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Cookie sticks

Christmas cookie canes

Some special cookies for these days. Children will enjoy preparing these Christmas canes first and then eating them.

Lady Sour Moctel

Moctail Lady Sour

Non-alcoholic cocktail or Lady Sour moctail perfect for Christmas. Be surprised by the delicious flavor of pineapple and ginger.

Christmas cake

Christmas cake

Now you can enjoy a delicious and juicy recipe. We have this Christmas cake, a great and special idea for the holidays

Menu week 52 of 2023

The menu week 52 of 2023 comes full of ideas and with two very special menus to celebrate Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Christmas cream with Lotus biscuits and raisins in rum

Menu week 51 of 2023

In the menu week 51 of 2023 you will find recipes for lunches and dinners and many ideas for your Christmas Eve menu.

Seafood cream for Christmas

Seafood cream for Christmas

Enjoy this delicious seafood cream for Christmas. It is suitable for all year round, with a pleasant seafood flavor and a soft texture.

Sweet potato nougat

This Christmas enjoy a different, original sweet potato nougat suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant people.

Christmas garland

orange garland

Ideal for breakfast or snack, you will like this orange garland both for its flavor and for how pretty it looks.

Chocolates of cherries in syrup

If the cherries in syrup are already delicious, imagine what result we will obtain by dipping them in chocolate. Some ten cherry chocolates.

Boletus panna cotta

Preparing this boletus panna cotta is easy and simple and with it you will have an eye-catching and flavorful appetizer.

Menu week 52 of 2022

Here is the menu for week 52 with light recipes, of use and two complete menus for New Year's Eve and New Year.

Menu week 51 of 2022

In the week 51 menu you will find 2 very complete party menus for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch.

Orange and pistachio fudge

This gluten-free and lactose-free orange and pistachio fudge is full of flavor and so quick and easy that you'll have it ready in minutes.

Coffee nougat

The coffee nougat has a delicious combination of flavors, simple to make and ideal to surprise at Christmas.

Vegan marzipan balls

These vegan marzipan balls are a delicious Christmas treat special for vegans, vegetarians and egg intolerant.

Cheeks with cava

Cava cheeks are a simple recipe ideal for the Christmas menu and for special celebrations where you want to look good.

Grape and chocolate sweets

Our children will be delighted to help us prepare these delicious chocolate and grape sweets for Christmas.

Lyonnaise with tuna

Do you know choux pastry? We show you how to make it and how to prepare and fill some delicious tuna fish dishes.


Are you looking for a recipe with which to take advantage of the egg whites? We show you how to make tasty cocadas.



Do you want to win the applause of your family this Christmas? We teach you how to prepare a delicious and typical panettone.

Thermomix recipe Apple puree

Apple puree

Applesauce is a versatile recipe that you can use as a garnish for your meat dishes and also to fill cakes.

Hazelnut chocolates

Looking for a recipe that you can make at home and use as a gift? We propose these hazelnut chocolates. Rich and very easy.

Garlic prawns

To prepare the garlic prawns you must use good quality ingredients. Serve them in clay pots to keep all the heat.

Spinach roll with salmon

Do you want to make a salty gypsy arm? We propose you a delicious and striking spinach roll with salmon.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Clams a la Marinera


With this recipe for clams a la marinara you will have a delicious, simple and so fast first course that you will have it ready in minutes.

REceta thermomix mandarin sorbet

Mandarin sorbet

Do you have frozen fruit and want to give it an outlet? We show you how to make a delicious mandarin sorbet or with any other fruit.

Easy Thermomix Mojito Sorbet Recipe

Mojito sorbet

Do you want to relax for a while with your friends? Make a mojito sorbet to remember the best moments of the summer.

Mushrooms in sauce

Recipe for mushrooms in sauce is a vegan starter, rich and very easy to make. With this step-by-step recipe you will suck your fingers.

Rice soup with clams

You like rice? Then you have to try this rice chowder with clams. As simple as it is spectacular.

Festive lasagna

If you want nobody to be hungry, prepare this delicious lasagna with meat, mushrooms, white truffle and lots of béchamel

Keto garlic cheese buns

Keto garlic cheese buns are fluffy ... a real flavor bomb for your parties and casual dinners.

Easy thermomix recipe Tuna pudding

Tuna pudding

This tuna pudding is ideal for parties and birthdays. It can be done in advance and it is very easy and simple to do with Thermomix.

Sea treasures

Sea treasures stuffed with seafood will surprise you with its crunchy texture and its tasty filling based on prawns and mussels.

9 appetizers served in glasses

With these 9 appetizers served in glasses, they are simple and striking proposals with which you will succeed at your parties or informal dinners.

Fish soup for holidays

A fish soup rich in ingredients and perfect for the holidays. Full of flavor and with a good texture.

Nougat bavaroise

With this nougat bavorise you will have a Christmas dessert made in advance and served in a very original way.

Nougat mousse

Nougat mousse

Learn how to make Jijona nougat mousse in Thermomix to take alone or as a filling for crepes or lionesses.

Nougat semi-cold

With this semi-cold nougat you can enjoy a quick and easy Christmas dessert to make with your Thermomix.

Cream and walnut nougat

This is the definitive recipe for Thermomix of cream and walnut nougat. Easy, fast, delicious and with the perfect texture.

Thermomix dessert recipe Catalan cream nougat flan

Catalan cream nougat flan

The Catalan cream nougat flan is perfect as a dessert at Christmas. Simple, fast and can be done in advance.

Nougat cake

This nougat cake has an authentic Christmas flavor and it will be used to give different use to nougat tablets.

Toasted yolk nougat flan

With this delicious toasted yolk nougat flan you will have a delicious dessert and a recipe for use.

Thermomix Christmas Recipe Nougat Flan

Nougat flan

Preparing a fantastic nougat flan is very simple with Thermomix and so fast that in a few minutes you will have it ready.

Nougat three chocolates

With this three chocolate nougat you can enjoy all types of chocolate at the same time so that your Christmas is perfect.

Coconut nougat

We show you how to make a homemade coconut nougat with a delicious flavor. It is also quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Thermomix Christmas recipe Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

Chocolate nougat with hazelnuts

The chocolate nougat with hazelnuts is so rich and it is so quick and easy to prepare with Thermomix that it will surprise you.

Thermomix Christmas Nougat recipe on stone

Nougat to the stone

The nougat on the stone is the most classic of all Christmas. Now we can easily do it at home with our Thermomix.

Crunchy Chocolate Nougat

This crunchy chocolate nougat made with Thermomix is ​​a real Christmas vice for children and adults.

Thermomix Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is ideal for any occasion. Also with Thermomix it is so easy to do that it is not lazy.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a perfect Thermomix recipe to cook with children during the Christmas holidays.

Thermomix Christmas Stollen Recipe


This stollen is perfect to surprise your guests with a typical Christmas dessert of German cuisine.

Christmas snowy log

The snowy log for Christmas is a recipe that you can make with your favorite filling so that you enjoy 100%.

Almond and coconut mantecados

These delicious almond and coconut mantecados are a typical Christmas sweet that cannot be missing from your recipe book.

Thermomix Christmas Roscón de Reyes Recipe

Roscón de Reyes

The homemade roscón de Reyes has all the Christmas flavor.If you like to prepare sweets at home, you have to try this Thermomix recipe.

Candied fruit plum-cake

We show you how to make this candied fruit plum-cake with your Thermomix. Delicious and easier impossible.

Christmas thermomix recipe Suckling pig in two cooks

Suckling pig in two boils

With this recipe for suckling pig in two cooks made in Thermomix, you will look like a real chef to your guests.

Thermomix Christmas recipe Mussels in salpicón

Mussels in salpicón

These mussels in salpción are a very practical, light and easy basic recipe to make with your Thermomix.

Meat and pate cannelloni

These rich cannelloni of meat and pate are ideal for when we have many guests to eat. They can be done in advance.

Christmas Thermomix Recipes Saffron Prawns

Saffron prawns

With this recipe for saffron prawns you will have a delicious and original appetizer to surprise your guests.

Chocolate ingot

With this chocolate ingot you will enjoy 100% of Christmas. Its smooth texture and intense flavor will make each bite unforgettable.

Hake in cava

This recipe for hake in cava is delicious. Serve it accompanied by its sauce so that your guests can appreciate and enjoy its flavor.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Anchovy and walnut pate

Anchovy and walnut pate

This creamy anchovy and walnut pate is perfect because you can make it in advance and its flavor enchants everyone.

Four color cream

This four-color cream, made with Thermomix, is very eye-catching and fun for your children to enjoy with vegetables


This tiramisu made with Thermomix is ​​so easy that you can use it for any dinner or special celebration.

Thermomix Seafood Soup Recipe

Seafood soup

With this seafood soup you will have a first dish full of flavor that you can serve on any special occasion.

Thermomix recipe Sea bass with salt

Sea bass with salt

With this recipe for sea bass with salt made in varoma, it will be juicy, full of flavor and odorless in the kitchen.

Kings Cupcakes

If you have lacked time, ingredients or desire to prepare the homemade roscón, we leave you a much simpler alternative: our Kings muffins

Stuffed bread crown

A great homemade bread for meetings with family and friends. The ingredients of the filling can be substituted by others, according to tastes and needs

Christmas menu made in advance

With this Christmas menu made in advance and your Thermomix you can organize yourself and have time to enjoy with your friends and family.

White chocolate custard

With these white chocolate custard you can put the sweetest note at Christmas. Quick and easy to do with Thermomix.

Eggplant and cheese salads

We teach you how to get the most out of a sheet of puff pastry to prepare a great appetizer, ideal for any celebration.

Meat with cava and apple sauce

We are going to cook in a Thermomix a piece of beef called shoulder of approximately 1 kilo. We will serve it with a great cava and apple sauce

Bourguignon cheeks

These bourguignon cheeks are a delicious and flavorful recipe that you can prepare with Thermomix during the Christmas holidays.

Cookie bars with Red Velvet

Cookie bars with Red Velvet

A delicious combination of two layers of chocolate biscuit and one layer of red colored cream cheese. The mix is ​​perfect for Christmas.

Meatballs with Parmesan sauce

They are cooked in the oven and are accompanied by a delicious Parmesan sauce. These meatballs with raisins are a good starter for these holidays.

Cantucci of cocoa and cashews

A great sweet for this Christmas. After any family lunch or dinner, your guests are sure to appreciate these homemade cantucci.

Velouté du Barry

This Christmas preparing this velouté du Barry with your Thermomix will be the simplest. A fine and elegant cauliflower cream to delight your guests.

Christmas comes to Thermorecetas!

Christmas 2019 is coming to Thermorecetas. And to inaugurate the season we leave you this fantastic compilation with the best recipes from Christmas past.

12 recipes for the Magi

12 preparations for Their Majesties the Kings of the East. Choose your favorite and get to work. They sure like it too.

Roscón without egg

A Roscón with a different aspect that does not contain eggs among its ingredients. It also does not contain candied fruit: we will put only almonds and hazelnuts.

Gluten-free Christmas sweet bread

With this sweet Christmas bread you can prepare delicious gluten-free snacks for these holidays. Serve it with hot chocolate and enjoy!

Apple and chocolate puff pastry

An apple puff pastry that can be eaten both hot and cold. It is baked but we will prepare the filling in Thermoxim, mincing the ingredients.

White nougat

We teach you how to prepare a homemade nougat with very few ingredients. You can put the dried fruit that you like the most. It is very easy!

9 recipes with pineapple

In this compilation you will find 9 recipes made with pineapple. Most of them you can take to the table at your festive meals.

Red cabbage with prunes

A very creamy red cabbage garnish with the flavor of prunes. Don't forget the apple to get a crisp and fresh touch

9 drinks for Christmas parties

9 drinks for the Christmas Parties is the compilation with which you can dazzle your guests. Cocktails and spirits made at home with Thermomix.

Meatballs in walnut and cheese sauce1

Meatballs in walnut sauce

Exquisite pork meatballs accompanied by a soft and delicate sauce of walnuts and cheese. Creamy, tasty and delicious! 

Christmas mulled wine

The most magical season of the year starts and there is nothing like a Christmas mulled wine to set the mood. Its smell of ...

Vegan menu for Christmas

With this vegan menu for Christmas you will have easy, delicious and animal-friendly recipes. A detail that many will thank you for.

Mushroom puff pastry with prawns

An attractive and original starter that you can prepare at your dinners or Christmas meals. In this case the mushrooms are the protagonists.

Cream tartlets

These cream tartlets that they know how to prepare so well in Portugal are our dessert suggestion for any special occasion

Almond cookies

You will love these delicious almond cookies both for their texture and for their flavor. In addition, they are prepared in a moment.

Hot chocolate with orange

An exquisite hot chocolate. It is flavored naturally, with organic orange peel. It is the perfect snack for the afternoon of Kings.

Candied fruit plum cake

Soft and delicious candied fruit plum cake with all the flavor of Christmas. The best alternative for Three Kings Day.

Charcoal (from sponge cake)

A cake that, when cut up, looks like coal, the kind that the Magi bring. It has that purple-greyish look thanks to the purple carrot.

Anise and orange buns

A great sweet for your Christmas tables. In addition to the written recipe, you will find a video, so that no doubts arise.

Chocolate nougat

Chocolate nougat

Chocolate nougat. The taste of the classic homemade chocolate nougat with an irresistible crunchy filling. All a delight.

Parsnip cream

Delicious and inexpensive parsnip cream. The mild, slightly sweet and spicy flavor will surprise your guests. Easy to do with Thermomix.

9 starters for Christmas Eve

9 starters for Christmas Eve

Maybe you're still not sure what starters to prepare this Christmas Eve. Well, that's what we're here for, to give you some ...

Jijona nougat panna cotta

A Christmas version of the classic Italian dessert panna cottta, to which we are going to add Jijona nougat. The finishing touch to our celebrations.

Condensed milk muffins

The best way to combat the cold is to turn on the oven. In this case, to prepare some great muffins made with ...

Queen almond cream

Queen almond cream. A delicious and smooth first course with which we will conquer the most demanding palates in any special lunch or dinner.

Pumpkin pie and condensed milk

We propose you a pumpkin pie and condensed milk for this Christmas. It has pasta frola and a creamy filling made with pumpkin and condensed milk.

Cider punch

Prepare this delicious and spicy Jamie Oliver cider punch with your Thermomix. Perfect to enjoy on cold Christmas afternoons.

Lamb to the huntress

With this lamb hunter recipe you will have a simple and easy recipe for Christmas. You can also do it in advance.

Celery pesto appetizer

We propose you an aperitif for this Christmas with which you will surprise your guests: some toasts with an original celery pesto.

Lombard risotto for celebrations

Red cabbage gives this risotto a spectacular color. Because of its color and its flavor, it is a first course worthy of any celebration.

9 recipes of use

Many ideas to prepare delicious recipes of use. You will breathe new life into leftovers and save money in the process.

Meat flowers

Flowers of minced meat, raisins, dried apricots, plums and pine nuts. The cheese, the ham and the meat cover everything and some cuts give it that flower shape.

9 recipes with grapes

Another year that escapes us. There is nothing left, in a few hours we will be taking the traditional grapes with the ...

Roscón de Reyes with sourdough

Traditional Roscón de Reyes made with sourdough. Full of flavor, aroma, juicy ... in short, delicious and homemade with Thermomix.