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quinoa nachos

With this quinoa nachos recipe you can enjoy healthy and gluten-free appetizers for the whole family.

strawberry lemonade

strawberry lemonade

Delicious and refreshing strawberry lemonade, an ideal drink to combat hot days, to hydrate and continue taking care of your weight.

vegan French toast

With these vegan French toast, without eggs and without milk, you can enjoy the traditional flavor of Easter following your usual diet.

Plantain chips in airfryer

Plantain chips in airfryer

Delicious and crunchy green plantain chips in an airfryer, an absolutely addictive snack to take at any time of the day.

Mushroom and potato soup

A delicious, creamy and very aromatic soup made with assorted mushrooms and potatoes. Ideal as a first course on cold days. 

Lentils With Vegetables

Lentils With Vegetables

With Thermomix we will have in a short time and without effort some delicious lentils with vegetables, soft and perfect for the whole family. Do you want to know how? Discover this simple recipe for lentils with vegetables.

Parsnip chips in airfryer2

Parsnip Chips in Airfryer

Some amazing parsnip chips that we will cook in the air fryer in less than 15 minutes. Nutritious, healthy and absolutely addictive. 

Hemp milk

Discover how to make hemp milk at home in a simple way and enjoy a rich and nutritious drink.

Matcha tea lemonade

Matcha tea lemonade. A refreshing drink, full of flavor, original, colorful and delicious that you can prepare in less than 5 minutes.

Buckwheat with mushrooms and walnuts

With this recipe for buckwheat with mushrooms and walnuts you will have a dish full of nutrients and vitamins suitable for everyone in record time.

Lentil dhal (lentil curry)

Dish inspired by Indian cuisine: red lentil curry, with coconut milk and curry. For lovers of exotic and vegan cuisine. 


We will prepare this rich ardorío with tomatoes, peppers and bread. A simple recipe that we can prepare in advance.

Candied cherry tomatoes

With this very simple recipe you will have some candied cherry tomatoes ready to enjoy with salads, pasta dishes or as a garnish.

Pumpkin candy

With this pumpkin candy you can prepare fantastic cheese boards and other sweet and savory dishes.

Gypsy pot thermomix recipe

Gypsy pot

Do you like stews and stews? Be sure to try this gypsy pot, a stew made with vegetables and legumes.

Zucchini and apple jam

The zucchini and apple jam is ideal to take advantage of the harvest from your garden and enjoy the combination of fruits and vegetables.

Catalan spinach thermomix recipe

Catalonian spinach

Dinner in less than 10 minutes? Yes, with your Thermomix® you can prepare this vegan Catalan spinach recipe.

Apricot gazpacho

Apricot gazpacho is a fruity version as refreshing and easy to make as the traditional recipe.

Rice with olives

Bored of the typical rice dish? Try this recipe where rice is combined with green and black olives.

Dalgona brûlée coffee

Café Dalgona brûlée is a delicious and easy version to make with your Thermomix®. Ideal for the afternoons or summer afternoons.

Easy thermomix watermelon gazpacho recipe

Watermelon Gazpacho

The watermelon gazpacho is a perfect option to nourish and refresh yourself on the hottest days. Simple and so fast that it is not lazy.


Preparing a traditional gazpacho with Thermomix® is a real joy. Simple, nutritious and ideal to beat the summer heat.

Apple and walnut bread

With this apple and walnut bread you will have a different vegan alternative to enjoy a special breakfast.

Baked tomato soup2

Roasted tomato soup

A soup of tomato and vegetables roasted in the oven. It is very easy and its flavor is unmistakable. Also very suitable as a low calorie food. 

Mushrooms in sauce

Recipe for mushrooms in sauce is a vegan starter, rich and very easy to make. With this step-by-step recipe you will suck your fingers.

Thermomix recipe Lemon artichokes

Lemon artichokes

Lemon artichokes is a healthy and light recipe that will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet in a simple way.

Thermomix Mediterranean Rice recipe

Mediterranean rice

Mediterranean rice is a vegan recipe with a mild and delicious flavor. With which you will succeed especially if you prepare it with Thermomix.

Brown rice with spinach

Brown rice with spinach is a simple dish to make with Thermomix and ideal to eat at work or at school.

Easy recipe thermomix vegetable soup

Vegetable soup

This vegetable soup is a vegan dish, which will help you control weight and make your dinners healthier and healthier.

Pumpkin butter

This pumpkin butter has spicy notes, it is delicious with any type of bread and it is very easy to make with Thermomix.

Textured soy ragout

Discover how to make a delicious textured soy ragout with Thermomix. A simple, rich and ready recipe in 25 minutes.

Easy thermomix recipe Leeks with potatoes

Leeks with potatoes

Did you know that these leeks with potatoes are an ideal recipe for a healthy vegan dinner that is ready in less than 25 minutes?

Aubergine black pudding

The aubergine black pudding is a vegan appetizer that you can make the day before and that is made almost alone with your Thermomix.

Thermomix recipe chard with potatoes

Swiss chard with potatoes

Swiss chard with potatoes is a healthy and light recipe that is great for dinner and that you can make easily with Thermomix.

Eggplant dip

It has aubergine, onion and also a clove of garlic. Great as a dip, as an accompaniment to any pasta and as a filling for an empanada.

Vegan cheese with fine herbs

Enjoying a homemade vegan cheese with fine herbs is very simple, especially if we help ourselves with Thermomix to do it.

homemade aioli

Basic recipe: aioli

The aioli, aioli or ajoaceite is a traditional sauce of Mediterranean cuisine, based on garlic, oil and, at least in the Valencian version, egg yolk,

Marinated zucchini and eggplant

Delicious and versatile. So are these vegetables. They are steamed and then marinated with a kind of celery, garlic and chilli vinaigrette.

chana masala1

Chana Masala, chickpea curry

Chana masala, spectacular chickpea curry accompanied with basmati rice. An incredible dish full of flavor from India.

Caramelized onion hummus

Caramelized onion hummus

Caramelized onion hummus is simply delicious. It's easy, it's delicious and it's perfect to accompany vegetables or toast.

Nut milk

Enjoy making your own nut milk with your Thermomix. A healthy, homemade drink, without preservatives or colorings.

Spiced chickpea snack

With this healthy and homemade spiced chickpea snack it will be easier for you to eat a varied diet without having to give up snacks.

Nutritious Hazelnut Cookies

With these delicious nutritious hazelnut cookies you will have a delicious homemade snack ready to take at any time of the day.

Turnip cream

With this cream of turnip greens you will enjoy a spoonful dish full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and a recipe full of flavor.

Simple red cabbage garnish

In about 30 minutes we will have a colorful garnish of red cabbage. Perfect to accompany meats and fish and to enrich sandwiches and sandwiches.

Vegan pumpkin custard

These vegan pumpkin custard made with Thermomix couldn't be faster, cheaper and lighter. The dessert for the whole family.

Halloween Imp Pills

With these pills for imp you can prepare a Halloween party much healthier than with industrial sweets. Actually,…

Lentil and vegetable soup

With the arrival of autumn, dishes like those of today are tempting, warm. In our YouTube community you suggested us a ...

Zucchini cream with natural tomato

Easy to prepare, smooth and with a great texture. This is this healthy zucchini cream that we will prepare in Thermomix and serve with natural tomato

Beetroot hummus

Colorful pink hummus, made with beets and chickpeas. A different hummus, very special, tasty and delicate.

Aubergine and cashew pate

An easy vegan pate to prepare if we use our food processor. It has eggplant, cashews, garlic, yogurt, cumin ...

Crispy carrot salad

This crispy carrot salad is quick, easy to make with Thermomix and very convenient to eat at the office or take to the beach this summer.

Avocado and tahini dip

Amazing avocado and tahini dip. The creaminess of the avocado and the tahini make it a unique dish. Ready in less than 5 minutes.

Sauce without tomato

This tomato-free sauce can be used like the traditional one to make recipes full of color and flavor. Ready in a few minutes with your Thermomix.

Vegan lemon curd

With this recipe for vegan lemon curd you can use it to make desserts, cookies or cakes with authentic lemon flavor.

Pickled purple onions

Pickled blackberry onions is a very simple preserve to make with Thermomix and that you can use to accompany countless recipes.

Asparagus and spinach cream

Light, soft, eye-catching and full of properties. This is how this asparagus cream is, which is also really delicious. We will do it in Thermomix.

Pesto hummus

Delicious and creamy pesto hummus, colorful and tasty, ideal to dip with friends and surprise with a new flavor.

Vegan coconut flan

With this vegan coconut flan you will enjoy an easy, simple, light dessert suitable for vegans and lactose and egg free diets.

Sweet potato and apple cream

The sweet potato and apple cream is a simple recipe to make with Thermomix and that, in addition, will help you regulate your hours of sleep.

Pear and quince jam1

Pear and quince jam

Great recipe for pear and quince jam, with a touch of cinnamon. Perfect to accompany cream cheese, soft or fresh cheese toasts.

Cashew Nut Butter Spread

With this cashew nut spread you will have a smooth and easy to spread base for your favorite toasts. A simple, vegan and very nutritious cream.

Quince sweet with brown sugar1

The best quince paste in the world

The richest quince jelly recipe in the world, with just the right touch of sweetness and the perfect texture. Ideal to drink with cheeses. 

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs

Vegan quinoa and mushroom meatballs is a healthy and easy-to-make recipe that will allow you to return to a healthy life and enjoy the flavor.


Morrococo or "chick peas dizzy"

Chickpea hummus made in Jaen, known as Morrococo, Garbanzos Mareaos or Puchero Mareao. A really tasty and simple starter or snack. 

Vegan menu for Christmas

With this vegan menu for Christmas you will have easy, delicious and animal-friendly recipes. A detail that many will thank you for.

BBQ popcorn

This weekend we have a home theater session and nothing better to accompany the movie than some barbecue popcorn. They are a real vice and it is that it is Enjoy some authentic barbecue popcorn, the homemade snack full of flavor, easy and quick to prepare for your movie sessions.

Mushroom and walnut ragout

I've been making this mushroom and walnut ragout at home for months. It is a vegan version that has a fantastic flavor and texture and the more I make it the more Delicious mushroom and walnut ragout. A healthy and healthy vegan version, easy to make and that you can use in the same recipes.

Orange tahini cookies

At home we take advantage of the weekend to bake delicious things like these tahini and orange cookies. We love to treat ourselves to little ones at snack time. These orange tahini cookies are perfect for giving yourself a tasty treat at snack time. Quick and easy to do.

Quince sweet without sugar and with agar agar

This recipe for sugar-free quince jelly with agar-agar was already a classic on my to-do list. And it is not because I did not lend you Delicious Quince Fudge without sugar and with agar agar that will make you enjoy the traditional flavors again without worrying about the calories.

Vegan panellets covered with chocolate

With these vegan chocolate covered panellets you will discover that it is simple and fun to prepare traditional recipes for All Saints and Deceased. These vegan panellets are easy to prepare with Thermomix and allow you to savor the traditional desserts of All Saints and All Souls Day.

Vegan Parmesan

I am in love with this Vegan Parmesan recipe made with just 4 ingredients and ready in 3 seconds. This is how fast and easy it is to prepare this recipe with delicious vegan parmesan ready in just 3 seconds and with only 4 ingredients. Its flavor is so delicious that you will want to use it in all your dishes.

Sautéed zucchini

You will like today's recipe if you like vegetables "al dente" since both the zucchini and the leek are cooked for only ten minutes. It has garlic -no If you like verdua al dente and with a lot of flavor, try these zucchini: a simple recipe, with few ingredients and with an intense flavor.

Pumpkin and mushroom soup

With this pumpkin and mushroom cream you can enjoy the best of autumn and with only 122 calories. Take care of yourself with Thermomix.

Kale and avocado cream

Take advantage of all that is good about this kale and avocado cream. A recipe with only 100 calories, healthy and easy to make with Thermomix.

Walnut and mushroom pate

With this walnut and mushroom pâté you can get ahead of autumn and enjoy an easy vegan appetizer to make with Thermomix.

Detox balls with matcha tea

Enjoy taking care of yourself with these detox balls with matcha tea, a healthy and healthy way to kill hunger, without regrets and without ruining your diet. Enjoy with these detox balls with macha tea a healthy, quick snack, easy to make and transport on your getaways.

Carrots and endive garnish

An original garnish for any meat, egg or fish dish. With carrots, an endive and sweet wine. As always, very easy with Thermomix.

Carrot and ginger cream

Delicious carrot and ginger cream, with great nuances and flavor! A perfect first course for lunch and dinner. Healthy, tasty and light.

Eggplants with tomato in Thermomix

Eggplant with tomato

It serves as a first course and also as a garnish. We will have it ready in about half an hour and it is really tasty. You have to try it!

Carrot and strawberry cream

A different carrot cream with strawberries among its ingredients. We make it in a Thermomix in less than 50 minutes and we serve it with paprika oil.

Spicy edamame snack

With this spicy edamame snack you will have a fun appetizer with all the flavor of the East. It is also easy to make and has few calories.

matcha latte

An original and different drink: matcha latte, milk flavored with Japanese matcha green tea. Ideal as a hot or cold drink. Sweet, tasty and full-bodied.

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums. A vegetable dish where we include fruits to intensify the flavor of the stew, providing a sweet and delicious touch.

Apple chips

An irresistible snack, aperitif or even dessert for young and old. Sweet, crunchy, homemade ... You have to try it!

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream. The most delicious way to consume greens and vegetables in winter. A recipe that will make us warm with the best flavor.

Cabbage with pear, raisins and walnuts

A sautéed cabbage but with pears and raisins. A vegan recipe loaded with flavor and properties. Add some nuts at the end, you will see how good they are.

Sautéed grelos

A simple dish with a vegetable that is now at its best: turnip greens. We explain how to choose them, their properties and how they can be cooked in Thermomix.

Stewed lentils with cauliflower

A perfect stew to include vegetables and legumes in our diet: stewed lentils with cauliflower. Easy, inexpensive and very healthy.

Steamed vegetables with almond sauce

With these steamed vegetables with almond sauce you will have a vegan, healthy and light dinner. Taking care of yourself with Thermomix is ​​very easy.

Eggplant sauce for pasta

A vegetarian, vegan and perfect recipe for lovers of healthy food. It is served with pasta but the aubergine is the protagonist.


Classic bread dough to make baguettes, a delicate, soft and perfect loaf to accompany our meals.

Zucchini bechamel for diet

With this zucchini bechamel for diet you can enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about calories. Suitable for vegans and celiacs.

Breaded cauliflower

Thanks to this recipe we will turn the cauliflower florets into irresistible bites. It is a delicious batter that also does not contain an egg.

Omelette without egg

Here you will find all the tricks to make an omelette without eggs with Thermomix. A recipe totally suitable for vegans and egg intolerant.

Date paste

With this date paste you can sweeten your favorite recipes in a healthy and healthy way. Discover how to make it with Thermomix.

Risotto curry with coconut milk

Risotto curry with coconut milk. An exotic and delicious rice that we will have in a moment. Very different ingredients that combine perfectly.

Rice with natural tomato

Rice with natural tomato. A quick and easy way to prepare a nutritious and complete dish in a matter of minutes. Eat well without effort.

Energy balls without nuts

These nut-free energy balls have a delicious chocolate flavor. So easy and quick to do that even the little ones can help you.

Mushroom gratin casseroles

Delicious mushroom casseroles au gratin with soft quinoa béchamel. A totally vegan dish suitable for coeliacs.

Creamy vegan rice

Juicy and creamy vegan rice made with tri-colored peppers, celery, carrot and red onion. Ready in just 25 minutes.

Chocolate mousse with aquafaba

Egg-free chocolate mousse! It is made with aquafaba and has an irresistible flavor. You have to try it, it is a real discovery.

Indian style rice

Exotic and tasty Indian style rice, with all the flavor of spices and the contrast of textures of nuts. Ideal as a main course.

Miso, the source of flavor

Find out why you have to consume miso. All the information about its properties, textures, colors, flavors and benefits.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Andalusian gazpacho. Discover how to make one of the richest dishes of Andalusian gastronomy in Thermomix. A healthy and nutritious option to refresh yourself.

Varoma pepper salad

Varoma pepper salad. A peculiar version of the traditional oven roasted pepper salad. You will love its flavor.

Japanese cucumber salad

Cucumber salad with Japanese dressing, ideal as an express accompaniment to rice, pasta or fish. Ready in less than 10 minutes!

Broccoli and apple cream

With a perfect texture and a mild flavor, this is this broccoli and apple cream that you can serve with toasted bread and a little parsley.

Olives and almonds pate

Would you like a different aperitif? Prepare with your Thermomix a pate of green olives and almonds, it will surely triumph!

Grapefruit and apple juice

Healthy and refreshing juice made from grapefruit with orange and apple. A pump of vitamins and nutrients for our body

Healthy breakfast shake in 1 minute

Express healthy smoothie for breakfast with banana and oatmeal, when we don't have time to have breakfast in the morning. In less than 2 minutes it will be ready.

Burmese tofu or chickpea tofu

Enjoy at home with this recipe for Burmese tofu based on chickpeas. Simple, smooth and that you can use in countless preparations.

Red beans with Mexican flavor

Exquisite and tasty stew of red beans, cooked with vegetables and seasoned with an authentic Mexican flavor: spices and mole.

Sweet and sour leek garnish

A different garnish for your best meat and fish dishes. Bittersweet in flavor, the leek garnish is ideal on burgers and sandwiches

Quinoa béchamel

Quinoa béchamel is a healthy alternative, without wheat and without cow's milk, quick to make with Thermomix and that you can use in croquettes and lasagna.


Very simple mushrooms

Very easy. Only with oil, garlic and parsley can we cook delicious mushrooms in Thermomix. We will have them ready in less than 20 minutes.

Mango-tango juice

Mango-tango juice is a delicious fruit drink that will keep us hydrated at any time of the year. Prepare it quickly with Thermomix

Simple and traditional porrusalda

Preparing a Thermomix porrusalda has never been easier. This traditional recipe is quick, inexpensive and will take the cold out of the body.

Lentils with zucchini

Soft, nutritious and delicious lentils with zucchini and other vegetables. An inexpensive and very simple dish to make with Thermomix.

Tapenade with chocolate

With this recipe for chocolate tapenade you will surprise your guests this Christmas, an appetizer that is easy to make and ready in a few minutes.

Chestnut cream

This chestnut cream is ideal for our Christmas menu. A starter is easy, simple and can be done in advance.

Chickpea and sweet potato stew

Discover how to prepare a chickpea and sweet potato stew with your Thermomix. A healthy, healthy dish ready in 30 minutes.

Brussels sprouts salad

Delicious salad made with brussels sprouts, rice, parmesan, walnuts ... healthy ingredients and loaded with properties.

Aubergine and mushroom pate

This aubergine and mushroom pate is smooth and delicious. Made with vegetables and suitable for vegans, celiacs and those allergic to eggs and milk.

Chickpea cream

Simple and fast cooked chickpea cream prepared in Thermomix. With a perfect texture, like all the creams we make with our machine.

vegan tripe

Vegan tripe

Vegan tripe. A good option to enjoy all the flavor of this classic dish within the world of legumes in its vegan version.

Almond milk

Roasted almond drink

Toasted almond drink. A good alternative for the lactose intolerant or for those who want to introduce healthier options into their diet.

Traditional vegetable puree

Traditional vegetable puree recipe, a vegan dish, ideal for children, weight control diets, lovers of healthy food and lactose intolerant.