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White wine glazed onions

Delicious white wine glazed onions made with Thermomix. Sweet and tender they are the perfect accompaniment to your plates and cheese boards.

Red cabbage salad

Simple and colorful red cabbage salad with chopped carrot and apple. It is dressed with a light mustard and yogurt sauce.

Brussels sprouts salad

Delicious salad made with brussels sprouts, rice, parmesan, walnuts ... healthy ingredients and loaded with properties.

Pasta with pumpkin béchamel

Simple pasta recipe covered with an original pumpkin béchamel. An autumn dish that will appeal to older children.

Brussels sprouts with bechamel

An easy way to prepare brussels sprouts so they are cooked through. A delicious dish thanks to the bechamel that covers them.

Salted leek and mushroom cake

Leek quiche with mushrooms and bacon. Very easy to prepare with Thermomix, then it is baked. Delicious as a starter or for a casual dinner with friends.

9 creams for fall

Nine delicious creams to make the most of the new season and the products it offers us: pumpkins, mushrooms ...

Eggplant and tomatoes caponata

With this aubergine and tomatoes capona you will surprise your guests without complicating yourself in the kitchen. A very simple and versatile recipe.

Cauliflower al ajoarriero

Cauliflower al ajoarriero is a simple and easy recipe to make with Thermomix. Discover how to make this healthy and inexpensive recipe.

Green Smoothie

We teach you how to prepare a detoxifying drink that is also delicious. It is very healthy since it is made with vegetables, fruit and a little honey

Vegetable Fritangueta

Vegetable fritangueta without staining the kitchen? We show you how to make this vegetarian recipe easily with your Thermomix.

Chicken salad with pineapple

Tasty and exotic salad made with chicken and pineapple and complemented with pasta, egg, green leaves and pink sauce. Ideal as a single dish.

Asparagus with vinaigrette

Preparing some asparagus with vinaigrette is very easy with Thermomix. It also helps us control our weight and counteract summer excesses.

Beans with pesto sauce

This pesto salad will be ready in 10 minutes. An original way to eat legumes in summer and with all the flavor of homemade pesto sauce.

Roasted vegetable patty

This simple and healthy roasted vegetable patty is perfect for the whole family to eat on the beach. Easy to make and transport.

Asian salad with cauliflower rice

With this cauliflower rice salad you will enjoy taking care of yourself with vegetables. We show you how to do it quickly and easily with Thermomix.

9 salads to enjoy the summer

In this compilation of 9 salads to enjoy the summer you will find recipes for all tastes. Easy, quick and fresh preparations.

Fresh bean and cod salad

The fresh bean and cod salad is ideal for the summer. Healthy, healthy, easy and ready in less than 10 minutes. Perfect to take to the beach!

Asparagus with Bolzanina sauce

Simple recipe for asparagus with Bolzanina sauce that we will prepare entirely in our Thermomix. A complete plate with vegetables and egg.

Salty aubergine tart parmesan

With this salty aubergine parmesan cake you will have an easy, original and informal dinner. Crunchy base and delicious filling !!

Light asparagus cream

We show you how to make an asparagus cream with your food processor. It is a cream with a light texture and ideal for all diners.


We show you how to make a boil with Thermomix. A vegetable recipe for an easy, healthy, light and nutrient-packed dinner.

Onion soup

Very simple and different first course: an onion soup that we will prepare in just half an hour and that we will serve with toasted bread.

Padrón peppers in TM5

Traditional Padrón peppers, accompanied with flaked salt, are the ideal accompaniment to an omelette.

Vegetable cannelloni

If what you want are creamy and juicy vegetable cannelloni, here is the recipe to make it with your Thermomix.

Vegetable pie

We teach you how to prepare a vegetable patty that you can enjoy with friends or family. Stuffed with green beans, red pepper, tuna and hard-boiled egg

Cauliflower with gluten-free bechamel

We prepare the cauliflower with a clarita bechamel sauce and an oil-free tomato sauce. We thus turn the cauliflower with béchamel into a lighter dish.

Anchovy sauce for salads

Easy to prepare dressing with a lot of flavor. With anchovies as the protagonists, it is ideal for seasoning seasonal vegetables

Oriental style sesame green beans

Oriental style seasoned green beans, with sesame and soy sauce. Ideal as a starter or accompaniment. A quick, healthy and simple dish. 

Gluten-free vegetable cake

Delicious vegetable cake made with goat cheese, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. An easy dish to make dinner fun.

Eggplant with herbs

Simple recipe for aubergine flavored with various herbs. Ideal to accompany pasta, white rice, potatoes or simply as a garnish.

Cabbage strudel

A great way to bring cabbage to the table. With this strudel you will surprise everyone, because of how attractive the dish is and how rich it is.

Aubergines stuffed with ham

Quick and easy aubergines stuffed with sofrito and ham. A perfect starter for when we have little time to cook.

Salty cauliflower tart

A different way of eating cauliflower, in a savory tart with cooked ham and mozzarella. Easy to prepare and adapt with other vegetables.

Eggplant ratatouille

Vegetable mince in which the eggplant is the protagonist. Cooked in a thermomix, it serves as a garnish or as a first course and is not too caloric

Carrot, pumpkin and curry cream

A delicious cream made with carrot, pumpkin, potato and with curry. That curry makes it a first course that leaves no one indifferent.

Mushrooms with garlic potatoes

Simple recipe for mushrooms with garlic potatoes, vegetarian, vegan and with a lot of flavor. Quick and easy to prepare, ideal as a side dish or starter.

Greek Eggplant Salad

Delicious aubergine salad, with an ideal texture to take with pita bread or toast.

Beet cupcakes with blue cheese sauce

A vegetarian starter that contrasts textures and aromas: a light beetroot flan with a thick blue cheese sauce. Easily adaptable for children, eliminating the sauce and replacing it with mayonnaise.

Mushroom quiche

A simple, delicious and colorful recipe: a short pastry base filled with mushrooms sautéed with ham, cream, egg and cheese.

Green beans to the planter

Green beans in the garden is one of those dishes that help us to have a balanced diet without breaking our budget.

Pea hummus

A hummus from Egypt, made from peas. A delight to have as a starter and a must for vegans.

Roasted pepper salad

The roasted pepper salad is a jewel of our gastronomy based on red peppers, garlic and boiled eggs.

Bulgur stuffed tomatoes

Vegetarian recipe of tomatoes stuffed with thick bulgur and vegetables, steamed in the Varoma and full of aroma and flavor.

Lebanese tabouleh

The Lebanese tabouleh is a vegan salad made with bulgur and a good amount of peppermint and parsley

Eggplant bites

The eggplant and cottage cheese sandwiches, battered with corn flakes, are vegetable meatballs that the whole family likes.

Rice salad with mayonnaise

Healthy and nutritious rice salad, dressed with mayonnaise, ideal to transport in a tupperware to the pool, the beach or to work.

German style chicken salad

Very fresh and complete chicken salad, ideal for the summer since it can be prepared in advance or transported to the beach or the pool.

Natural tomato dipping

A sauce to accompany chips or nachos, made with natural tomato. A quick snack to prepare with our Thermomix.

Vegetables with tofu

Sauteed vegetables combined with tofu and cashews. Ideal for a quick dinner or a summer starter.

Cherry tomato salad

Original cherry tomato salad with bread, olives, mozarella and basil leaves. A perfect salad for the summer.

Cabbage Salad

How well red cabbage combines with apple! Do you remember the garnish of red cabbage with apple and ...

Eggplant stuffed with feta cheese

A simple recipe, with few ingredients and very tasty. We can enrich it even more with an anchovy fillet or a slice of bacon on the surface.

Vegan avocado boats

Prepare these vegan avocado boats and you will have a quick and healthy dinner ready in less 10 minutes.

Hindu cauliflower

Creamy coconut sauce that contrasts perfectly with the crunchy cauliflower and a spicy aroma that will transport us to the heart of India.

Curry sauce

Intense curry sauce ideal for dressing salads or roasted, cooked or steamed vegetables. And very quick to prepare!

Melanzane alla parmigiana

A traditional Parma dish with aubergines, Parmesan cheese, Parmesan and tomato sauce that can be presented to the table both hot and cold.

Ham and spinach lasagna

Original cooked ham lasagna with spinach béchamel: a unique, tasty, colorful and very complete dish that children and adults like.

Fresh tender wheat salad

The fresh tender wheat salad is a very balanced option where the nutrients of the cereal, raw vegetables and seeds are combined.

Vegetable croquettes

Some very simple vegetable croquettes, which children like and are used to take advantage of the vegetables that we have in the fridge.


Ratatouille is a vegan dish that originates from France. It can be served as a garnish or on its own, with bread.

Carrot and cauliflower flans

Carrot and cauliflower puddings are a fun and original alternative for children to eat well since in addition to vegetables they have milk and eggs.

Cauliflower garnish

A cauliflower garnish, with leeks, onion and tomato, low in calories and easy to make

Fried artichokes

A side dish or appetizer of fried artichokes in batter. To make them tender, we cook them in varoma. Then we batter them and fry them in oil.

Frozen vegetable stew

The frozen vegetable stew is a classic of the cookbooks that we must keep in mind in our diet because it is a healthy dish.

Artichokes with potatoes and ham

The artichokes are tender and the potatoes just right. All this bathed in a tasty sauce in which the ham takes center stage. And easy to do!

Leek, carrot and potato cream

It is easy to make with leek and carrots and can be enriched with Parmesan cheese, croutons and / or ham. Adaptable to all diets and for children!

Zucchini cannelloni

Zucchini cannelloni is a very original recipe with which to take advantage of the bechamel that you have left over from another preparation.

Cabbage with apple

Sauteed cabbage with apple and potato, a light dish that can even be used as a garnish for a meat or traditional stew

Zucchini Parmesan Cakes

Small individual cakes of zucchini and parmesan, filled with melted cheese, ideal as an aperitif or to complement a light dinner.

Spinach with garlic

A lightweight plate, ideal for weight control diets. Spinach sautéed with garlic, a vegan and very healthy recipe for vegetarian diets.

Warm Leek Salad

Warm Leek Salad is a simple, quick to prepare and healthy recipe. It is also light and perfect for weight control diets.

Fresh vegetable stew

A fresh, healthy and light vegetable stew, made in 15 minutes with Thermomix. Delicious

Mushrooms with vegetables

This garnish of mushrooms with vegetables is made with chanterelles (or rebollones), carrots, leek, tomato, garlic and white wine. It is really delicious.

Stewed aubergines

Stewed aubergines is a recipe flavored with cinnamon and mace that will comfort us on cold and rainy days.

Octopus in vinaigrette

Tasty octopus salad with vinaigrette and vegetables. Nutritious and healthy it is a perfect snack or dinner.


Salpicón is one of the summer recipes par excellence. Easy, fast and low in calories.

Endives stuffed with salad

These chicory stuffed with salad have an original and very comfortable presentation for informal parties as they are served as a tapa.

Cold melon and cucumber cream

Refreshing melon and cucumber cold cream, seasoned with mint and yogurt, ideal as a starter for the hottest days. Ready in less than 2 minutes.

Broccoli and tapenade salad

Simple broccoli and tapenade salad made in the Varoma and ready in less than 20 minutes. It is accompanied by arugula, boiled eggs and Parmesan cheese.

Caesar salad

Delicious Caesar salad, in which the mild flavor of lettuce is combined with Parmesan, croutons and fried chicken. And seasoned with its special seasoning.

Onion pie and black olives

This original onion pie is perfect for excursions or to take with friends. Made with simple ingredients, it is ideal for vegetarian diets.

Leeks au gratin with goat cheese

Leeks au gratin with goat cheese are easy and delicious for dinner. They are soft but with a lot of flavor thanks to the goat cheese.

Jasmine rice salad

Very healthy salad made from jasmine rice and various vegetables, tuna and turkey, served with a lemon dressing.

Salad emulsion

Salad emulsion, an exquisite recipe to use for when we have leftover salad. Ideal as a starter.

Castilian asparagus

Light asparagus recipe, easy and prepared in the Varoma. With all the flavor and color of the traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Salty bacon and zucchini tart

We teach you how to make a salty bacon, zucchini and cheese cake, with a very easy dough of wine and olive oil that serves as a base.

Gratin carrots

Gratin carrots is an easy recipe that is prepared with a little bechamel sauce. Carrots are tasty because they are flavored with cumin.

Japanese vegetable tempura

Crispy and authentic vegetable tempura, fresh from Japan. Ideal as a starter to complement a complete diet with vegetables.

Garlic mushrooms

A very simple recipe to prepare the mushrooms as a garnish. Delicious with chanterelles, rebollones or rovellones.

Russian cauliflower salad

Different Russian salad, made from cauliflower. Ideal as a dinner or as a light starter for large meals.

Cauliflower fritters

One trick for children to eat vegetables is to camouflage them. Prepare these simple cauliflower fritters with homemade tomato sauce, they will surprise you!

Melanzane alla parmigiana

Melanzane alla parmigiana or aubergines parmigiana is the ideal starter for vegetables. It has a smooth texture and an intense flavor.

Eggplant with ham

Eggplant with ham

Aubergines with ham, a light dish loaded with properties that can be enriched with grated cheese or used to accompany any type of meat.

Fresh carrot salad

Fresh carrot salad is a side dish that is packed with flavor and color. It will turn any simple dish into a complete and nutritious recipe.

"Fried" peppers in Thermomix

They are called sweet and sour peppers but they look like the old fried peppers. With our Thermomix we will do them effortlessly and in a few minutes.

Vegetable strudel

New vegetable strudel that everyone will like. The vegetables, the cheese and the dough make it a delicious and very original salty cake.

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes with cheese

Delicious, easy and very attractive. The potato cake, with onion and ham, forms two crunchy slices and, between them, spread cheese ... great

Salty zucchini tart

Salty zucchini tart

A salty express zucchini tart since you will have it ready in about 45 minutes counting the baking time. Do not miss it because it is delicious!

Salmorejo Flan

A reinterpretation of the traditional salmorejo, which combines phenomenally with fish as a garnish. It can also be taken with toasts as an aperitif or as a starter with salad. Delicious, antioxidant and low in calories, ideal for summer diets.

Stuffed zucchini

We show you how to prepare zucchini stuffed with rice, ham and cheese in this recipe where the best of vegetables and cereals are combined.

Russian salad

We show you the ingredients and how to make a homemade Russian salad with Thermomix, giving it a special touch to achieve a unique flavor.

German salad

Prepare a delicious German potato and sausage salad as well as other ingredients that will give this delicious starter a unique touch.

Coleslaw and pomegranate

Cook an appetizing salad of white coleslaw, pomegranates and raisins with this low-calorie recipe that you can make in just 5 minutes.

Baked lettuce

Baked lettuce recipe with béchamel sauce that you can accompany with bacon, york ham or serrano ham to give it more flavor.

Coleslaw - coleslaw

Coleslaw (Coleslaw)

White cabbage salad recipe with Thermomix, an ideal dish as a starter that many also use to lose weight. Do you know how to prepare it? Find out how.

Eggplant meatballs

Eggplant and Parmesan meatballs

Recipe for eggplant and Parmesan meatballs for Thermomix, an extremely easy second dish to prepare that you can accompany with a sauce.

Green beans with Serrano ham

Green beans with ham

Recipe for green beans with serrano ham that you can cook in the Thermomix, a low-calorie dish that is also prepared in a short time.

Pasta salad with raita sauce

If you like contrasts, raita sauce will be your new favorite sauce! The combination of yogurt and cucumber make it soft and honeyed as well as refreshing.

Warm avocado and mint cream

Avocado and mint cream

A cream that will surprise you !!! Warm avocado and mint cream, a starter full of vitamin E that combines with any menu.

Moroccan carrot salad

Carrot and dried fruit salad based on the traditional Moroccan recipe. Due to its peculiar flavor, very spicy, it can be eaten as a starter or as a garnish.

Pasta salad with light cheese sauce

Tasty and juicy pasta salad, washed down with a light cheese sauce. Ideal as a starter or as a main course. Perfect to take it to the pool, beach ...

Neapolitan cauliflower

Perfect recipe to get the most out of our Thermomix by steaming the cauliflower with the Varoma container. Ideal as a starter.

Zucchini Omelet

Zucchini Omelet

Learn to cook a zucchini and onion omelette with creamy cheese that will serve as an appetizer or as a second course and that we can share with the little ones in the house.

My way vegetable pie

A free recipe for the vegetable cake, which you can adapt to the ingredients you have.

Gazpacho with cherries

A fruity version of the classic gazpacho. Healthy, with an intense red color and a refreshing dish, ideal to quell the summer heat.

White Bean Summer Salad

Cook in a few minutes. Ideal for summer. Refreshing and summery white bean salad, flavored with a tasty vinaigrette.

Mediterranean frittata

The frittata is an original Italian version of the omelette with ingredients such as tomato, goat cheese or basil.

Light zucchini cream

Light cream of zucchini

Smooth, light courgette cream, with very little fat, to be eaten hot or cold. An ideal first course, due to its nutritional value, for children and adults.

Zucchini wraps

Surprising vegetarian rolls that can be used as an appetizer or first course.

Moroccan Eggplant Salad

Delicious and spicy Moroccan salad made with soft aubergines and spices that can be prepared in advance.

Rice with steamed vegetables

Delicious combination of soft rice with crunchy vegetables prepared in the Varoma. A vegetarian and useful recipe.

Potato and ham salad

This potato and serrano ham salad is so versatile that we can use it as a single dish for a light dinner or to take to the office

Dressed potatoes

Potato dressing

Papa aliñá is a classic of Spanish gastronomy, made with simple ingredients and easy to prepare.

Spinach flutes

Delicious and crispy puff pastry flutes stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and pine nuts.

Green bean nests

The green bean nests is a dish that I recommend if you want to eat a healthy and healthy diet. Easy to do and that a different presentation.

Basmati rice salad with carrot and cucumber. It is accompanied by a dressing made with yogurt, orange and oil.

Rice and yogurt salad

Rice salad with yogurt dressing is a summer recipe. It can be prepared in advance, so when you get home it is already prepared.

Potatoes stewed poorly

This recipe for poorly cooked potatoes is the basic recipe for Easter. Its simple ingredients will help us adjust our budget.

Muffins with ham and vegetables

These savory muffins are a great option to take on a field trip, to the beach, or even to eat at the office. Try them, you won't regret it!

Warm Cauliflower Salad

A delicious warm salad where cauliflower is the star. It is a recipe to keep in mind if we eat at the office.

potato stuffed with bacon, served with a salad

Potatoes stuffed with Bacon

Discover how to make stuffed potatoes with our Thermomix and the microwave. You will have a quick and very complete recipe for a dinner or a second course.

Flamenquines with garnish

Do you think flamenquines are not for you? Try this chicken-based version garnished with spinach and mushrooms.

Cauliflower cream

Tired of the usual creams? Try this cauliflower cream. You will be convinced by its soft texture and its simple preparation.

Pea cream

Add some puff pastry hearts and you will turn a simple pea cream into a perfect recipe to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

ai funghi paste

Prepare this ai funghi pasta recipe and feel like a real Italian chef and enjoy the flavors of autumn.

Valentine's puff pastries

We propose you some puff pastry that you can fill with your favorite ingredients. Decorate them and you will have an ideal recipe for Valentine's Day

Surprise cauliflower

Prepare a surprise cauliflower with your favorite ingredients. And don't forget to grill it in the oven to grill it and make it more palatable.

Turkey Stew

We show you how to prepare a traditional stew with Thermomix adapted to today's cuisine and diet.

Pumpkin apple cream with cheese

Do you want to surprise your guests with a cream that combines textures and flavors? Try this pumpkin cream recipe ... they will repeat !!

Filled tomatoes

An original and quick way to prepare delicious stuffed tomatoes that your children will love

Chinese sauce

A delicious Chinese sauce to accompany your Chinese cuisine dishes or simply your favorite salad.

Peas with ham and tomato

Peas with ham and tomato is a recipe with legumes. Ideal for winter days and that you can easily take to the office.

Green bean cream

Green bean cream is fantastic to return to a healthy and balanced diet after a Christmas full of excesses.

Chickpeas With Spinach

Spinach with chickpeas is a traditional recipe with all the flavor of natural ingredients.

Pumpkin velouté

This pumpkin velouté is a delicious winter dish with which to enjoy all the flavor of pumpkin. Serve it hot!

Christmas thistle

Do you want to save on your Christmas dishes? With this thistle recipe you will have a traditional and very inexpensive dish.

Asparagus and shrimp risotto

Discover in this recipe the best way to prepare a risotto. A delicious dish that can be combined with countless ingredients.

Mushroom tartlets

Looking for recipes that you can make in advance? We propose you some juicy mushroom tartlets.

Broccoli cream with basil aroma

Do you want your family to have a healthy diet? With this broccoli cream you will be able to increase the consumption of vegetables.

Cooked sweet potato mixed with bacon, egg, onion, cheese and cream. Baked and Gratin.

Sweet potato gratin

Do you like the flavors of autumn? Try this sweet potato gratin. Its smooth texture and flavor combine perfectly.

Vegetable cream with spinach, potato and leek.

Spinach cream

With this spinach cream you will have a first course full of vitamins thanks to the combination of vegetables.

Thermomix Recipe Waking Stew

Vigil Potaje

Do you want a typical Easter recipe that is easy to prepare? We show you how to make a waking soup with chickpeas, spinach and cod.