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strawberry lemonade

strawberry lemonade

Delicious and refreshing strawberry lemonade, an ideal drink to combat hot days, to hydrate and continue taking care of your weight.

Red cabbage and apple salad

coleslaw with boiled egg

In Thermorecetas We love coleslaws! So today we couldn't stop sharing with you our latest version: salad…

Matcha tea lemonade

Matcha tea lemonade. A refreshing drink, full of flavor, original, colorful and delicious that you can prepare in less than 5 minutes.

very smooth gazpacho

We love the delicate flavor of this gazpacho. It suits everyone and cools us down in the hottest months of the year.

Lactose-free vanilla ice cream

This lactose-free vanilla ice cream is creamy and delicious. It will also serve to make other recipes and accompany your favorite desserts.

Cold zucchini and broccoli soup

Delicious leftover cold zucchini and broccoli, with diced tomato and cucumber. An easy, refreshing and economical dish for this summer.

Menu week 32 of 2022

The week 32 menu of 2022 is here. An easy, balanced summer menu with recipes for every day.

Menu week 30 of 2022

The week 30 of 2022 menu is ready with all the recipes you need to have a healthy diet in summer.

Menu week 29 of 2022

Here you have the week 29 menu of 2022 with the recipes for lunch and dinner for the whole week and, in addition, many inspiring ideas.

chickpea tofu

With this chickpea tofu you can enrich your salads and give a nutritious touch to your summer recipes.

Menu week 27 of 2022

In the menu week 27 of 2022 you will discover seasonal, fresh and simple recipes for the days of July 4 to 10.

Celery and mint cream

Light cream of celery and mint

Light cream of celery, a fresh and light dish for those who want to beat the heat or want to take care of themselves and eat a healthy dish. 

easy recipe thermomix forest fruit smoothie

Forest fruit smoothie

In the mood to hydrate on hot afternoons? This forest fruit smoothie is a healthy and nutritious alternative.

dessert recipe thermomix plum biscuit

Plum biscuit

Looking for a dessert for a summer lunch or dinner? Prepare this plum biscuit in advance ... a success!

thermomix recipe pasta salad

Pasta salad

With this pasta salad you can enjoy your mornings on the beach knowing that your food will be ready when you get home.

York ham and cheese crêpes

Are you organizing a party and want to prepare a recipe in advance? We propose you these delicious crêpes of ham and cheese.

Fruit and pasta salad

Are you looking for a delicious recipe that takes care of your line? Try this fruit and pasta salad. You can also do it in advance.

Mc Donald's sandy ice cream thermomix dessert recipe

Sandy ice cream from McDonald's

Are you addicted to Sandy McDonald's ice cream? Try this recipe to make it at home. Its flavor is delicious and the texture is spectacular.

Octopus ceviche

Octopus ceviche is an ideal recipe to enjoy at any time. Fresh, fast, simple and very light ... only 70 kcal.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Quick walnut ice cream

Quick pecan ice cream

Do you want to make a quick pecan ice cream? We propose a great recipe with only 3 ingredients and ready in 3 minutes.

Thermomix Stuffed Eggs Recipe

Stuffed eggs

Do you need a fresh dish that can be made in advance? Try this recipe for stuffed eggs with tuna. A whole classic!

Easy recipe thermomix pineapple smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie

Looking for a cool summer snack? We propose you this pineapple smoothie. An easy and quick recipe with fruit and dairy.

Kiwi and prawn salad

Do you want to lead a healthy life and need healthy recipes? Try this kiwi and prawn salad, its flavor will convince you.

Cold cucumber and yogurt soup

Do you need a quick, healthy and refreshing recipe? We show you how to prepare a cold cucumber and yogurt soup in 3 minutes.

Light mango ice cream thermomix recipe

Light mango ice cream

Looking for a recipe suitable for diabetics? Here's a refreshing light mango ice cream. Delicious and easy !!

Pineapple foam

To make this pineapple foam made with 4 ingredients you will have a light, refreshing and digestive dessert in less than 5 minutes.

Ice cream jar of orange and lemon

The ice cream jar of orange and lemon is a simple recipe with which you can make ice cream without a refrigerator and with a delicious flavor.

Dalgona brûlée coffee

Café Dalgona brûlée is a delicious and easy version to make with your Thermomix®. Ideal for the afternoons or summer afternoons.

Cherry clafoutis

This cherry clafoutis is ideal to spice up the cherries and to enjoy the best of summer.

Grapefruit and rosemary soda

Grapefruit and rosemary soda will be your favorite summer drink. Ready in less than 1 minute and with a flavor that will quench your thirst.

Rice pudding ice cream

With this delicious rice pudding ice cream you will enjoy a frozen dessert with all the traditional flavor. Recipe with and without refrigerator.

Russian salad with a Japanese touch3

Russian salad with a Japanese touch

This Russian salad with a Japanese touch is spectacular. It's full of flavors and nuances with rice vinegar, Japanese mayonnaise, and nori seaweed. 

Exotic beet gazpacho

Exotic beet gazpacho that will awaken countless flavors on our palate. Ideal to get out of the routine this summer.

Strawberry gazpacho

Strawberry gazpacho

Original and delicious strawberry gazpacho accompanied with a crunchy sheet of Parmesan cheese, ideal as a starter or appetizer.

Cantaloupe Gazpacho

Melon gazpacho is a version of the classic gazpacho. An essential recipe in summer. The step-by-step recipe so that you have 10.


Salmorejo is a traditional recipe of our gastronomy that cannot be absent in summer to refresh ourselves. Easy and healthy

Easy thermomix watermelon gazpacho recipe

Watermelon Gazpacho

The watermelon gazpacho is a perfect option to nourish and refresh yourself on the hottest days. Simple and so fast that it is not lazy.

Cold cucumber and yogurt soup

This cold cucumber and yogurt soup with a crunchy twist is as quick as it is light. Ideal to take care of yourself with Thermomix® in summer.

Easy Recipe Peach and Yogurt Popsicles

Peach Yogurt Popsicles

We show you how to make yogurt and peach popsicles ... you won't be able to resist !! Recipe to cool you down in summer.

Easy recipe thermomix Summer Sangria

Summer sangria

Preparing this summer sangria is a sure hit. So quick to make, so rich and so refreshing that there will be nothing left.

Cold Melon Soup

We show you how to make a simple cold melon soup. Quick and nutritious with which you can cool off in summer.

Easy Thermomix Recipe Cherry Lemonade

Cherry lemonade

We show you how to make a cherry lemonade to enjoy your fruit and cool off on hot afternoons.


Preparing a traditional gazpacho with Thermomix® is a real joy. Simple, nutritious and ideal to beat the summer heat.

recipe desserts thermomix berry sorbet

Berries sorbet

Go ahead and prepare this berry sorbet. It is healthy, natural, refreshing and has all the good things about fruit.

Easy Thermomix Mojito Sorbet Recipe

Mojito sorbet

Do you want to relax for a while with your friends? Make a mojito sorbet to remember the best moments of the summer.

easy recipe thermomix lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

The lemon sorbet is very refreshing, easy to make. This summer refresh yourself naturally with your Thermomix®

Easy recipe Thermomix Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

Preparing this refreshing mango sorbet is simple and very easy to make. And so fast that you will do it in the blink of an eye.

Caramel coffee ice cream

Do you like ice cream and want to make one at home? We show you how to make a spectacular caramel coffee ice cream ... irresistible !!

Thermomix Manjar Imperial Desserts Recipe

Imperial delicacy

This imperial delicacy is ideal to finish any family meal. An exquisite dessert, full of flavor and with a smooth texture.

Tiger nut milk shake

Preparing a natural tiger nut horchata without preservatives is very easy and simple. A healthy drink for any time of the year.

Easy recipe thermomix apricot smoothie

Apricot smoothie

The fruit and dairy based apricot smoothie is a cool snack for hot summer afternoons.

9 recipes to take on excursions

There are empanadas, an omelette, pasta salads ... and also a sweet recipe. Now we just have to decide where we go on an excursion

Easy Recipe Refreshing Cappuccino Thermomix

Refreshing cappuccino

A refreshing cappuccino ready in 3 minutes? Yes, with your Thermomix® everything is possible. A very easy drink to enjoy the heat.

Frozen Yogurt Thermomix Recipe

Yogurt ice cream

Are you an ice cream lover? Then you sure love this yogurt ice cream recipe. An irresistible basic.

Thermomix Recipe Russian Salad

Russian salad

The Russian salad is a summer classic. An easy and rich recipe. Ideal for eating out whether at work, the beach or the pool.

Strawberry ice cream

Preparing this delicious strawberry ice cream has never been so easy and fast. Made with frozen strawberries and Thermomix®.

easy recipe thermomix strawberry lassi

Strawberry lassi

Preparing this delicious strawberry lassi will only take you 2 minutes with your Thermomix. A drink as refreshing as it is easy.

Strawberry custard

Strawberry custard is a new version of the classic dessert with a smooth texture and a delicious strawberry ice cream flavor.

Quick Vegetable Pie

With this quick vegetable cake you will have a starter or a simple garnish that is full of nutrients and color.

Vanilla mousse cake

You can make this vanilla mousse cake in advance. This way you will have a tasty dessert with a velvety texture.

Thermomix wonder cake recipe

Wonder cake

The wonder cake is delicious, full of flavor and the best of all is with Thermomix® it is very easy to make.

Apple and Leek Vichyssoise

Looking for a recipe to cool you down during the summer? Don't resist any more and try this apple vichyssoise. You'll love it.

Curd cake

The curd cake is quick and easy to make with Thermomix. It is also always a success for its fresh taste and texture.

Easy Recipe Thermomix Banana Smoothie

Banana smoothie

The banana smoothie is a great idea for a light snack and for children to drink fruit and milk without realizing it.

Pineapple custard

Preparing these pineapple custards with Thermomix is ​​very simple. You can also enjoy 2 different and equally rich texture.

Gazpacho with plums

It doesn't have a lot of vinegar, garlic, or onion. That is why children like it so much. In addition, the plum gives it a sweet touch that you will like.

Creamy lemon ice cream

This summer enjoy a creamy lemon ice cream made at home with your Thermomix and in a simple way. You can also do it without a refrigerator.

9 cold soups to beat the summer heat

9 cold soups to combat the heat is an essential collection of recipes for the summer made with Thermomix and that cannot be missing from your recipe book.

Lactose-free salted caramel ice cream

With this lactose-free salted caramel ice cream and your Thermomix you can enjoy a 100% refreshing summer. Recipe with refrigerator and without refrigerator.

Tomato wet

With your Thermomix® you can prepare this tomato dip in a matter of minutes. A quick and delicious salad for your healthy dinners.

Peach salmorejo

Peach salmorejo

Creamy and exquisite salmorejo recipe to which we have added a secret ingredient: peach in syrup. It will make it a unique dish!

Rum ice cream with raisins

The rum raisin ice cream is a classic that you cannot miss on your vacation. Prepare it easily at home with your Thermomix.

Sea pate with hard-boiled egg

Very easy sea pâté, full of flavor and with simple ingredients. It has mussels, sardines, mackerel and also two hard-boiled eggs to give it consistency

Nescafe frappé banana and cookies

NESCAFÉ® Frappé banana & cookies

NESCAFÉ® Frappé Banana & Cookies, a perfect recipe to sweeten any afternoon this summer, with vanilla ice cream and a cookie and banana topping.

Tomatoes stuffed with rice

A different way to consume tomatoes this summer: stuffed with basmati rice, with lots of basil, bacon, mozzarella ... and baked.

Super creamy stuffed eggs

Delicious and super creamy eggs filled with a secret ingredient: butter. They will be the best deviled eggs you have ever tasted.

Bean and Sundried Tomato Hummus

With this hummus of beans and dried tomatoes you will have a snack based on legumes, quick and easy to make with your Thermomix.

Cherry jam

Enjoy the flavor of summer with this homemade cherry jam with which you can prepare toast and desserts. Easy to do with Thermomix.

Pear and Gorgonzola Vichyssoise

Pear and gorgonzona vichyssoise

A smooth and delicious cream: pear vichyssoise and gorgonzola cheese. A perfect starter to surprise and with a very original touch.

Cherry ice cream and yogurt

Enjoy the summer with this cherry yogurt ice cream. A creamy dessert, with only 3 ingredients and ready in a few minutes with Thermomix.

Summer sunset juice

The summer sunset juice is a drink that we can make in 2 minutes with Thermomix and that does not help to have a radiant skin in summer.

Smoked salmon and anchovies salad

With this smoked salmon and anchovy salad, you will not be short of ideas for this summer. A recipe for the whole family and very easy to make with Thermomix.

Pasta salad with a tropical touch

Delicious and exotic pasta salad, with chicken, pineapple, corn and pink sauce. A real delight !! And it is perfect to prepare in advance.

Prawn salad

Delicious potato and shrimp salad, perfect as a starter, snack or dinner. Juicy, with different textures and very very easy.

Green Beans Salad

Not all salads have to be lettuce, and today's salads are proof of that. Here green beans and potatoes are the protagonists and if you want to vary the way you prepare green beans or if you want to bring a different salad to the table this is your recipe.

9 sweet recipes with peaches and nectarines

Now is the time to cook with peaches and nectarines. They are at a good price and we can use them in recipes that are consumed immediately or for a compilation that will allow you to get the most out of peaches and nectarines. You will find preserving recipes, desserts, a cake ...

Lemon sorbet with egg white

You cannot let the summer pass without preparing a good homemade lemon sorbet. It is easy to make, inexpensive and you can have it reserved in the freezer and In Thermomix, preparing a sorbet is very simple. We will do it with the following ingredients: lemon, water, sugar and an egg white.

9 refreshing recipes with watermelon

With this compilation with 9 refreshing recipes with watermelon you can prepare with your Thermomix from rich juices, slushies to first dishes or cocktails.

Cream tartlets and figs

With our favorite cookie dough, a cream made in Thermomix and any seasonal fruit we can make a dessert as colorful as this one.

Cold hake cake without oven

Delicious and quick cold hake cake without an oven. A summer recipe made with Thermomix that you will get a lot out of.

Grape Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie

Exquisite combination of grape and vanilla in the form of a frozen, creamy smoothie, with other fruits such as apple and banana, which make it a unique smoothie.

9 refreshing desserts for summer

A sumptuous compilation with 9 desserts. They are quick, simple, inexpensive desserts and, above all, very very refreshing. You will see what a delight!

Chickpeas with thyme

Would you like a vegetable dish adapted to summer? This is how these chickpeas with thyme are, a simple recipe that can be made in advance. Always Prepare this recipe for chickpeas with thyme in your Thermomix is ​​very easy and you can use it as a vegetable salad to eat out.

Banana & Vanilla Milkshake

We continue to beat the heat with delicious frozen shakes, delicious! Today we bring you an impressive vanilla and banana smoothie that is Delicious American style banana smoothie, made with vanilla ice cream, milk and a few drops of lemon. Refreshing, tasty, nutritious and delicious.

Chickpea salad with apple tzatziki

In summer, legume salads are wonderful, easy, delicious, healthy, nutritious ... we can leave them prepared in advance and, in addition, a refreshing chickpea salad and curry vinaigrette accompanied by apple tzatziki sauce. The best way to eat legumes during the summer.

Salmon with piperrada

Steamed salmon accompanied by piperrada, a very interesting option for these hot days. Healthy, healthy and fast.

Squid in paprika sauce

These squid in sauce can be served alone, with boiled potatoes or with pasta. If you serve them alone, don't forget the bread!

Rice salad with apple and nuts

With this rice salad with apple and nuts you will have a nutritious dish, fast with Thermomix. An original proposal and easy to take to work.

Cold vegetable cream with roasted pepper

In summer refresh yourself with this cold cream of vegetables and roasted pepper made with Thermomix. A recipe to take care of yourself, look pretty and stay hydrated.

Red licorice ice cream

With this red liquorice ice cream you will have a dessert for the summer. It has all the flavor of your childhood and a striking color. It is also very easy to do with Thermomix.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The strawberry and banana smoothie is delicious and will provide you with all the good of the fruit. It's fast and refreshing ... don't miss it !! We also tell you its properties and if it serves to lose weight or lose weight.

Salad of octopus Galician

This Galician octopus salad has all the flavor of two great recipes of Spanish gastronomy. Now versioned for Thermomix.

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

All the flavor of the popular Key Lime Pie of American origin in an ice cream with a creaminess and texture of the most refreshing.

Pintxo Donosti

Famous recipe for Pintxo Donosti, made with crab sticks and mayonnaise. Perfect to make a snack in 5 minutes.

Summer fruit pot

A great recipe for the little ones in the house and that the whole family likes. This fruit patio is delicious alone, with yogurt, with ice cream ...

Evaporated milk lactonese

With this evaporated milk lactonese you can enjoy your summer recipes as always without the risk of contamination by salmonellosis.

Apple and bacon salad

This apple and bacon salad is a renewed classic in the summer recipe repertoire. Just as rich but fresher and more original.

Cold cream of yogurt, cucumber and grape

The cold cream of yogurt, cucumber and grape is perfect for the summer. It is refreshing, easy to do with Thermomix and so fast that in less than 3 it will be ready.

Cold orange melon cream

A different starter or starter, easy and quick to prepare, made with melon of the Cantalupo variety. It can be served with slices of Serrano ham.

Lavender lemonade

Delicious and refreshing lavender lemonade that gives us all the good things in lemons and will help us relax and sleep without problems.

Corn and pineapple stuffed eggs

Quick and refreshing eggs filled with corn, tuna and pineapple. Perfect for summer nights because they can be prepared in advance.

Carrot gazpacho

Refreshing carrot gazpacho, ideal as a starter to combat the summer heat. Easy and fast to prepare. Ideal for low-calorie diets.

Melon Ice Cream

Try this simple yogurt and melon "ice cream". Light, refreshing, very easy to prepare and, how could it be otherwise, ... great!

Cheesy mushroom toasts

Would you like some toasts? This time with mushrooms and cheese. We propose a simple and informal dinner, ideal for these summer days.

Tuna salmorejo

Tuna salmorejo. A different way to enjoy this cold soup so characteristic of Andalusian gastronomy. A good remedy to alleviate the heat.

Banana and jam smoothie

A smoothie made with fresh fruit and homemade jam. A refreshing snack loaded with properties, perfect for athletes and children

Black Forest Smoothie

Simple and delicious Selva Negra shake with all the flavor of the famous chocolate and cherry cake. Serve chilled for a perfect summer snack.

Hake and salmon cake

Hake and salmon pie. A fresh way to enjoy all the flavor of our favorite fish pieces by varying the presentation.

Nordic style coleslaw

Refreshing and juicy recipe based on cabbage, potato and a mayonnaise sauce with dill. Perfect for the hottest days.

Pasta with summer vegetables

A pasta recipe made in Thermomix. Made with seasonal vegetables: onion, pepper, eggplant, tomato ... Rich and easy to prepare.

Coke of San Juan

Coca de San Juan. Enjoy all the flavor of this rich dessert typical of Catalan gastronomy. A sweet and delicious snack.

Summer juice for the skin

Summer juice for the skin based on orange, carrot and celery. Delicious, healthy and easy to make with Thermomix. And with only 20 kcal.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Andalusian gazpacho. Discover how to make one of the richest dishes of Andalusian gastronomy in Thermomix. A healthy and nutritious option to refresh yourself.

Eggs stuffed with pate

Preparing eggs stuffed with paté with Thermomix is ​​simple and fast. They can be done in advance and buy time to enjoy yours.

Chocolate rum ice cream

Chocolate ice cream with rum. Discover how easy it is with our Thermomix to make homemade ice creams that can compete with those of the best ice cream parlor.

Pasta with hazelnuts and parsley

Pasta with hazelnuts and parsley

Original, with a lot of flavor and to take inside or outside the home because it can also be served cold. With hazelnuts, parsley, cheese ... loaded with properties!

Varoma pepper salad

Varoma pepper salad. A peculiar version of the traditional oven roasted pepper salad. You will love its flavor.

Sanitized mayonnaise

Sanitized mayonnaise sauce, subjected to a cooking process close to pasteurization, which reduces the risk of contamination by salmonellosis.

Orange and chocolate mousse

Romantic and delicate orange mousse with chocolate chips. Ideal to surprise on Valentine's Day or to finish a meal with a good dessert.

Chicken salad with pineapple

Tasty and exotic salad made with chicken and pineapple and complemented with pasta, egg, green leaves and pink sauce. Ideal as a single dish.

Gazpacho for children

A version of the traditional gazpacho, adapted to the needs and tastes of younger children. Ideal as a starter for lunch and dinner.

Melon mojito

The melon mojito is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink with which to enjoy the summer. It is also very easy to do with Thermomix.

Acai poles

Acai popsicles are perfect for the summer as they refresh, hydrate and nourish us with antioxidants. Making them at home never so easy.

Beans with pesto sauce

This pesto salad will be ready in 10 minutes. An original way to eat legumes in summer and with all the flavor of homemade pesto sauce.

Steamed cockles with lime

A spectacular, really simple and very colorful appetizer: steamed cockles with lime sauce cooked in Thermomix

Summer cannelloni with pickled tuna

To make these summer cannelloni with pickled tuna we don't need to turn on the oven. They are also light because they do not have béchamel sauce.

Pea and mushroom soup

We teach you how to prepare a simple and healthy cream of peas and mushrooms that can be taken both hot and cold.

Microwave brownie

Simple chocolate cake that is prepared in a Thermomix and cooked in the microwave in 10 minutes. The summer cake, easy and without oven.

Dulce de leche ice cream

Enjoy the summer with this dulce de leche ice cream. The ideal dessert or snack. Doing it at home has never been so easy with our Thermomix.

9 cold dishes for the summer

The best 9 cold dishes for this summer with your thermomix, which you can leave prepared and ready to drink when you come from the beach or the pool.