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Red pepper sauce

This red pepper sauce combines very well with all kinds of vegetables, pasta, white fish and white meat.

Vegetables with tofu

Sauteed vegetables combined with tofu and cashews. Ideal for a quick dinner or a summer starter.

Hake balls

Hake and cottage cheese balls, with a batter of corn flakes, which makes them crunchy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside

Tomato flavored toast

Crunchy toasted bread, garnished with tomato and oregano, ideal to accompany cold cuts, Serrano ham and cheese.

Apple juice

A delicious juice full of vitamins and with a powerful detoxifying capacity, in addition to helping our digestive system.

Chicken nuggets with carrots

Ideal for children. Fried or baked. These chicken nuggets incorporate carrots and soft cheese into a juicy, nutrient-packed mix.

Chimichurri sauce

You can serve the chimichurri sauce with all kinds of grilled or grilled meats, as well as with vegetables or salads.

Cabbage Salad

How well red cabbage combines with apple! Do you remember the garnish of red cabbage with apple and ...

Cold peach cream

This cold peach cream is made with peach in syrup. It looks like a peach salmorejo, but we add ginger and spices to it.

Vegan avocado boats

Prepare these vegan avocado boats and you will have a quick and healthy dinner ready in less 10 minutes.

Coriander mayonnaise

The coriander mayonnaise will add a spark to your grilled dishes, whether they are vegetables, meats or even seafood. Do not stop preparing it on a barbecue.

Cold beet cream with olives

A cold beet cream, low in calories, ideal to take advantage of all the benefits and properties of this tuber: anti-cancer, anti-anemia, ideal for pregnant women and anti-aging. And with only 43 calories.

Curry sauce

Intense curry sauce ideal for dressing salads or roasted, cooked or steamed vegetables. And very quick to prepare!

Strawberry apple smoothie

A simple, inexpensive shake full of vitamins: strawberries, apple and milk. Ideal for the little ones' snack. Very easy to do with your Thermomix

Fresh tender wheat salad

The fresh tender wheat salad is a very balanced option where the nutrients of the cereal, raw vegetables and seeds are combined.

Cesar dressing

Caesar sauce for salads, the original recipe adapted to thermomix

Strawberry and peppermint mousse

A quick and delicious dessert that will brighten up your meals. In just 5 minutes you will have prepared a really refreshing and tasty spoon dessert.

Parsley pesto

We reinvent the traditional pesto sauce by making it with parsley, which will give a very different touch to your pasta dishes.

Vegan pesto

Vegan pesto adapts the traditional Genoese pesto recipe by substituting brewer's yeast for Parmesan. An ideal sauce to accompany pasta and vegetables.

Ginger hummus

Ginger hummus is a variant of the traditional vegetable chickpea paté, typical of Arabic cuisine.

Persimmon cream cups

The persimmon cream glasses is a dessert that can be made in advance, quickly, easily and based on fruit.

Basic recipe: icing sugar

Icing sugar, icing sugar, icing sugar, neva sugar, powdered sugar or powdered sugar. There are many terms that give name to this powdered sugar, essential in confectionery. In Thermomix it is ready in 1 minute.

Red hummus

Red hummus incorporates roasted pepper into traditional Arabic chickpea hummus.

Kiwi sorbet

Refreshing kiwi sorbet with cava, perfect to accompany Christmas meals and dinners between courses.

Peach with nougat cream

Two options, homemade and quick, for a delicious and very simple dessert: peaches in syrup filled with nougat cream

Banana and mandarin smoothie

Delicious and nutritious banana, milk and mandarin smoothie. Ideal to guarantee the consumption of fruit during the Christmas holidays.

Detoxifying apple, cucumber and celery juice

Detoxifying apple, celery, cucumber and lemon juice. It is a detox juice or green juice, ideal for eliminating toxins produced by food, stress and urban lifestyle. And it is delicious.

Winter fruit porridge

Delicious and nutritious porridge, made with winter season fruit, ideal for children, the elderly and people with chewing problems.

Antioxidant juice

This antioxidant juice contains pomegranate, strawberries and tomato, fruits that combine their anti-aging power with a high content of vitamin C, which strengthens natural defenses, as well as anti-cancer properties and multiple beneficial effects.

Basic recipe: bechamel

Bechamel is a basic recipe that cannot be missing from our repertoire. It will serve us to make delicious preparations such as croquettes, lasagna, etc.

Mallorcan omelette

The Mallorcan omelette combines artisan products such as Mahón cheese and sobrasada, which add a spectacular color to this recipe.

Nocilla and mascarpone cream

This cream is a delight. It has nocilla (or nutella), mascarpone and banana and is ideal as a filling in pastries.

Persimmon dessert

Very easy persimmon dessert, perfect for the whole family. We will do it with cookies, yogurts and persimmons, in a moment, thanks to our Thermomix.

Magic cake or cup cake

With this magical cake you are going to surprise young and old alike. The dough is very easy to prepare with Thermomix and is baked in cups, in the microwave.

Avocado Cheesecake

A cheese and avocado cake that cooks in 15 minutes in the microwave, with a spectacular flavor and color.

Salmorejo with avocado

A reinterpretation of the traditional salmorejo, without bread and with avocado, with a creamy and irresistible texture

Paraguayan ice cream shake

Refreshing Paraguayan-based ice cream shake ideal to refresh ourselves on hot days. Perfect for a children's snack or dessert.

Peanut butter

Preparing peanut butter at home is simple, fast and we can make it to our liking with more or less salt and with different textures.

Red and yellow plum juice

Red plum juice is a very easy and fast juice, with great properties for weight loss and weight control diets.

Melon smoothie

This smoothie is a low calorie yogurt and melon smoothie, very healthy, refreshing and delicious, ideal for diets or to take between meals.


Salpicón is one of the summer recipes par excellence. Easy, fast and low in calories.


Refreshing mojito ideal to drink as a drink this summer.

Avocado dip

A vegan recipe for avocado with mint. Ideal as an aperitif accompanied with crudités.

Watermelon salmorejo

This watermelon salmorejo or watermelon porra is a delicious cold vegetable cream. It is like a gazpacho, but creamier, with a fine and delicious texture.

Cold melon and cucumber cream

Refreshing melon and cucumber cold cream, seasoned with mint and yogurt, ideal as a starter for the hottest days. Ready in less than 2 minutes.

Spiced Lentil Salad

Delicious lentil salad, garnished with a spice emulsion. Ideal as a starter for hot summer days.

Melon salmorejo

an own version of the typical salmorejo, in which we change the tomato for melon. The result is delicious: a very fresh cream for the summer. It's delicious.

Cherry tubs with mascarpone cream

The jars of cherries with mascarpone cream are so easy to make that even children can help us prepare them. It also prepares in 10 minutes

Pea guacamole

Pea guacamole, or guisanmole, is very similar to guacamole, but uses peas instead of avocado. It is served with dips, nachos or tostadas.

Super vitamin C juice

Exquisite combination of fruits and vegetables, with which we will create an exquisite juice full of vitamin C.

Black olive and cashew pate

A vegan vegetable pate, made with black olives and cashews. This olive pate is a great appetizer and a versatile addition to other dishes such as pasta or salads.

Beet and walnut vegetable pate

A vegetable paté to spread and a great complement to the vegetarian diet, since the iron, minerals, antioxidants and great properties of beets are combined with the proteins of the nuts, essential in a vegan diet

Cream of rice for babies

We teach you how to make a rice cream for the little ones with instant rice flour that we will prepare at home with our Thermomix

Chicken rolls and black olives

Simple chicken and black olive rolls that, due to their quick preparation, will help us to better organize our daily menus.

Salad emulsion

Salad emulsion, an exquisite recipe to use for when we have leftover salad. Ideal as a starter.

Pear and raspberry juice

This delicious pear and raspberry juice provides us with vitamins and minerals of the highest quality. The intake of fruits is essential to show off a beautiful body.

Apple, beet and lemon juice

Antioxidant and detoxifying juice, low in calories and full of vitamins, iron and minerals, ideal as a supplement to weight loss diets.

Avocado aioli

A new version of the popular aioli sauce (allioli or ajoaceite) made with avocado. Delicious and very easy.

Garlic mushroom appetizer

The garlic mushroom appetizer is ideal for snacking because it is quick, healthy and low in calories. Serve it with your favorite light drink.

Male Nachos

Tasty Macho Nachos, from Tex-Mex cuisine, an ideal snack to share with friends.

Chocolate express brownie

Chocolate brownie ready in 7 minutes. It is cooked in the microwave. It's fast, easy and delicious, the kind that disappear without you noticing.

Detox shake

The detox shake is an easy and healthy way to eat fruits and vegetables. This shake, popular with celebrities, will not help you maintain your ideal weight.

Natural pineapple juice

A natural pineapple juice, very healthy and low in calories, with all the properties of pineapple, made in 3 minutes and with a spectacular result.

Oatmeal milk

Ideal for fighting stress and supplying energy, this vegetable oat milk is a great option for breakfast, especially in the face of lactose intolerance.

Canarian red picón mojo sauce

Exquisite and tasty red picón mojo sauce, just arrived from the Canary Islands, ideal as a side for wrinkled potatoes, meat, vegetables or fish.

Pear and lemon juice

Quick, easy and low in calories, this pear and lemon juice is a source of energy, minerals and vitamins. Sweetened with stevia.

Mussels Pate

An easy recipe ready in 3 minutes: pickled mussel pâté. Mussels, tuna and cream cheese with a fine texture and a mild flavor.

Chickpea hummus with curry aroma

Exotic chickpea hummus with the aroma of curry, ideal as a starter or a snack for a dinner. Perfect for vegans and for children to eat legumes.

Ham and tortilla rolls with fine herbs

The ham and tortilla rolls with fine herbs are a quick preparation to make. Be sure to try it with your favorite cheese and the mixture of fine herbs that you prefer.

Rosemary anti-cold infusion

Anti-cold infusion based on rosemary, honey, lemon and ginger that provide enough natural essences to fight colds and warm up.

Strawberry hot chocolate

Original strawberry hot chocolate, with a mild and light flavor. Very easy and quick to do. A special snack for Valentine's Day.

Fish burgers

White fish burgers, a quick and easy recipe, ideal for children.

Anchovy butter spirals

Delicious express appetizer of sliced ​​bread spirals stuffed with anchovy, garlic and parsley butters.

Cheese sandwich with tomato and cheese sandwich with walnuts

The cheese sandwich with tomato and the cheese sandwich with walnuts are two of the specialties of the famous chain of sandwiches Rodilla. We have achieved pasta with a taste very similar to the original. Ideal for family celebrations, starters or snacks.

Kiwi cream with muesli

Delicious kiwi cream made with fruit, Greek yogurt and honey. That accompanied by our favorite muesli will become a very complete breakfast.

Cava and pacharán cocktail

A proposal for New Year's Eve: the cava and pacharán cocktail, where we will mix the famous sloe brandy (patxaran, in Basque) with cava and orange juice.

Egg liqueur

Egg liqueur is quick and easy to make with Thermomix. Prepare this liquor the day before and surprise your guests with a drink that they will love.

Lemon Sorbet with Cava

An essential for the Christmas holidays: a lemon sorbet with cava. Very easy and very fast.

Juice against anemia

This juice is an excellent natural remedy against iron deficiency anemia (anemia due to lack of iron). The beet makes an important contribution of iron to our body and the orange juice facilitates its absorption.

Anti-aging breakfast shake

Aging is an oxidation process whose signs can be delayed by a diet rich in antioxidants. This shake focuses its properties on combating the symptoms that affect the skin.

Cooked ham mousse

The cooked ham mousse will surprise you by how fast it is to make and how well its two textures combine to enhance the smoothness of this pate.

Hot chocolate shake

Comforting hot chocolate shake, ideal to beat the cold and warm up quickly, with honey to soothe the throat and a splash of brandy.

Cheese and tuna dip in 1 minute

Delicious cheese and tuna dip, ideal for snacking dinners with friends. Creamy, smooth and exquisite. Perfect with nachos or tostas.

Medicinal flu juice

A traditional home remedy full of vitamin C, with ginger and honey, an ideal medicinal juice to combat flu states, colds and colds.

Express pasta for 2

A quick recipe for those days when we don't have much time. Made with basic ingredients such as pasta, serrano ham, chorizo ​​and fried tomato.

Croque monsieur sandwich

The famous croque monsieur sandwich made with ham, Emmental cheese and gratin with a delicious homemade béchamel. Ideal for breakfasts or snacks.

Chicken cream spread

With this light spread we can take advantage of the chicken pieces that we may have left from another meal. It is perfect as a snack or aperitif.

Bloody Mary

The recipe for the famous Bloody Mary cocktail adapted to Thermomix and made in 1 minute.

Nutritious smoothie for kids

This shake is a solution to those nights in which, usually due to fatigue, children do not want to have dinner, a great ally to guarantee a nutritious dinner with its proteins, vitamins and minerals, prepared in 1 minute.

Basic recipe - Salsa Rosa

A basic recipe, the pink sauce, ideal to accompany prawns, green salads, seafood cocktails and vegetable sandwiches or cakes.

Mango Raspberry Smoothie

This mango and raspberry dairy smoothie has a smooth and delicious flavor. A healthy and quick snack not only for children but also for adults

Vegetable pie

Quick and fresh vegetable cake ideal for dinners and for children. It can be prepared in advance.

Ice coffee

Delicious iced coffee drink with ice, very creamy and covered with foam.

Creamy avocado dessert

Sweet cream of avocado, cottage cheese and honey

Avocado, cottage cheese and honey in a sweet cream, delicious as a creamy dessert to take cold, as a filling for tartlets or puff pastry or as a substitute for pastry cream in cakes and pastries.

Tropical multi-fruit smoothie

Refreshing and tasty tropical fruit smoothie, an idea to introduce the fruit to children and perfect as a snack or mid-morning snack.

Peppermint gazpacho

An easy, quick and refreshing proposal for these hot days: the mint gazpacho, a reinterpretation of the traditional gazpacho.

Roquefort sandwich

With this cream you can prepare a delicious roquefort sandwich. In just 1 minute you will have a recipe ready that can also be frozen.

Banana daiquiri

A new version of the traditional daiquiri, with banana, lemon and white rum.

Barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce

Homemade barbecue sauce that takes ketchup as a base, adds different spices and becomes an ideal accompaniment for sausages, grilled meats and potatoes.

Pear snow

The pear snow or granita is a dessert or summer snack. Its few calories make it suitable for coeliacs or weight control diets.

Cold pesto soup

This cold soup combines the main ingredients of the Genoese pesto: basil, parmesan and pine nuts by adding evaporated milk and making it a creamy soup ideal for summer.

Toasts with cream of peppers

An express recipe for a snack dinner with friends. These toasts with cream of peppers are easy, quick to make that is prepared in advance.

Date and blue cheese pate

Creamy paté of dates and blue cheese, ideal as an aperitif spread on toast. The combination makes it an explosion of unique flavors in the mouth.

Homemade mustard sauce

Homemade mustard sauce

A homemade version of the sweet mustard sauce, made with white mustard seeds, vinegar, honey and many spices, with a touch between sweet and sour and spicy.

Cottage cheese with fruits

Fruits with cottage cheese cream

A fresh fruit salad on a base of cottage cheese and honey cream. It is a complete breakfast, a delicious dessert and a very healthy dish full of vitamins.

Apple gazpacho

Refreshing apple gazpacho, ideal as a starter to combat the summer heat. Easy and fast to prepare. Ideal for low-calorie diets.

Apricot papillote

Apricot papillote is a very original preparation that can be served with ice cream. The result is a dessert where heat and cold are combined.

Greek yogurt ice cream

Creamy and tasty Greek yogurt ice cream, ideal for children to introduce dairy into their diet. Easy to prepare, it is the ideal dessert for summer.

Coffee granita

Coffee granita

Homemade coffee granita, a classic to beat the heat, prepared in less than 2 minutes.

Prawn pate

Prawn pate is very quick and easy to make. An infallible recipe if you are organizing a meeting with friends. Serve with crackers or crusty bread.

Natural express tomato juice

Express tomato juice, totally natural, that we prepare in just 1 minute. Ideal as a starter or first, or to accompany an aperitif.

White bean hummus

Very easy recipe for white bean hummus that we will prepare in 1 minute with the Thermomix. Ideal as a starter and that everyone will like.

Sweet and sour sauce

The sweet and sour sauce is easy to make and quick to prepare, we show you how to make it with Thermomix to give an accidental touch to your dishes.

Express snacking montaditos

Prepare in 10 minutes some sandwiches with goat cheese and caramelized onion or tuna with candied peppers that will serve as starters or snacks.

Modena balsamic reduction

With the Modena balsamic reduction made with Thermomix we will make simple dishes look glamorous and have a unique special touch.

Strawberry Peppermint Smoothie

Prepare a delicious strawberry and mint smoothie and refresh yourself with this drink that is a source of vitamins, fibers and proteins that you can prepare in 5 minutes

sandwich pasta

Sandwich fillings

Recipe to make three delicious fillings for sandwiches: turkey and apple, arugula and roquefort, and tuna with walnuts in Port. Delicious!

Strawberry cream

Prepare in less than a minute a delicious cold strawberry cream with the Thermomix to fill cakes or to eat it by the spoonful. Very rich.

Prawns with garlic and ginger

Learn how to cook prawns with garlic and ginger with Thermomix, a dish of exotic Asian cuisine that you can prepare very easily at home.

English cream

Cook a delicious English cream in Thermomix, ideal for ice cream or to be used in other desserts such as cakes, do you know how to do it? We teach you!

Macaroni with tuna and cream cheese

Macaroni and tuna recipe covered with cheese sauce that you can prepare in the Thermomix. A simple dish for the day to day and very easy to make.

Avocado boats

Avocado boats recipe, stuffed with prawns and smoked salmon, a delicious starter and very easy to make with the Thermomix.

Grave sandwiches

Learn how to prepare sandwiches in the shape of a grave on Halloween, a recipe that the little ones in the house like and that attracts a lot of attention.

Vanilla Flavored Protein Shake

Learn how to make a homemade vanilla-flavored protein shake, a perfect drink for athletes or for those who are on a protein diet.

Prawn and pear cocktail

We show you how to make a prawn, crab and pear cocktail, accompanied with a tasty cocktail sauce with this easy recipe for Thermomix.

Red pesto

Cook a rich red pesto with this Sicilian pesto recipe for Thermomix made with dried tomatoes, basil and garlic. It is quick to make and is very tasty.

Artichoke and anchovy mousse

Surprise with this recipe for artichoke mousse and anchovy aroma so easy to prepare with Thermomix, a dish that everyone will like.

Cream cheese

We show you how to make Roquefort or Cabrales cheese cream with Thermomix, a recipe to accompany pasta and other dishes. Delicious and with an intense flavor.

Creamy coffee granita

Make yourself a coffee slush this summer ... Creamy coffee slush is inexpensive, easy and quick to make. Ideal for summer afternoons.

Beetroot hummus with crispy parmesan

Discover how Hummus is made !! Appetizer or starter that reinterprets hummus, the Arabic chickpea paté, adding beet and fried onion and accompanying it with a crunchy Parmesan.

Creamy egg pate

This egg pate will surprise you with its texture, mild flavor and ease of preparation. So fast to prepare that in 2 minutes we will have it ready.

Banana smoothie

This banana smoothie is quick to make. A delicious way to enjoy lazy days. It also serves for snacks and birthdays.

Hummus chickpea

This chickpea hummus recipe is a classic. Essential in a tasting menu of Arabic cuisine or in any snack.

Marinated tuna

An amazing recipe for marinated tuna with oriental style sauce. Very easy to do but it will take a few hours for it to impregnate well.

Mango and cardamom lassi

Mango and cardamom lassi is a delicious and quick recipe. The ideal drink to enjoy a hot summer afternoon. Made with dairy and fruit.

Special apple juice

This delicious apple juice is made from citrus fruits and a touch of apple that gives it a delicious refreshing point. Perfect for breakfast.

Quick Gelatin Cake

Surprise your guests with a simple and quick jelly cake. In 10 minutes and the rest time you will have a cake for that dinner with friends.

Tuna cake

Who doesn't know this classic tuna cake recipe? Perfect for family gatherings or informal dinners, quick and suitable for preparing in the microwave.

Special orange juice

This orange juice with carrot will provide us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to start the day full of energy.

Strawberry milkshake

Do you need an infallible recipe for your children to drink milk and fruit? Try this strawberry smoothie. Fully suitable for vegans.

Orange smoothie

Enjoy a refreshing drink and get your strength back with this orange smoothie. You only need 2 minutes.

Natural Strawberry Dalky

Do you need a dessert with which to take advantage of your surplus of strawberries? Try this dalky recipe, it is simple, quick and delicious.


Enjoy with these dalky all the flavor of chocolate. A nutritious and very complete dessert that will help us to reward our children.

Banana Flan

Do you want a quick and uncomplicated dessert? With this banana flan and get ready to succeed !!

Chinese sauce

A delicious Chinese sauce to accompany your Chinese cuisine dishes or simply your favorite salad.

Eels to Bilbao

The gulas a la bilbaína are a classic at Christmas parties. The perfect starter for cheap and quick to make.

Quail eggs with pesto sauce

Are you in love with pesto sauce? We propose you a delicious appetizer so that you can enjoy your favorite sauce not only with pasta.

Easy recipe thermomix Zumo Florida

Florida juice

Tired of the typical drinks? Prepare a delicious Florida juice full of vitamins and very refreshing.

Whiskey cream «Baileys»

Did you know that with Thermomix you can also make delicious drinks such as "Baileys" whiskey cream. Discover the recipe here.

Recipe desserts thermomix caramel frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino

Do you want a refreshing drink to surprise your guests at your party? Prepare a caramel and vanilla frappuccino in seconds.