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Pineapple curd

Delicious pineapple curd cream that you can use to fill cakes, toasts or cupcakes. Super easy and fast to do with Thermomix.

Oil muffins

With these buns you can make mini sandwiches. They are made with sourdough but can also be made with baker's yeast.

Peas with carrot and lettuce

We show you how to make some peas with carrots and lettuce with Thermomix. A perfect recipe for a healthy and light dinner.

Italian Tiramisu

Italian tiramisu. Enjoy all the flavor of the classic Italian pastry at home with a very simple way of preparation.

Orange, carrot and ginger smoothie

Smoothie in 1 minute that will give you all the energy to face the morning with strength. And a delicious flavor with fresh and exotic touches.

Anise cakes for breakfast

Anise cakes

These cakes are ideal for breakfast, for a snack, to take alone or filled, for adults, for children ... do you dare to try them?

Low-fat banana cake

Low-fat banana cake

Simple sponge cake that contains two ripe bananas among its ingredients. No butter, just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Eggless carrot cupcakes

Egg free but full of flavor. With carrots, nuts, spices ... they are delicious cakes even richer with a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds

Steamed bread with poppy seeds. Another way to enjoy the flavor of always with a different cooking method. For lovers of the crumb.

Pasta with spinach bechamel

Have you tried the spinach bechamel? You have to prepare it in your Thermomix, it is very simple and with it you can even make a delicious pasta dish

Chocolate cake with rice flour

We add this rice cake to our list of gluten-free biscuits. Although it does not have yeast and you will be surprised how fluffy it is.

Chicken mince patty

Delicious empanada made with minced chicken meat. The dough is also homemade and allows a braiding that will make our plate, in addition to being good, beautiful.

Light strawberry jam

Light strawberry jam. All the flavor of seasonal fruit with a significant reduction in calorie intake by using less sugar.

Cake with walnuts and chia

Homemade yogurt cake with walnuts and chia. A very healthy source of calcium. Ideal for snacks and breakfasts. With milk, coffee or tea is perfect

natural petit suisse

Let your children enjoy all the flavor of the classic natural petit suisse. Now made at home, in less 10 minutes with Thermomix.

Curry pasta with meat

Did we try a different pasta? We teach you how to prepare it with curry and meat, one more idea for lovers of this spice.

Guinness pie

Guinness pie. An elegant and delicious dessert with which you will surprise your guests. No one is sure to guess the secret ingredient.

White beans with barbecue meat

A fantastic idea to take advantage of meat from a barbecue. An express dish, healthy and nutritious ... and delicious !! With legumes and vegetables, in 15 minutes.

Checkerboard cookies

Very rich and also very colorful cookies, made with a dough of two colors. They take a little time but they are beautiful.

Broccoli and apple cream

With a perfect texture and a mild flavor, this is this broccoli and apple cream that you can serve with toasted bread and a little parsley.

Sliced ​​bread with seeds

This sliced ​​bread with seeds has the flavor of homemade bread in its most tender version. Ideal to enjoy for breakfast and snacks.

Hazelnut butter cookies

Very easy hazelnut flavored butter cookies. They are prepared in a moment without the need for a roller or waiting times.

Marinated chicken and mango couscous

Marinated chicken and mango couscous. An exotic and delicious dish where we combine sweet and savory ingredients to make a complete and healthy delicacy.

Olives and almonds pate

Would you like a different aperitif? Prepare with your Thermomix a pate of green olives and almonds, it will surely triumph!

Grapefruit and apple juice

Healthy and refreshing juice made from grapefruit with orange and apple. A pump of vitamins and nutrients for our body

Banana cake without egg

It is made with banana and has no egg. It is a cake with a lot of flavor and with the crunchy touch of toasted nuts.

Wholemeal carrot cake

Whole wheat carrot cake. A mixture of whole grain flours, natural sweeteners and vegetables to make a juicy and delicious dessert.

Chocolate cake for children

A very good cake made with a very simple chocolate cake. It is filled with whipped cream with chocolate. Everything very easy with Thermomix!

Meat alla pizzaiola

Carne alla pizzaiola is a quick and easy recipe to make with Thermomix. Discover how to prepare tender and juicy veal fillets in 20 minutes.

Pizza flavored rolls

These pizza-flavored wraps are perfect for celebrations or picnics. They have tomato, mozzarella and oregano so everyone likes them.

Catalan-style bream

Dorada a la catalana. All the flavor of a very low-fat fish accompanied by steamed potatoes and a delicious tomato sauce.

Healthy breakfast shake in 1 minute

Express healthy smoothie for breakfast with banana and oatmeal, when we don't have time to have breakfast in the morning. In less than 2 minutes it will be ready.

Sponge cake for snack

Made with simple, healthy ingredients that we all usually have at home. We teach you how to prepare a delicious and perfect cake for a snack.

Burmese tofu or chickpea tofu

Enjoy at home with this recipe for Burmese tofu based on chickpeas. Simple, smooth and that you can use in countless preparations.

Pasta with aubergine and pumpkin

Pasta with aubergine and pumpkin

Juicy pasta dish made with vegetable cubes (aubergine and pumpkin) and with the traditional passata, widely used in Italian cuisine.

Broccoli and Strawberry Smoothie

Exquisite and nutritious smoothie made with broccoli and strawberries, ideal for breakfast or mid-morning or mid-afternoon. A source of health.

Red beans with Mexican flavor

Exquisite and tasty stew of red beans, cooked with vegetables and seasoned with an authentic Mexican flavor: spices and mole.

9 irresistible cookie recipes

9 cookie recipes for all tastes: whole, spaced, with nuts, with chocolate, decorated ... And all of them are delicious.

Low-fat pear cake

Do you dare to try it? It is a low-fat pear cake, made in Thermomix with ricotta (or cottage cheese). It seems incredible that it could be so rich.

French toast bread

Pan for torrijas. A recipe for sweet and compact homemade bread indicated for the preparation of this classic dessert of use.

Japanese ramen

Traditional Japanese ramen noodle soup, ideal as a single dish. Made with marinated noodles, meat, vegetables and eggs, this soup is delicious.

Aubergines stuffed with olives

A vegetarian dish that does not have complicated ingredients. Do you dare to prepare these aubergines in Thermomix? I'm sure you are going to love them.

9 delicious spring fruit drinks

Discover how to prepare 9 delicious drinks with spring fruits. Healthy and natural smoothies, juices and shakes to take care of ourselves.

Sweet and sour leek garnish

A different garnish for your best meat and fish dishes. Bittersweet in flavor, the leek garnish is ideal on burgers and sandwiches

Cocoa fitness shake

This cocoa fitness shake is the perfect snack ... easy to make, healthy, rich, full of energy and with a delicious chocolate flavor.

Sanitized mayonnaise

Sanitized mayonnaise sauce, subjected to a cooking process close to pasteurization, which reduces the risk of contamination by salmonellosis.

Mimosa cake

A simple cake, made with Genoese sponge cake and a filling made with whipped cream and pastry cream. Decorate with crumbled sponge cake.

Strawberry risotto

Strawberry risotto. A different way of cooking the classic risotto of always with the acid touch that the strawberry contributes. It will not leave anyone indifferent.

Norwegian smoked sauce

A classic of Nordic gastronomy: mustard and dill sauce to accompany smoked fish such as trout or salmon.


Parmesanitos are ideal for cheese lovers. They are made with sourdough and combine perfectly with jam, quince, sausages ...

White chocolate icing

An easy-to-prepare white chocolate icing that will be used to enrich and decorate fresh fruit or homemade desserts (sponge cakes, cakes ...)

Rice with baby beans and chorizo

Prepare a rice with tender beans and chorizo ​​is easy with Thermomix and you can enjoy a complete dish with all the flavor of spring.

9 recipes with mushrooms

We show you 9 recipes in which mushrooms are the protagonists. There is a cream, croquettes, garnishes, a salty cake ... and all for Thermomix

Quinoa béchamel

Quinoa béchamel is a healthy alternative, without wheat and without cow's milk, quick to make with Thermomix and that you can use in croquettes and lasagna.

Brioche braids 'Tutti Frutti'

Tutti Frutti brioche braids. A delight to have for breakfast and snacks. A traditional pastry product with all the homemade flavor.

White chocolate cake (crostata)

Delicious. This is how this crostata is filled with ground hazelnuts and a very easy white chocolate cream. Try it because you are going to love it.

Teriyaki sauce

With the homemade teriyaki sauce you will prepare delicious Asian dishes. With Thermomix it is so easy and fast to do that you will not believe it.

Bimi cream

Very healthy cream made with bimi, a good dose of vitamins and nutrients for your body. An ideal starter for low calorie diets.

Lasagna with walnut pesto

If you like pesto you have to try this lasagna. No meat, no fish, just that rich ingredient, the pasta sheets and a homemade béchamel.

9 desserts for Valentine's Day

A list with the best desserts for Valentine's Day specially created for you, so you don't waste time and enjoy Valentine's Day.

Cupcakes 'Red Velvet'

Red Velvet cupcakes. A sweet and velvety bite that will conquer all who try it. Fall in love with them on Valentine's Day.

'Rolled' breadsticks

Delicious homemade bread sticks made in Thermomix. Ideal as a snack or as a starter at a special dinner, for example, on Valentine's Day.

Orange and chocolate mousse

Romantic and delicate orange mousse with chocolate chips. Ideal to surprise on Valentine's Day or to finish a meal with a good dessert.


Very simple mushrooms

Very easy. Only with oil, garlic and parsley can we cook delicious mushrooms in Thermomix. We will have them ready in less than 20 minutes.

No-bake chocolate cake

The no-bake chocolate cake is perfect for Valentine's Day. Simple, quick to do with Thermomix and also suitable for coeliacs.

Smooth cauliflower soup

Simple and smooth cauliflower cream to which we will add raw extra virgin olive oil to benefit from all its properties.

Pasta with cabbage

A simple dish in which cabbage is one of the protagonists. It likes everyone, even those who are not very fond of this vegetable.

Mango-tango juice

Mango-tango juice is a delicious fruit drink that will keep us hydrated at any time of the year. Prepare it quickly with Thermomix

Hamburger 'bread

Hamburger bun

Burger bun. An easy way to cook your own hamburger buns at home for a treat any day.

Prawn balls

Delicious starter inspired by Japanese cuisine. It is made with prawns and is great with soy sauce. Like older children.

Dashi broth

Learn how to make a dashi broth with Thermomix. A traditional recipe of Japanese cuisine and the basis for a multitude of Japanese dishes.

My ciabatta bread with sourdough

We teach you how to make ciabatta bread with sourdough. It is very fluffy and with that smell of traditional bread that is so hard to find.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (basic recipe)

Hot chocolate (basic recipe). A classic in breakfasts and snacks around the world that we can personalize by adding liqueurs to our liking.

Orange and pomegranate nectar

A complete orange and pomegranate juice, with all the fiber and vitamins of seasonal fruits. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks.

9 sweet recipes without eggs

A compilation with 9 great sweet recipes without eggs and made in Thermomix. Perfect for those who cannot take this ingredient.

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy. The traditional flavor where the ingredients of the classic dessert come together with the flavor of almonds and the aroma of brandy.

Chocolate marshmallow cake

Surprising and colorful chocolate fondant cake with marshmallow topping, ideal for a dessert or a snack! The little ones will love it.

Sweet wine cookies

They are irresistible. They are made with sweet wine and chocolate chips. They also do not have eggs or milk and the preparation is very simple.

Yogurt, tuna and olives sauce

A light skimmed yogurt sauce made with tuna and green olives. Ideal to accompany salads and cooked or roasted vegetables.

Lentils with zucchini

Soft, nutritious and delicious lentils with zucchini and other vegetables. An inexpensive and very simple dish to make with Thermomix.

Carrot cream with mascarpone

Soft and delicate carrot cream with a touch of mascarpone cheese, a different touch from traditional vegetable creams. A perfect starter!

Yogurt and cinnamon cake

Homemade yogurt cake with cinnamon flavor. Easy to prepare with our Thermomix and perfect for lovers of this spice or condiment.

Meat flowers

Flowers of minced meat, raisins, dried apricots, plums and pine nuts. The cheese, the ham and the meat cover everything and some cuts give it that flower shape.

Tapenade with chocolate

With this recipe for chocolate tapenade you will surprise your guests this Christmas, an appetizer that is easy to make and ready in a few minutes.

Roscón de Reyes with sourdough

Traditional Roscón de Reyes made with sourdough. Full of flavor, aroma, juicy ... in short, delicious and homemade with Thermomix.

Sirloin steak with grape sauce

With these sirloins with grape sauce you will succeed this Christmas. Easy and quick to do with Thermomix. You can also make the sauce in advance.

Cauliflower with Bechamel

Easy and healthy cauliflower cooked in varoma and then baked in the oven with cheese and béchamel. Ideal as a starter when we have many diners.

Wholegrain cookies with chocolate

Delicious whole grain cookies with chocolate. They are not very sweet (they have honey and not sugar) and they are made with flour rich in fiber.

Chestnut cream

This chestnut cream is ideal for our Christmas menu. A starter is easy, simple and can be done in advance.

Burgers with wurstel for kids

Flavorful burgers made with pork and wurstel sausage. They can be presented with salad, potatoes or on a hamburger bun.

White wine glazed onions

Delicious white wine glazed onions made with Thermomix. Sweet and tender they are the perfect accompaniment to your plates and cheese boards.

Easy chocolate cake

Gluten-free chocolate cake easy to prepare in Thermomix. Fluffy and with a lot of chocolate flavor. Kids love it!

Red cabbage salad

Simple and colorful red cabbage salad with chopped carrot and apple. It is dressed with a light mustard and yogurt sauce.

Crispy rice croquettes

Preparing these crispy rice croquettes is simple, they do not contain eggs and are made in the oven. The result: a plate of use of 10 !!

Pumpkin pie for Christmas

A delicious lactose-free pumpkin pie flavored with nougat and perfect to surprise your guests this Christmas.

Chickpea and sweet potato stew

Discover how to prepare a chickpea and sweet potato stew with your Thermomix. A healthy, healthy dish ready in 30 minutes.

Brussels sprouts salad

Delicious salad made with brussels sprouts, rice, parmesan, walnuts ... healthy ingredients and loaded with properties.

Pedrosilla chickpea stew with kale

Super healthy stew of predrosilano chickpeas accompanied by kale kale and potatoes. Ideal as a second course with wonderful nutritional properties.

9 pasta sauces

We offer you a compilation of sauce recipes for your pasta dishes. There are them for all tastes: made ...

cinnamon shortbreads

Cinnamon mantecados

Cinnamon mantecados. A classic of Christmas sweets that we can easily prepare at home with the help of our Thermomix.

Spaghetti «carbonara express»

Spaghetti "carbonara express" to prepare in less than 30 minutes and a rich pasta dish. In just one step: we cook the pasta in its own carbonara sauce.

Pumpkin and leek omelette

This pumpkin and leek omelette is simple and easy to make. It will also help us to take advantage of the surpluses that we have in the fridge.

Aubergine and mushroom pate

This aubergine and mushroom pate is smooth and delicious. Made with vegetables and suitable for vegans, celiacs and those allergic to eggs and milk.

apple cake

Easy apple pie

Easy apple pie. A simple version of the classic dessert of a lifetime where we combine a creamy base with the detail of the laminated apple.

Sweets for tea

Ideal cookies for tea time that, due to their flavor, are very reminiscent of Scottish scones. Easy to prepare in Thermomix

Chickpea cream

Simple and fast cooked chickpea cream prepared in Thermomix. With a perfect texture, like all the creams we make with our machine.

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls. Enjoy all the flavor of American pastries in a healthy and natural way without the presence of unhealthy additives.

Rice with peas and ham

This recipe for rice with peas and ham can be made throughout the year. It is simple and so fast that in less than 30 minutes you will be eating.

vegan tripe

Vegan tripe

Vegan tripe. A good option to enjoy all the flavor of this classic dish within the world of legumes in its vegan version.

Almond milk

Roasted almond drink

Toasted almond drink. A good alternative for the lactose intolerant or for those who want to introduce healthier options into their diet.

Bacon and mushroom risotto

Discover how to cook this delicious and creamy mushroom and bacon risotto, with different textures in your Thermomix. Ideal as a second course.

Grilled chicken

Juicy and delicious roast chicken in thermomix, ideal to share with the family. Convenient and easy, this recipe is perfect for beginners.

Sweet bread and apple

A simple dessert, with ingredients from around the house and made in Thermomix: Sweet bread and apple. Autumnal, original and inexpensive.

Pasta with pumpkin béchamel

Simple pasta recipe covered with an original pumpkin béchamel. An autumn dish that will appeal to older children.

Coconut panellets

Enjoy the most traditional flavors with these coconut panellets, so easy and quick to prepare that they will become the perfect treat!

mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto. A very complete dish with an international flair to enjoy rice and vegetables in the purest Italian style.

Clams a la marinera with tomato

Clams a la marinara with tomato, a deluxe, easy and quick starter with a truly spectacular sauce to dip bread without stopping.

Stale bread cake

Do you have stale bread at home? Well, now is the time to prepare this cake: a very easy to make and inexpensive sweet with which you will surprise the whole family.

Pumpkin Cheesecake 1

Halloween pumpkin cheesecake

Halloween pumpkin and cheesecake. An idea to give a different touch to the classic cheesecake by adding a seasonal ingredient. He is scared.

Lavender cookies

These lavender cookies surprise with their flavor and rich smell. Very easy to make with Thermomix and they are perfect for a special snack.

Traditional vegetable puree

Traditional vegetable puree recipe, a vegan dish, ideal for children, weight control diets, lovers of healthy food and lactose intolerant.

Potato and meat croquettes

Great use recipe and another dinner idea for the whole family: potato and meat croquettes. Same name but different from the traditional ones.

9 tortilla recipes

With these 9 tortilla recipes you will not be short of ideas to surprise your guests. Easy and quick to do with Thermomix.

Pumpkin cream with ginger water

Very easy pumpkin cream with a slight ginger flavor. Simple ingredients that acquire a special flavor thanks to that flavored water.

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds. A very simple, accessible and healthy recipe that will make us enjoy the oriental flavor by controlling the seasonings.

Brussels sprouts with bechamel

An easy way to prepare brussels sprouts so they are cooked through. A delicious dish thanks to the bechamel that covers them.

Vanilla paste

Use this homemade vanilla paste to flavor all your recipes, it will give them a very authentic touch. It is also very easy to prepare and fast.

Salted leek and mushroom cake

Leek quiche with mushrooms and bacon. Very easy to prepare with Thermomix, then it is baked. Delicious as a starter or for a casual dinner with friends.

Avocado hummus

Here we have an avocado hummus so we don't forget about legumes in summer. Sometimes it is difficult for us to introduce them but with Thermomix, we have it very easy.

Ricotta and almond cake

A delicious cake that in Thermomix is ​​prepared in a moment. For children and adults, with a mild flavor and made with ricotta and crushed almonds.

Zucchini ajoblanco

A surprising starter: zucchini ajoblanco. A delicious version of the classic ajoblanco, with a unique texture.

9 creams for fall

Nine delicious creams to make the most of the new season and the products it offers us: pumpkins, mushrooms ...

Zucchini and mushroom pie

With this zucchini and mushroom cake you can enjoy all the good things about quiches but without adding calories. Discover how to make it with Thermomix.

Eggplant and tomatoes caponata

With this aubergine and tomatoes capona you will surprise your guests without complicating yourself in the kitchen. A very simple and versatile recipe.

Fruit and carrot baby food

Some baby food or baby food with carrots that the whole family like. They are made with fresh fruit and are irresistible

Cauliflower al ajoarriero

Cauliflower al ajoarriero is a simple and easy recipe to make with Thermomix. Discover how to make this healthy and inexpensive recipe.

Rice pudding flan

Surprising rice pudding flan. A different version born from the fusion between rice pudding and flan. Exquisite!

Crumbs with anise and fried egg

We teach you how to prepare a traditional dish of crumbs with anise in your Thermomix. The machine even facilitates the work of slicing the bread.

Green Smoothie

We teach you how to prepare a detoxifying drink that is also delicious. It is very healthy since it is made with vegetables, fruit and a little honey

Rice salad with vegetables

We teach you how to make a very easy rice salad full of color and flavor. In addition, while everything is cooking, we can even steam a fish

Aromatic herb sauce

Give your salads a new touch with this aromatic herb sauce. Enjoy flavor and color easily and quickly with Thermomix.

Zucchini and green bean soup

Easy vegetable cream made with zucchini and green beans. The liquid cream gives it a creamy texture and the bread a crunchy touch.