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Asparagus and spinach cream

Light, soft, eye-catching and full of properties. This is how this asparagus cream is, which is also really delicious. We will do it in Thermomix.

Pink sauce with roasted pepper

Exquisite pink sauce with a touch of roasted pepper. An ideal basic recipe to accompany prawns, green salads, seafood cocktails and sandwiches.

Eggs a la flamenca light

A recipe for flamenco eggs much less caloric than the traditional one. We are going to replace the chorizo ​​and serrano ham with cooked ham.

BBQ meat croquettes

A great use recipe with which we can enjoy delicious barbecue-flavored croquettes. We will make the dough in Thermomix.

Crumble with creamy leeks

Crispy and delicious crumble with creamy leeks that combines the flavor of nuts with the creaminess of leeks.

Sponge cake with margarine

Simple sponge cake made with margarine and Greek yogurt. Not very sweet, fluffy and neutral in taste. Putting sugar on the surface will be very nice.

Banana and chocolate cream

A spoon dessert with two main flavors: banana and chocolate. Take this into account if there are two ripe bananas in your fruit bowl.

Pasta salad with a tropical touch

Delicious and exotic pasta salad, with chicken, pineapple, corn and pink sauce. A real delight !! And it is perfect to prepare in advance.

Salmon croquettes

Delicious croquettes made with salmon and flavored with dill. They can be frozen and are perfect for the whole family.

Steamed gluten-free sponge cake

This steamed gluten-free sponge cake can be prepared from start to finish with your Thermomix. An easy, juicy and very fluffy bite.

Potato and onion quiche

We teach you how to prepare the base of this quiche and also the filling. We will use cooked potato, onion, Parmesan, egg and milk.

Beef with peppers

This recipe for beef with peppers is great because it cooks almost on its own and in less than 30 minutes you have an oriental-style dish ready.

Anise sponge cake

Easy, colorful, fast and delicious. So is this anise cake that you can prepare by following the recipe in writing or even a video.

Thin lemon cake

A delicate and lemon-flavored snack. Small portions can be cut to obtain original butter and lemon cakes.

Quick coca with four cheeses

With this quick coca with four cheeses you can include vegetables in your diet while enjoying the flavor of your favorite cheeses.

Pesto hummus

Delicious and creamy pesto hummus, colorful and tasty, ideal to dip with friends and surprise with a new flavor.

Pear cheesecake

Delicious and smooth cheescake made with a biscuit base, a low-calorie curd cream and pear pieces in syrup.

Cauliflower custards

We will make cauliflower flans starting from a simple cream that we will prepare in our food processor. An easy and original way to consume vegetables.

Green bean salad in Thermomix

An original and delicious salad made with green beans, carrots, tuna, egg, tomato and olives. Very simple to prepare in Thermomix.

Chocolate panna cotta

A panna cotta with chocolate flavor made in Thermomix. We will also prepare a chocolate sauce and put it on each portion.

Prawn salad

Delicious potato and shrimp salad, perfect as a starter, snack or dinner. Juicy, with different textures and very very easy.

Vegan coconut flan

With this vegan coconut flan you will enjoy an easy, simple, light dessert suitable for vegans and lactose and egg free diets.

Chocolate and cream birthday cake

Simple birthday cake that will delight chocolate lovers. The cake already has cocoa and is filled with pastry cream, also with chocolate

Squid stuffed with meat

Squid stuffed with meat is a delicious sea and mountain recipe that you can make with your Thermomix in less than 1 hour.

Eggplant balls

An aperitif with many advantages: we will take advantage of the bread from previous days, it is cooked in the oven and it is delicious. We will need aubergine and grated cheese.

9 recipes with basmati rice

With this compilation you will not be short of ideas to prepare delicious recipes with basmati rice. Light dishes full of flavor to eat outside the home.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019

The most romantic and sweet recipes to surprise your partner this Valentine's night. Don't miss this compilation

Salmon with orange for two

Two portions of salmon cooked in the varoma container. With a lot of orange flavor and a special sauce made with nuts.

Oreo hot chocolate

This year the Oreo hot chocolate will undoubtedly be the sweetest treat. A simple recipe to make with Thermomix will make your partner fall in love with it.

Chocolate duo

An easy dessert for Valentine's Day: chocolate duo. For two people, very sweet and easy to prepare using our Thermomix

Verdinas with prawns

The verdinas with prawns is a dish of our regional cuisine that we can make with Thermomix. A jewel where legumes are combined with seafood.

Banana Chocolate cake

This chocolate cake is really delicious. It tastes a lot like cocoa but the banana flavor is always present. Do not stop preparing it.

Artichoke and Serrano Ham Stew

With this artichoke and serrano ham stew you will be able to benefit from all the good of these winter vegetables. A simple and easy recipe with Thermomix.

Simple waffles

We show you how easy it is to prepare waffles at home. We will make the dough in Thermomix and cook them in a simple waffle maker.

Sweet potato and apple cream

The sweet potato and apple cream is a simple recipe to make with Thermomix and that, in addition, will help you regulate your hours of sleep.

Salty broccoli tart

With broccoli, bacon and mozzarella. A juicy, original and very rich savory cake that will appeal even to those who are not passionate about broccoli.

XXL lentils

XXL lentils, full of vitamins and iron to combat moments of tiredness and fatigue with spinach, kale, sun-dried tomatoes and spirulina. 

Almond pastes (like bakery)

These almond pastes are delicious, authentic, and easy to make. They are made with lard, lemon peel, almond ...

Hazelnut and spice cake

A cacao and spices sponge cake with an exquisite flavor. It has star anise, cocoa powder, soluble coffee and cinnamon. You will love the result.

Pear and quince jam1

Pear and quince jam

Great recipe for pear and quince jam, with a touch of cinnamon. Perfect to accompany cream cheese, soft or fresh cheese toasts.

Pumpkin and cinnamon cream

An original and delicious first dish that has two protagonists: pumpkin and cinnamon. Light, soft, and with an exceptional texture.

Spaghetti with spinach sauce

We will turn our spinach into a perfect companion for any type of pasta. It is made with few ingredients and in about 30 minutes.

Quince sweet with brown sugar1

The best quince paste in the world

The richest quince jelly recipe in the world, with just the right touch of sweetness and the perfect texture. Ideal to drink with cheeses. 

Broccoli and apple salad

A salad loaded with properties. It is made with broccoli, apple and tomato and is dressed with oil, vinegar, senape and honey.

Orange octopus

We teach you how to prepare octopus in Thermomix with a great orange sauce. Pay attention because this sauce goes very well with any fish.

Best of 2018: Our Readers' Favorite Recipes

The best recipes Thermorecetas of the year 2018, the favorites of our readers, the ones that are cooked the most and the ones that are read the most. Are you going to miss them?

Spice-flavored sponge cake

In this sponge cake or sweet bread, spices and honey are the protagonists. It is prepared in a few minutes, using Thermomix. The rest is done by the oven

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs is a healthy and easy-to-make recipe that will allow you to return to a healthy life and enjoy the flavor.

Cauliflower with walnuts

We will cook cauliflower in the basket. We finish the preparation in the oven, with a great and original crumble that we will make in Thermomix.

Homemade pumpkin granola

Start your day full of energy with this homemade pumpkin granola. Mild flavor, crunchy touches and all the necessary nutrients to eat the day.

Roscón without egg

A Roscón with a different aspect that does not contain eggs among its ingredients. It also does not contain candied fruit: we will put only almonds and hazelnuts.

Gluten-free Christmas sweet bread

With this sweet Christmas bread you can prepare delicious gluten-free snacks for these holidays. Serve it with hot chocolate and enjoy!

Apple and chocolate puff pastry

An apple puff pastry that can be eaten both hot and cold. It is baked but we will prepare the filling in Thermoxim, mincing the ingredients.

White nougat

We teach you how to prepare a homemade nougat with very few ingredients. You can put the dried fruit that you like the most. It is very easy!

Dulce de leche custard

These dulce de leche custard will drive those who like sweet flavors crazy. They are as smooth as they are easy to make.

9 drinks for Christmas parties

9 drinks for the Christmas Parties is the compilation with which you can dazzle your guests. Cocktails and spirits made at home with Thermomix.

Meatloaf with chicken and nuts

With this meatloaf with chicken and nuts you will have a perfect dish for your informal or buffet dinners. So useful that you can do it the day before.

Meatballs in walnut and cheese sauce1

Meatballs in walnut sauce

Exquisite pork meatballs accompanied by a soft and delicate sauce of walnuts and cheese. Creamy, tasty and delicious! 

Beer and bacon risotto

We teach you how to prepare a risotto that does not contain broth or white wine: we will cook the rice with beer. The other protagonist of this dish is bacon.

Vegetarian saladitos

Some vegetarian snacks that seem bought. They make you with puff pastry and a mixture made from feta, onion, walnuts, oats ...

Banana and lemon sponge cake

We leave you the recipe to make a cake that the little ones like a lot. With simple ingredients: two or three ripe bananas and a lemon.

Christmas mulled wine

The most magical season of the year starts and there is nothing like a Christmas mulled wine to set the mood. Its smell of ...


Morrococo or "chick peas dizzy"

Chickpea hummus made in Jaen, known as Morrococo, Garbanzos Mareaos or Puchero Mareao. A really tasty and simple starter or snack. 

Mushroom puff pastry with prawns

An attractive and original starter that you can prepare at your dinners or Christmas meals. In this case the mushrooms are the protagonists.

Vegetable dumplings

Some dumplings similar to cocarrois made with a dough of butter and oil and a filling of vegetables, paprika and prunes

Very tasty vegetable stew

Express vegetable stew with bacon and stew broth. Tasty and delicious. It will also be ready in less than 30 minutes.

Cream tartlets

These cream tartlets that they know how to prepare so well in Portugal are our dessert suggestion for any special occasion

Bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage

Surely, with this cold, you have already become a fan of spoon dishes. If so, get ready because today we are launching with a bean stew, with cabbages With this bean stew with Brussels sprouts and sausage you will enjoy a real spoon dish to combat the cold.

BBQ popcorn

This weekend we have a home theater session and nothing better to accompany the movie than some barbecue popcorn. They are a real vice and it is that it is Enjoy some authentic barbecue popcorn, the homemade snack full of flavor, easy and quick to prepare for your movie sessions.

Mushroom and walnut ragout

I've been making this mushroom and walnut ragout at home for months. It is a vegan version that has a fantastic flavor and texture and the more I make it the more Delicious mushroom and walnut ragout. A healthy and healthy vegan version, easy to make and that you can use in the same recipes.

chicken fingers

Look at how these chicken fingers are prepared that we have called chicken fingers at home. Children like them a lot and also the elderly.

Almond cake and lemon cream

An exquisite cake and very easy to prepare if we have the help of our Thermomix. We do not have to roll out the dough so we will not use a rolling pin

Orange tahini cookies

At home we take advantage of the weekend to bake delicious things like these tahini and orange cookies. We love to treat ourselves to little ones at snack time. These orange tahini cookies are perfect for giving yourself a tasty treat at snack time. Quick and easy to do.

Spaghetti with mushroom ragout

Some spaghetti loaded with flavor and with mushrooms. With them we will prepare a special, vegetarian and vegan ragout, perfect for toño.

Winter Squash Corn Soup

Delicious winter pumpkin and corn soup that will help you fight the coldest days. Easy to do and ready in just 30 minutes.

Cheese cake "de la Viña"

Cheese cake «de la Viña»

Cheesecake from "the vineyard" for cheese lovers. The best cake in the world: a lot of height, a great cheese flavor, unique texture, fluffy and creamy.

Baked Cauliflower

We teach you how to prepare cauliflower in a different way: steamed and then baked with a mixture of egg, cheese, breadcrumbs, herbs ...

Quince sweet without sugar and with agar agar

This recipe for sugar-free quince jelly with agar-agar was already a classic on my to-do list. And it is not because I did not lend you Delicious Quince Fudge without sugar and with agar agar that will make you enjoy the traditional flavors again without worrying about the calories.

Wine and olive oil donuts

Some very simple baked donuts made with sweet wine and extra virgin olive oil. We will prepare the dough in just 20 seconds, in Thermomix.

Potato, leek and rosemary cream

A cream of potato, leek and rosemary with an exceptional texture and served with a few pieces of toasted bread with a little oil and rosemary.

Jamie Oliver-style Bolognese Sauce

Today we show you how to prepare the Jamie Oliver-style Bolognese sauce. A new version just as easy as the traditional one but with more flavor ... ¿te A new version of the bolognese sauce Jamie Oliver style. Just as versatile and easy to do with your Thermomix with which you can prepare delicious dishes.

Autumn cream of pumpkin and blue cheese

autumn cream of pumpkin and blue cheese. The contrast of flavors of the sweet pumpkin with the spiciness of the blue cheese makes this cream something special!

Fish burgers in Thermomix

Some fish burgers that can be served on a hamburger bun, on a few slices of loaf bread or with any simple garnish.

Persimmon and chocolate cake

A cake for the whole family that we can take both warm and cold. We will use two ripe persimmons and chopped chocolate.

Apple butter

Now that I have tried this apple cream I fully understand that the English and Americans call it apple butter. It has a divine texture for Delicious apple or apple butter cream with spectacular flavor nuances. Use it on your toasts or to serve with cheeses and meat stews.

9 pumpkin creams

A compilation with nine great pumpkin creams that you can prepare to use the pulp of the Halloween pumpkin.

Pea soup for Halloween

We give you an idea for Halloween and the recipe for a pea soup with cooked ham that is easily prepared in Thermomix.

Brussels sprouts with ham

Delicious and tasty brussels sprouts cooked with onion and ham, which are really tender and juicy in our thermomix

Turkey stew with mushrooms

Get ready to indulge with this turkey and mushroom casserole. It has such a smooth and delicious sauce that it goes well with everything.

Tuna omelette with vegetable garnish

We are going to cook a tuna omelette and some steamed vegetables in a Thermomix. Everything will cook at the same time in the tray and the varoma container.

Seafood soup rice

Exquisite rice with seafood, easy, fast and inexpensive. Ideal to put the finishing touch to a weekend family meal. 

Pumpkin and sage cream

A simple and light pumpkin cream made in Thermomix, perfect for autumn. It can be served with croutons, ham pieces ...

Vegan panellets covered with chocolate

With these vegan chocolate covered panellets you will discover that it is simple and fun to prepare traditional recipes for All Saints and Deceased. These vegan panellets are easy to prepare with Thermomix and allow you to savor the traditional desserts of All Saints and All Souls Day.

Apple pie

A delicious apple pie that you can prepare with seven basic ingredients that you surely have at home. Take a look at the recipe, you will like it!

The chayote and its thousand and one names.

On my last vacation in Portugal, I discovered the chayote and its thousand and one names. A cucurbit with which you can make countless recipes. La Discover the chayote and its thousand and one names. An inexpensive vegetable, easy to cook and that will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Fried mushrooms

A delicious fall side dish: fried mushrooms. We will prepare the batter in Thermomix and then fry the mushrooms in plenty of oil.

White ragout

Today we show you how to prepare a white ragout in an easy way that you can use in lasagna or in rich pasta dishes. The white ragout or, what is the same, the white ragout is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix that allows you to enjoy authentic pasta dishes, lasagna and other preparations.

Garden style chicken

Pollo a la jardinera, a traditional stew par excellence, juicy, tasty and full of color. Ideal to freeze or prepare well in advance.

Integral tangerine sponge cake

An intensely flavored whole wheat cake made with mandarin orange and walnuts. We will put the mandarins whole so they will have to be washed very well.

Apple and chocolate cream

A different apple cream that we will easily prepare in Thermomix. It can also be used to fill and decorate cakes and pastries.

Horchata custard

Exquisite and delicious custard, with a different touch: horchata. We substitute milk for horchata, a touch of cinnamon and a dessert 10 !!

Sponge cake without mold

This kind of cake without a mold is perfect for breakfast or a snack (you have to try it soaked in milk) and for after a meal of A traditional sweet ideal for breakfast, a snack or to finish off a party meal. A cake without a mold made with basic ingredients.

Panna cotta with coconut milk

Making this coconut panna cotta in Thermomix couldn't be easier. And I assure you that it is a delicious, caloric dessert, yes, but great. Like the Una panna cotta special and perfect for any occasion. It can be served with red fruits, with a fruit sauce, with jam and even with chocolate.

Soupy rice with emperor

Today we will prepare broth rice with emperor. At the right point of cooking and with an exceptional flavor. With a salad, it will be the perfect meal. 

9 sweet recipes with jam

A compilation of nine recipes in which jam takes center stage. If you have made homemade jam, take a look at this compilation because surely there is a recipe that you can prepare. There are 9 sweet recipes with homemade jam.

Eggplant risotto

We are going to prepare an aubergine risotto in Thermomix. In this type of dish, the main ingredient (the aubergine in this case) is so important as we teach you how to prepare an aubergine risotto in Thermomix. We will do it with homemade broth and using rice of the Arborio variety.

Fall begins… with mushroom season !!

Autumn is just around the corner and, therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to making a wonderful compilation of 9 recipes with mushrooms and mushrooms.

Ham and green bean fideuá

Easy and simple fideuá of Serrano ham with green beans. At its exact point of cooking, juicy and very tasty. The perfect recipe.

Spiced sponge cake with apple and chocolate chips

You have to try this spiced cake. It tastes of cinnamon and anise beans so it is perfect to inaugurate the fall. We are also going to add Our sponge cake tastes of cinnamon and anise. But it also has apple, chocolate chips and, on the surface, hazelnuts. Perfect for the fall months

Vanilla and chocolate pancakes

The one in the photo is not a cake at all, but it is a beautiful way to start a great birthday: with pancakes! They are pancakes with two flavors: - Some pancakes that the little ones like a lot. With ingredients that we all have at home and very easy to prepare with Thermomix.

Jam dumplings with butter dough

This is our proposal for today's snack: some sweet dumplings filled with strawberry jam. Try them because you will love them. The dough is Delicious sweet and homemade dumplings, with butter dough and jam filling. A different snack that everyone likes.

Sautéed zucchini

You will like today's recipe if you like vegetables "al dente" since both the zucchini and the leek are cooked for only ten minutes. It has garlic -no If you like verdua al dente and with a lot of flavor, try these zucchini: a simple recipe, with few ingredients and with an intense flavor.

Sponge cake with coconut milk and chocolate chips

Today's is a very simple cake with little oil. It is one of those that fly, of those that disappear in a couple of days ... or, in other words, of the A sponge cake made with coconut milk and choclate seeds. Very easy to prepare in Thermomix, the little ones like it a lot.

Emperor with tomato

Delicious and juicy emperor in tomato sauce, ideal for dinner or lunch. It is perfect to leave it prepared in advance.

Quick beetroot cake

Beet sponge cake, exquisite and delicious. The beet, when mixed with the ingredients being baked, enhances its sweeter side.

Pumpkin and mushroom soup

With this pumpkin and mushroom cream you can enjoy the best of autumn and with only 122 calories. Take care of yourself with Thermomix.

Chicken and paprika croquettes

We love chicken croquettes. And with the return to school they cannot be missing in the freezer. Once made and frozen they are the "wild card" dinner, the one that The perfect dinner for the little ones: chicken croquettes. We teach you how to prepare them in Thermomix and give you some advice for their conservation.

Basic recipe: cook chickpeas with Thermomix

With this recipe to cook chickpeas with Thermomix we expand our particular collection of basic recipes that will make you fall in love every day more with it. We show you how to cook chickpeas with Thermomix. An easy and simple basic recipe to enjoy all the flavor of traditional recipes.

Kale and avocado cream

Take advantage of all that is good about this kale and avocado cream. A recipe with only 100 calories, healthy and easy to make with Thermomix.

Banana cake with gluten-free flours

This banana cake with gluten-free flours is made with three different types of gluten-free flours; rice, chestnuts and cornstarch. A very mixture To make this banana cake with gluten-free flours we have used a special mixture ... discover it and it will surprise you!

Fall lentils

With these autumn lentils you will have a nutritious and simple recipe for legumes with vegetables suitable for the whole family.

Turkey stew Provençal

Get ready to enjoy a unique and complete dish with this Provencal turkey stew that is also made with a variety of vegetables. You already know that with this Provencal turkey stew you will have a rich and balanced recipe with lean meat and vegetables that your whole family will like.

Apple yogurt cinnamon cake

Nothing like an irresistible apple, yogurt and cinnamon cake to celebrate with everyone that the weekend is here. And, in addition to being with this delicious apple, yogurt and cinnamon cake, you will enjoy soft flavors, such as its texture. It is also simple and fast to do with Thermomix.

Walnut and mushroom pate

With this walnut and mushroom pâté you can get ahead of autumn and enjoy an easy vegan appetizer to make with Thermomix.

Spinach with potatoes for 2

Simple recipes never go out of style and these spinach with potatoes for 2 cannot be absent if you also want to eat well. And the thing is, as Easy Recipe like these spinach with potatoes for 2 will help you eat well. Prepare it with your Thermomix in 25 minutes.

Yogurt and turmeric cake

This is a basic cake (with eggs, yogurt, sugar ...) but, for its size, we will make it with little fat: only 3 eggs and 75 grams of A cake made with the usual ingredients that does not have too much fat. Don't be surprised by the turmeric: it's optional but it will add color.

Peach Yogurt Vanilla Pie

Now that the heat is giving us a little respite, I have decided to turn on my oven to prepare this peach, yogurt and vanilla cake. For this peach, yogurt and vanilla cake you will love it for its simplicity, flavor and because with Thermomix it is very easy to prepare.

Green Beans Salad

Not all salads have to be lettuce, and today's salads are proof of that. Here green beans and potatoes are the protagonists and if you want to vary the way you prepare green beans or if you want to bring a different salad to the table this is your recipe.

9 sweet recipes with peaches and nectarines

Now is the time to cook with peaches and nectarines. They are at a good price and we can use them in recipes that are consumed immediately or for a compilation that will allow you to get the most out of peaches and nectarines. You will find preserving recipes, desserts, a cake ...

Hazelnut plum cake

We are going to prepare a hazelnut flavored plum cake with chocolate on the surface. But don't be scared of the latter because, in the video that I leave you with A plum cake that the little ones like a lot. It has crushed hazelnuts, candied fruit, and chocolate on the outside. Check out our video recipes!

Flourless, almond and anise sponge cake

It's been a long time since we published a "without" cake. Today's is without flour so it can also be taken by people with celiac disease. It has almonds. This cake has crushed almonds, eggs and a little anise. It is perfect for people who cannot take gluten.

Lemon sorbet with egg white

You cannot let the summer pass without preparing a good homemade lemon sorbet. It is easy to make, inexpensive and you can have it reserved in the freezer and In Thermomix, preparing a sorbet is very simple. We will do it with the following ingredients: lemon, water, sugar and an egg white.

Fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea

Drinks like this fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea help you take care of yourself so it is not surprising that they have become a This fruit and spinach smoothie with matcha tea is the drink you have been waiting for. Delicious, quick to prepare with Thermomix and full of antioxidants.

Pasta with mussels

In this pasta recipe we are going to make the most of our kitchen robot: we are going to steam the mussels, chop ingredients such as An exquisite recipe for which we will only need one kitchen tool: our Thermomix. Try it because it is like the one of the best restaurants.

Simple tart with red berries and apple

On a holiday you cannot miss a special recipe. We are going to prepare a very simple cake with red fruits. It has a crunchy base that we will make A homemade cake with a crunchy base and a filling of pastry cream. On the surface we will put our red fruits, which will be cooked in the oven.

Cheese quiche

We teach you both in a video and in writing to prepare a homemade quiche with Gorgonzola, cottage cheese, cream and fresh chives.

Lamb meat croquettes

When meat is left over at home, we usually use it to make croquettes. It is the perfect excuse. In this case we have made them with roasted shoulder, so we teach you how to prepare exquisite croquettes made with lamb meat in Thermomix. An aperitif of use and, at the same time, of luxury.

Multivitamin drink

If you like natural juices without preservatives or colorings, this multivitamin drink is going to enchant you. It is made with fresh fruit and it is so simple. Refresh yourself with this multivitamin drink and show off healthy and beautiful skin this summer. Easy, homemade and ready in 1 minute with Thermomix.

Chickpeas with tomato and cinnamon

Delicious cooked chickpeas sautéed with onion and accompanied by a fried tomato sauce and a touch of cumin and cinnamon. Delicious as a starter!

Chicken with yogurt and cheese sauce

In this recipe we are going to cook the chicken in the container and on the varoma tray. In this way we will obtain a light meat and we will ensure a light, simple and very summery recipe. It can be served as a salad or to fill wraps, fajitas ... As always, made in Thermomix

Cream tartlets and figs

With our favorite cookie dough, a cream made in Thermomix and any seasonal fruit we can make a dessert as colorful as this one.

Eggplant pie

When we all get together at home, an empanada is seldom missing. This time it was made with eggplant and we have prepared both the filling and the A vegetable patty loaded with flavor in Thermomix. In this case the eggplant is the protagonist and it will be accompanied by onion and walnuts.

Cold hake cake without oven

Delicious and quick cold hake cake without an oven. A summer recipe made with Thermomix that you will get a lot out of.

Quick pâtés in Thermomix

9 exquisite pâtés that you can make at home and with your Thermomix in just a few minutes. You will surprise your guests.

Crunchy Nut Crackers

We teach you how to make crunchy cookies with nuts with just a few ingredients. Light, simple and irresistible.

Grape Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie

Exquisite combination of grape and vanilla in the form of a frozen, creamy smoothie, with other fruits such as apple and banana, which make it a unique smoothie.

Chicken with sherry wine

A different chicken stew, with lots of chopped onion and a touch of sweet wine. Don't forget the raisins, they look great here.

Salami pasta for sandwiches

With this salami paste for sandwiches you can prepare delicious snacks in a minute and even use it for your birthday parties. It is a cream type. With this salami paste for sandwiches you can improvise delicious snacks or use it at your birthday parties. Easy to make and spread.

9 refreshing desserts for summer

A sumptuous compilation with 9 desserts. They are quick, simple, inexpensive desserts and, above all, very very refreshing. You will see what a delight!

Pasta with peppers and cottage cheese

We like to prepare easy recipes in summer, that don't take up a lot of time. And today's pasta is a clear example. It has red pepper, tomato, cottage cheese. A simple and perfect recipe for these summer months: long pasta with peppers and cottage cheese.

Chickpeas with thyme

Would you like a vegetable dish adapted to summer? This is how these chickpeas with thyme are, a simple recipe that can be made in advance. Always Prepare this recipe for chickpeas with thyme in your Thermomix is ​​very easy and you can use it as a vegetable salad to eat out.

Banana & Vanilla Milkshake

We continue to beat the heat with delicious frozen shakes, delicious! Today we bring you an impressive vanilla and banana smoothie that is Delicious American style banana smoothie, made with vanilla ice cream, milk and a few drops of lemon. Refreshing, tasty, nutritious and delicious.

Melon granita

The melon granita is a drink that both adults and children like. Refreshing, delicious and with all the vitamins of the melon.

Chickpea salad with apple tzatziki

In summer, legume salads are wonderful, easy, delicious, healthy, nutritious ... we can leave them prepared in advance and, in addition, a refreshing chickpea salad and curry vinaigrette accompanied by apple tzatziki sauce. The best way to eat legumes during the summer.

Hake and pea medallions

We go there with a recipe that the little ones really like. They are medallions made with cooked potatoes, hake and peas. To prepare them we are going to A recipe for hake and peas that the little ones in the house like a lot. It has a mild flavor, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Glasses of peach compote with yogurt

One of our favorite desserts these summer days are the glasses of peach compote with yogurt. So we also take advantage and get all the With these glasses of peach compote with yogurt you will have an easy dessert. You can also make the most of the summer and your Thermomix.

Mexican ranch sauce

Mexican ranchero sauce, it is made with tomato and peppers or chilies and it is really delicious! It's cool and fun, so versatile!

Banana Milkshake

We propose a snack, for adults and children, based on bananas and dairy. It is prepared in a Thermomix and it is delicious.

Aromatic omelette

Delicious aromatic omelette with dill, mint and parsley that you can make with Thermomix to prepare a healthy and light dinner.

Salmon with piperrada

Steamed salmon accompanied by piperrada, a very interesting option for these hot days. Healthy, healthy and fast.

Sweet rice with horchata

A reinterpretation of the classic rice pudding, but this time prepared with horchata. Creamy, smooth, delicate and delicious. It is a perfect dessert.

Carrots and endive garnish

An original garnish for any meat, egg or fish dish. With carrots, an endive and sweet wine. As always, very easy with Thermomix.

Yogurt, kiwi and mango cups

These glasses of yogurt, kiwi and mango will serve to give a different air to the same ingredients as always. An easy recipe to make with Thermomix.

Corn crackers

To make the dough for these corn cookies, you just have to put all the ingredients in the glass. I know…

Marinated labneh balls

With these marinated labneh balls you can prepare with your Thermomix a simple aperitif with all the flavor of the Mediterranean.

Caramelized onion

With this caramelized onion recipe you can make great appetizers or serve as a garnish. Discover the recipe in video and explained step by step with Thermomix so that you can learn how to cook a rich onion confit.

Chocolate and ricotta cake

We teach you how to prepare a chocolate and ricotta cake in Thermomix. It is a crostata made with a lemon base and a creamy and delicate filling.