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Cabrales scallops

Cabrales scallops

Delicious and tender pork scallops with Cabrales cheese sauce. A perfect main dish for cheese lovers.



Meatballs are a tasty recipe that you can make comfortably with Thermomix and with which you will always succeed in the kitchen.

Lean with tomatoes

Lean with tomato, delicious pork cubes stewed in tomato sauce. Perfect second course with an irresistible sauce.

Sausages to the wine

Sausages in white wine

Sausages in white wine are easy to make and with Thermomix you will have them ready in less than 30 minutes.

Vacuum-cooked chicken luncheon

With this vacuum-cooked chicken luncheon and without artificial colors or preservatives, you can make incredible sandwiches and sandwiches.

Chicken raxo in airfryer

Discover how to make chicken raxo in an airfryer, A healthy, quick and simple recipe for light dinners

Spiced crumbs with barbecue meat

BBQ Beef Spiced Crumbs

Utilization recipe for barbecue meat: delicious traditional crumbs with a touch of spices.

Chicken, ham and olive cakes

With these chicken, ham and olive cakes and your varoma you can prepare a quick and delicious dinner for the whole family.

Cheeks with cava

Cava cheeks are a simple recipe ideal for the Christmas menu and for special celebrations where you want to look good.

Beef stew with beer

To prepare this beer stew you can use the one you like the most. Each one will give a different flavor to the sauce.

Chicken and apple meatballs

Fancy a juicy plate that you can easily take to the office? Try these Chicken Apple Meatballs. You will not regret!

Callos a la madrileña

Do you like traditional recipes? Then you have to try these Madrid-style tripe. An exquisite bite of Spanish gastronomy.

Madrid stew

Madrid stew is a complete dish with soup, legumes, vegetables that is accompanied by different types of meat, chorizo ​​and blood sausage.

Greek mousaka

Do you want to prepare a recipe for the whole family? Try this Greek mousaka with layers of meat, tomato sauce and eggplant ... delicious!

Chilindrón chicken

With this simple recipe for chilindrón chicken you will enjoy all the flavor of its mushroom-based sauce.

Chicken Galantine

Do you want to enjoy the aperitif but without adding too many calories? Make this chicken and vegetable galantine. It will surprise you!

thermomix recipe chicken breast in sauce

Chicken breast in sauce

Have you organized a morning at the beach and want to leave your food ready? Try this recipe for chicken breast in sauce.

Thermomix recipe Orange chicken breast

Orange chicken breast

In this delicious recipe, orange chicken has a smooth combination of flavors. A quick and very practical dish for dinner.

Chicken to the beer

With this beer chicken recipe you will have a delicious dinner for the whole family. And the best of all is that it cooks almost by itself.

Thermomix recipe Chicken with fine herbs

Chicken with herbs

Do you like light recipes? Try this chicken with herbs. The meat is juicy and the sauce is delicious.

Cream chicken

With this cream chicken you will have a simple and easy recipe for the whole family. And with a sauce that is a temptation.

Liver with onions

With this recipe for liver onions you can enjoy all the flavor of the offal prepared easily and simply.

Thermomix Lasagna recipe


Lasagna with bolognese sauce and béchamel is an ideal recipe for a family meal that you can make in advance and even freeze.

Creamy rabbit

This rabbit cream recipe is ideal to enjoy a simple recipe, full of flavor and low in fat.

Chicken gratin pie

The chicken pie au gratin with tomato and cheese is a rich and simple recipe perfect to brand new your Thermomix®

Thermomix Recipe Saxony Chops with Olives

Saxon chops with olives

Saxony chops with olives is a recipe that you will have ready in 20 minutes and with a sauce so rich that you will love it.

English-style stewed beef1

Irish Style Beef Stew

Juicy and flavorful Irish-style braised beef with Guinness-style beer, cooked with great care over low heat

Stewed beef with quince and apple

A different meat stew thanks to the sweetness that the fruit provides. It can be served with white rice, with couscous or with potatoes.

Chicken with almonds

This chicken with almonds is a simple, exquisite recipe with a divine sauce that you can easily prepare with Thermomix.

Indian chicken curry soup

Indian Chicken Curry Soup is a quick dish, full of flavor and ideal as a single dish due to its nutritional balance.

Lemon turkey breasts

Discover how to make lemon turkey breasts easily with Thermomix. A rich and easy recipe for your dinners.

Christmas roast knuckle

Christmas roast knuckle

Beer roasted knuckle with potatoes, a very easy and really delicious German style dish, juicy and tasty.

Christmas thermomix recipe Suckling pig in two cooks

Suckling pig in two boils

With this recipe for suckling pig in two cooks made in Thermomix, you will look like a real chef to your guests.

Meat and pate cannelloni

These rich cannelloni of meat and pate are ideal for when we have many guests to eat. They can be done in advance.

Thermomix recipe Stuffed chicken fillet

Stuffed chicken fillet

This delicious stuffed chicken tenderloin is prepared quickly and easily by cooking in levels in Thermomix.

Iberian sirloin with mustard

The best thing about this Iberian sirloin with mustard is its creamy sauce that we will make with Thermomix and that we can use with other meats.

Thermomix recipe Chicken broth

Chicken soup

Prepare an authentic chicken broth has never been so easy with Thermomix. A recipe that will serve as a base for soups and stews.

thermomix recipe stuffed aubergines

Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed aubergines is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix and a dish so complete that you can use it as a single dish.

Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets made with Thermomix can be presented as an aperitif or as a second dish accompanied by a rich salad.

Cooked croquettes

This recipe for cooked croquettes is perfect to make good use of leftovers and not throw anything away. They can also be frozen.

cabbage millefeuille

Cabbage millefeuille

An original millefeuille layered with julienned cabbage stuffed with delicious seasoned minced meat and cream sauce.

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce

Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce are one of those light and easy recipes to make with Thermomix and that you can serve any day of the week.

Russian chicken fillets

In Thermomix we will chop the ingredients and mix everything. Then we will only have to form our fillets, coat them and pass them through the pan.

Chicken masala

Chicken masala

Simple masala style chicken makes quick and is really tasty. A different, exotic and very simple food. 

Cheeks with apple sauce

With these cheeks with apple sauce you can enjoy as a family with a delicious and simple dish thanks to your Thermomix.

Riojan loin

With your Thermomix you can easily prepare this tasty Riojan tenderloin. Ready in less than 30 minutes and effortless.

Stewed meat with peppers

A traditional meat stew with peppers, onion, white wine ... Irresistible! We will do it in Thermomix following a few simple steps.

Chicken stew with mustard

A flavorful stew with two protagonists: chicken breast and dijon mustard. Also take potatoes and carrots. We will do it in Thermomix.

Meat with cava and apple sauce

We are going to cook in a Thermomix a piece of beef called shoulder of approximately 1 kilo. We will serve it with a great cava and apple sauce

Bourguignon cheeks

These bourguignon cheeks are a delicious and flavorful recipe that you can prepare with Thermomix during the Christmas holidays.

Meatballs with Parmesan sauce

They are cooked in the oven and are accompanied by a delicious Parmesan sauce. These meatballs with raisins are a good starter for these holidays.

coronation chicken

Coronation chicken

The crowning chicken recipe in which we mix roast chicken with a creamy sauce based on mayonnaise, yogurt and curry. Delicious to fill and spread. 

Pork cheeks stewed with honey

Pork cheeks braised with honey sauce, tender and juicy. A perfect second course to accompany with french fries, bakers or the poor thing.

Chorizo ​​croquettes

These chorizo ​​croquettes are delicious. We will prepare the dough in Thermomix and we will shape them with a pastry bag. You have everything in a video!

Cooked meat fritters

An original recipe made with a kind of bread dough and fried in plenty of oil. It can be served with our favorite sauce.

Chicken and cashew nuggets

Preparing some nuggets at home with good ingredients doesn't cost that much. Today we will make them from chicken, cashews and dried tomatoes. And then ... baked!

Turkey and vegetable cold cuts

The cold meat of turkey and vegetables made with Thermomix is ​​very simple. In a few steps you will have a meat recipe ready for a light dinner.

Chicken, zucchini and carrot cold cuts

With this cold meat of chicken, zucchini and carrot made in the varoma of your Thermomix you will have a cold dish for your dinners or more informal parties.

BBQ meat croquettes

A great use recipe with which we can enjoy delicious barbecue-flavored croquettes. We will make the dough in Thermomix.

Beef with peppers

This recipe for beef with peppers is great because it cooks almost on its own and in less than 30 minutes you have an oriental-style dish ready.

Meatloaf with chicken and nuts

With this meatloaf with chicken and nuts you will have a perfect dish for your informal or buffet dinners. So useful that you can do it the day before.

Meatballs in walnut and cheese sauce1

Meatballs in walnut sauce

Exquisite pork meatballs accompanied by a soft and delicate sauce of walnuts and cheese. Creamy, tasty and delicious! 

chicken fingers

Look at how these chicken fingers are prepared that we have called chicken fingers at home. Children like them a lot and also the elderly.

Jamie Oliver-style Bolognese Sauce

Today we show you how to prepare the Jamie Oliver-style Bolognese sauce. A new version just as easy as the traditional one but with more flavor ... ¿te A new version of the bolognese sauce Jamie Oliver style. Just as versatile and easy to do with your Thermomix with which you can prepare delicious dishes.

Turkey stew with mushrooms

Get ready to indulge with this turkey and mushroom casserole. It has such a smooth and delicious sauce that it goes well with everything.

White ragout

Today we show you how to prepare a white ragout in an easy way that you can use in lasagna or in rich pasta dishes. The white ragout or, what is the same, the white ragout is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix that allows you to enjoy authentic pasta dishes, lasagna and other preparations.

Garden style chicken

Pollo a la jardinera, a traditional stew par excellence, juicy, tasty and full of color. Ideal to freeze or prepare well in advance.

Chicken and paprika croquettes

We love chicken croquettes. And with the return to school they cannot be missing in the freezer. Once made and frozen they are the "wild card" dinner, the one that The perfect dinner for the little ones: chicken croquettes. We teach you how to prepare them in Thermomix and give you some advice for their conservation.

Turkey stew Provençal

Get ready to enjoy a unique and complete dish with this Provencal turkey stew that is also made with a variety of vegetables. You already know that with this Provencal turkey stew you will have a rich and balanced recipe with lean meat and vegetables that your whole family will like.

Lamb meat croquettes

When meat is left over at home, we usually use it to make croquettes. It is the perfect excuse. In this case we have made them with roasted shoulder, so we teach you how to prepare exquisite croquettes made with lamb meat in Thermomix. An aperitif of use and, at the same time, of luxury.

Chicken with yogurt and cheese sauce

In this recipe we are going to cook the chicken in the container and on the varoma tray. In this way we will obtain a light meat and we will ensure a light, simple and very summery recipe. It can be served as a salad or to fill wraps, fajitas ... As always, made in Thermomix

Chicken with sherry wine

A different chicken stew, with lots of chopped onion and a touch of sweet wine. Don't forget the raisins, they look great here.

Marinated ribs in double cooking

Delicious and juicy pork ribs, with a Cajun-style marinade, prepared with double cooking (steamed and baked). Ideal as a main course.

Chicken croquette

The recipe for chicken croquettes to make them crispy and creamy. One of the recipes of use par excellence. Try them !!


Some different burgers for having cheese among its ingredients. They are also cooked in the varoma container, in a short time and without staining too much.

Honey Ribs

These honey ribs are made almost alone in Thermomix. While she cooks a delicious recipe, you can spend time on other things.

Chicken stew with mushrooms

Stew or soup? I don't know what name to give this dish ... Try it and help me decide :) What I do have is clear is that it is made with mushrooms and chicken, which is very simple and is very tasty.

Crispy Chicken Corn Wrap

Juicy and crispy chicken and corn wraps, toasted on the strength and honeyed on the inside, full of flavor. They are ideal for a dinner or a snack with friends. It's delicious!

Meatballs with piquillo sauce

Exquisite meatballs, tender and juicy, steamed in the basket with the aroma of a delicious piquillo pepper sauce. A perfect main course.

Gardener Meatballs

A classic beef classic, but this time with a different presentation: garden meatballs. Perfect as a main dish and great as an option in our freezer. Perfect for the little ones in the house.

Lamb to the huntress

With this lamb hunter recipe you will have a simple and easy recipe for Christmas. You can also do it in advance.

Grandma's meatballs, a classic

Grandma's classic meatballs, made with onion, garlic and carrot. Delicious and very easy to prepare. Perfect for freezing.

Chicken with tomato

A recipe for the whole family that you can take to the table with white rice, pasta or potatoes. A different way to prepare chicken in Thermomix.

Chicken in pepitoria

Chicken in pepitoria. One of the most delicious ways to cook this poultry meat with the most traditional flavors and a delicious texture.

Chicken breast curry

Curried turkey breast

Curried turkey breast. A low-fat dish accompanied by a very light sauce where onion and soy are the stars.

Chicken mince patty

Delicious empanada made with minced chicken meat. The dough is also homemade and allows a braiding that will make our plate, in addition to being good, beautiful.

Marinated chicken and mango couscous

Marinated chicken and mango couscous. An exotic and delicious dish where we combine sweet and savory ingredients to make a complete and healthy delicacy.

Meat alla pizzaiola

Carne alla pizzaiola is a quick and easy recipe to make with Thermomix. Discover how to prepare tender and juicy veal fillets in 20 minutes.

Meat flowers

Flowers of minced meat, raisins, dried apricots, plums and pine nuts. The cheese, the ham and the meat cover everything and some cuts give it that flower shape.

Sirloin steak with grape sauce

With these sirloins with grape sauce you will succeed this Christmas. Easy and quick to do with Thermomix. You can also make the sauce in advance.

Burgers with wurstel for kids

Flavorful burgers made with pork and wurstel sausage. They can be presented with salad, potatoes or on a hamburger bun.

Grilled chicken

Juicy and delicious roast chicken in thermomix, ideal to share with the family. Convenient and easy, this recipe is perfect for beginners.

Potato and meat croquettes

Great use recipe and another dinner idea for the whole family: potato and meat croquettes. Same name but different from the traditional ones.

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds. A very simple, accessible and healthy recipe that will make us enjoy the oriental flavor by controlling the seasonings.

Crumbs with anise and fried egg

We teach you how to prepare a traditional dish of crumbs with anise in your Thermomix. The machine even facilitates the work of slicing the bread.

Red sausage with onion

Red sausage recipe with a rich onion and beer sauce. Perfect as an aperitif or second course, they allow you to cook potatoes al varoma.

Chicken nuggets for kids

Irresistible chicken nuggets perfect for the little ones in the house. They look like the McDonalds but ours are homemade.

Pork burgers

We teach you how to make homemade hamburgers in Thermomix, preparing the minced meat ourselves. Ideal for young and old.

Lemon Chicken Koftas

Lemon chicken koftas are low in calories and have a very original presentation. Discover how to do them without complications.

Grilled Chicken Croquettes for TM5

Exquisite homemade roast chicken croquettes, to be prepared in the new TM5. Ideal as a snack or aperitif accompanied by a good tomato salad.

Baby meat dumplings

Healthy and tasty meatballs made with special meat for babies. They are light, easy to chew and can be served with mashed potatoes.

Skewers marinated with spices

Preparing some of these rich skewers marinated with spices is very simple. We show you how to do it quickly with Thermomix.

Potatoes stewed with lamb

Simple main dish of stewed potatoes made in Thermomix. A traditional and easy to prepare dish that will be ready in 30 minutes

Chicken and broccoli curry

An exotic recipe for chicken with curry sauce accompanied by steamed broccoli. Ideal for healthy diets and tupperware food.

The 9 best chicken recipes

The 9 best recipes to prepare chicken with Thermomix, which will give you ideas to cook this ingredient in a different and fun way.

Croquettes with paprika

Shall we make some different croquettes? These have a little paprika in the dough that adds flavor and color. Do you dare to try them?

Moorish dumplings

Today I present you some Moorish-style dumplings, which, as you will see from the photo, are a bit improvised. Suddenly, we were almost invited

Pringle garlic Manchego

The famous Manchego Ajopringue is similar to a pork pate that is ideal for spreading on bread. It is a good starter or appetizer.