Homemade colacao recipe or homemade soluble cocoa, where we will also learn to toast flour with Thermomix

Rosemary anti-cold infusion

Anti-cold infusion based on rosemary, honey, lemon and ginger that provide enough natural essences to fight colds and warm up.

Pineapple, orange and carrot juice

Natural juice made from pineapple, orange and carrot that provides us with a large amount of vitamins and minerals. And that helps us to eat 5 fruits or vegetables a day.

Cava and pacharán cocktail

A proposal for New Year's Eve: the cava and pacharán cocktail, where we will mix the famous sloe brandy (patxaran, in Basque) with cava and orange juice.

Egg liqueur

Egg liqueur is quick and easy to make with Thermomix. Prepare this liquor the day before and surprise your guests with a drink that they will love.

Lemon Sorbet with Cava

An essential for the Christmas holidays: a lemon sorbet with cava. Very easy and very fast.

Juice against anemia

This juice is an excellent natural remedy against iron deficiency anemia (anemia due to lack of iron). The beet makes an important contribution of iron to our body and the orange juice facilitates its absorption.

Anti-aging breakfast shake

Aging is an oxidation process whose signs can be delayed by a diet rich in antioxidants. This shake focuses its properties on combating the symptoms that affect the skin.

Hot chocolate shake

Comforting hot chocolate shake, ideal to beat the cold and warm up quickly, with honey to soothe the throat and a splash of brandy.

Medicinal flu juice

A traditional home remedy full of vitamin C, with ginger and honey, an ideal medicinal juice to combat flu states, colds and colds.

Bloody Mary

The recipe for the famous Bloody Mary cocktail adapted to Thermomix and made in 1 minute.

Nutritious smoothie for kids

This shake is a solution to those nights in which, usually due to fatigue, children do not want to have dinner, a great ally to guarantee a nutritious dinner with its proteins, vitamins and minerals, prepared in 1 minute.

Ice coffee

Delicious iced coffee drink with ice, very creamy and covered with foam.

Tropical multi-fruit smoothie

Refreshing and tasty tropical fruit smoothie, an idea to introduce the fruit to children and perfect as a snack or mid-morning snack.

Mango and rum slush

A delicious mango granita cocktail, which can be prepared with or without alcohol.

Banana daiquiri

A new version of the traditional daiquiri, with banana, lemon and white rum.

Watermelon vermouth

A light cocktail to whet your appetite: a white vermouth accompanied by fruit juice.

Orange sorbet with fresh fruit

Orange sorbet with fresh fruit

We teach you how to make this delicious and refreshing orange sorbet that the whole family will like. It will serve us so that the little ones eat fruit delighted.

Watermelon juice

On hot days, what you want the most are refreshing drinks like this watermelon juice. Full of flavor, quick and easy to prepare. With all the good things about the fruit.

Coffee granita

Coffee granita

Homemade coffee granita, a classic to beat the heat, prepared in less than 2 minutes.

Lemon slush

Lemon slush

We will learn to make a lemon slush as rich as that of the best ice cream parlors and with totally natural ingredients. With Thermomix it is possible!

Tigernut and cocoa horchata smoothie

Horchata and cocoa smoothie

Refreshing tiger nut milk shake with cocoa powder. A nutritious lactose-free snack that children and adults love.

strawberry caipirosca cocktail


We teach you how to prepare capiroska, a version of caipirinha but with vodka, crushed ice and strawberries. Refresh yourself with this cocktail made in the Thermomix.

Meringue milk

Meringue milk

We show you how to make meringue milk with Thermomix, a refreshing and nutritious drink that you can prepare easily with this recipe.

Strawberry Peppermint Smoothie

Prepare a delicious strawberry and mint smoothie and refresh yourself with this drink that is a source of vitamins, fibers and proteins that you can prepare in 5 minutes

Thermomix carrot juice

Multivitamin juice

Make a tasty multivitamin juice in the thermomix from carrot, orange and apple. Delicious, with many vitamins and refreshing.

fat burning juice

Fat burning juice

Learn how to prepare fat burning juice in Thermomix, a pump of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that is very low in calories and helps you lose weight.

Mango juice

Mango and pineapple juice

Recipe to make mango and pineapple juice, a drink with antioxidants, vitamins C, B and A, iron, rich in fiber and low in calories that helps you lose weight

Banana and mocha smoothie

Learn how to prepare a banana and mocha smoothie in the Thermomix, a soft flavored drink, where fruit, cocoa and coffee are combined. Delicious

Kiwi apple smoothie

Prepare a delicious kiwi and apple smoothie with the Thermomix, a drink full of properties and benefits ideal for maintaining a healthy diet.

Valencia water

Learn how to prepare Agua de Valencia with this recipe for Thermomix that uses all the ingredients to achieve the original flavor of this drink.

Irish coffee

Learn how to prepare an Irish coffee with Thermomix. Do you know its ingredients? Discover them and learn how this drink is made with coffee, whiskey and cream.

Vanilla Flavored Protein Shake

Learn how to make a homemade vanilla-flavored protein shake, a perfect drink for athletes or for those who are on a protein diet.

Horchata and kiwi smoothie

Horchata and kiwi smoothie

Learn how to prepare a refreshing milkshake of horchata with kiwi, a nutritious snack full of vitamins that you can make very easy with Thermomix

prepared milk

Milk with cinnamon and lemon

We show you how to make milk with cinnamon and lemon in Thermomix, a drink full of properties. Do you know how to prepare this meringue milk?

Watermelon daiquiri cocktail

Watermelon daiquiri

Make your own Daiquiri with the Thermomix. This version of the famous Cuban cocktail adds watermelon to its traditional ingredients.

Authentic Nestea

Make authentic homemade Nestea, with all the flavor of black tea and with a fantastic touch of citrus that the lemon provides. Nothing more healthy and refreshing.

Pina colada cocktail

Learn how to make one of the most famous and delicious cocktails. Pina colada is a cocktail made from pineapple, coconut and rum. Caribbean and delicious.

Creamy coffee granita

Make yourself a coffee slush this summer ... Creamy coffee slush is inexpensive, easy and quick to make. Ideal for summer afternoons.

Watermelon and strawberry juice

This refreshing watermelon and strawberry juice is ideal for hydration on hot summer days. It also provides vitamins and is easy to digest.

Lemon liquid yogurt

Liquid yogurt is a refreshing drink made primarily with milk and lemon. It is also nutritious and perfect for the hottest afternoons

Banana smoothie

This banana smoothie is quick to make. A delicious way to enjoy lazy days. It also serves for snacks and birthdays.

Mango and cardamom lassi

Mango and cardamom lassi is a delicious and quick recipe. The ideal drink to enjoy a hot summer afternoon. Made with dairy and fruit.

Special apple juice

This delicious apple juice is made from citrus fruits and a touch of apple that gives it a delicious refreshing point. Perfect for breakfast.

Special orange juice

This orange juice with carrot will provide us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to start the day full of energy.

Strawberry milkshake

Do you need an infallible recipe for your children to drink milk and fruit? Try this strawberry smoothie. Fully suitable for vegans.

Orange smoothie

Enjoy a refreshing drink and get your strength back with this orange smoothie. You only need 2 minutes.

Easy recipe thermomix Zumo Florida

Florida juice

Tired of the typical drinks? Prepare a delicious Florida juice full of vitamins and very refreshing.

Whiskey cream «Baileys»

Did you know that with Thermomix you can also make delicious drinks such as "Baileys" whiskey cream. Discover the recipe here.

Recipe desserts thermomix caramel frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino

Do you want a refreshing drink to surprise your guests at your party? Prepare a caramel and vanilla frappuccino in seconds.