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Manchego cheese flan

Manchego cheese flan

Delicious Manchego cheese flan, with all the creaminess of the egg and all the flavor of the cheese. A perfect dessert!

Chocolate bites

Chocolate bites

Do you want to impress with a recipe that you find in your usual store? Well, do not miss how easy these chocolate bites are


Vichyssoise is a recipe with leek and potato that you can prepare at any time of the year and take it both hot and cold.

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Smoked salmon cupcakes with cheese

Do you dare with some salty cupcakes? We have these smoked salmon cupcakes, they are delicious and you can decorate them with cream cheese.

Banana cake

Banana cake

Discover how to make a banana cake with our recipe. It is perfect to take advantage of the bananas that are passing us in the fruit bowl. Quick and easy recipe to make with Thermomix

Apple and caramel cake

Apple and caramel cake

Do you want a juicy dessert with a touch of apple? We have this apple and caramel cake, a delight for breakfast or a snack.

Coconut and kiwi cake

Coconut and kiwi cake

Don't miss out on how to make an elegant cake with a biscuit base, coconut filling and sweet kiwi cover.


chocolate brownie muffins

You like chocolate? Well, don't miss out on these incredible muffin-shaped cakes with a Brownie flavor and texture. You'll love them!

artichoke salad

artichoke salad

If you fancy a fresh starter, we show you this artichoke salad. It is a delight and another original way to prepare it.

Bacon and date croquettes

Bacon and date croquettes

For croquette lovers we have these delicacies made with bacon and dates. If you want to try them, enter our recipe book.

Villaroy quail eggs

Villaroy quail eggs

They almost always want these delicious appetizers. They are shaped like a croquette, they have bechamel sauce and a little surprise inside. His…

fanta cupcakes

Fanta® cake

Do you want to prepare a cake with your favorite soda? Go for this Fanta® sponge cake, you will love its fluffy texture.

Potatoes stuffed with tuna

These tuna stuffed potatoes are so simple and inexpensive that they will make a quick dinner for the whole family.

button pasta

Button biscuits

Are you preparing a party or a birthday and you need a happy and colorful recipe? Try these button cookies are a guaranteed success !!

Almonds cake

When you try this almond cake, you will not believe how delicious it is. A delight for the after-dinner or snack.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Cashew cake

Cashew cake

Are you a lover of nuts? How about we make a surprising and simple cashew cake?

Thermomix bizcoflan desserts recipe in varoma.

Bizcoflan in the varoma

You love biscuit! With its velvety layer of flan and its juicy sponge cake base ... what are you waiting for to try it?

thermomix dessert recipe cream and cream millefeuille

Cream and cream millefeuille cake

Organizing an event and you still don't have the cake? Don't complicate your life, prepare this cream and cream millefeuille cake ... it will surprise you!

Gertrudis Turtle Cake

Do you have a birthday and want to prepare a fun cake? We show you how to make a Gertrude Turtle that everyone will love.

Pink Panther Arm

Do you want to prepare a pink cake for a snack or birthday? We show you how to make a Pink Panther arm with strawberries.

Lyonnaise with tuna

Do you know choux pastry? We show you how to make it and how to prepare and fill some delicious tuna fish dishes.

Cod Nata

With this recipe for cod with cream, children will eat fish almost without realizing it. It is a creamy and boneless recipe.

Thermomix Recipe Mandarin Jam

Tangerine jam

Do you want to take advantage of the seasonal fruit? Prepare a rich tangerine jam to enjoy flavor at any time of the year.

Special stuffed aubergines

Forget about the classic meat recipe. Today we are going to prepare delicious aubergines stuffed with tuna.


Hake Cake

Bored and out of ideas for dinner? We propose something simple like this hake cake that your children will love.

Zebra cake

Do you want to prepare a fun snack? Decorate the table with safari motifs and serve the zebra cake, it always causes admiration!

Thermomix Cream Muffins Recipe

Cream cupcakes

Try this recipe for cream muffins and forget about the dry and rubbery ones. They will be finished in a jiffy.

Rice with soy milk

Do you want to prepare a classic dessert totally suitable for vegans? Try this recipe for rice with soy milk, it will surprise you.

Classic Vegetable Pie

This classic vegetable cake can be served as a starter or a side dish. It is also ideal for eating in the office.

puree with lentils, ginger, curry and coconut milk !!

Exotic puree with lentils

Bored of the same lentil recipe? Do you want to prepare something new? Try the exotic puree with lentils ... you will be amazed.

Beef stew with beer

To prepare this beer stew you can use the one you like the most. Each one will give a different flavor to the sauce.

Chicken and apple meatballs

Fancy a juicy plate that you can easily take to the office? Try these Chicken Apple Meatballs. You will not regret!

Biscuit and apple cake

Do you want to organize a simple snack? Serve this juicy apple biscuit cake with a good coffee or tea. Nor even crumbs will be left!

Pear and apple strudel cake

Do you want a dessert with all the flavor of fruit? With this pear and apple millefeuille you will enjoy the good.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Apples and almonds casserole

Apple and almond casserole

If you like fruit, you have to try this apple and almond casserole. A real delight with all the flavor of autumn.

Apple Fritters.

Apple Fritters

Apple fritters are delicious versions based on fruit and cider that you can now make with Thermomix® in a simple way.

thermomix recipe noodles with clams

Noodles with clams

If you like fiduá, you have to try this recipe for clam noodles. You will be surprised by its simplicity and taste.

Thermomix dessert recipe orange caramel cake

Orange caramel cake

In this caramel orange cake the flavor of all its ingredients is combined and the result is a rich and simple dessert.

thermomix recipe pasta salad

Pasta salad

With this pasta salad you can enjoy your mornings on the beach knowing that your food will be ready when you get home.

Spaghetti carbonara

This version of spaghetti carbonara without eggs is a delicious pasta recipe with bacon, cream and cheese.

Callos a la madrileña

Do you like traditional recipes? Then you have to try these Madrid-style tripe. An exquisite bite of Spanish gastronomy.

Japanese style quick noodle soup

Japanese style quick noodle soup

Amazing healthy and delicious Japanese style quick noodle soup. It will be a perfect option for dinner and surprise the little ones in the house.

express broth

Soup broth

Have you run out of broth and need it right now? We recommend that you use this recipe, in 36 minutes you will have a fish broth ready.

Potato and carrot puree

This potato and carrot puree can be used to accompany meat and fish dishes and give them extra vitamins and minerals.

Thermomix recipe Cream of mushrooms

Mushroom cream

With this mushroom cream you will enjoy a light, healthy and healthy recipe. Do not stop using it for your dinners.

Tagliatelle with funghi

Tagliatelle al funghi is a delicious recipe where the flavor of pasta is combined with mushroom sauce.

Thermomix recipe apple jam with cinnamon

Apple jam with cinnamon

Do you like to have breakfast with toast? Then you have to try this apple jam. So easy and tasty that you will repeat.

White beans with ear

Do you like spoon dishes? We show you how to make fantastic white beans with an ear easily and simply.

Quince and Arzúa cheese cake

Have you made quince paste and don't know what to do with it? We show you how to make a tasty quince and Arzúa cheese cake.

Thermomix recipe vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree

Vegetable and fish puree is a very complete dish that you can use for the whole family, especially for people with no appetite.

Thermomix Piononos Desserts Recipe


Do you want to prepare some piononos with chocolate coverage with us? It's simple and the result is like a pastry.



Fritters. All the flavor of Easter in a sweet and light bite that we can easily prepare at home.

Banana and walnut plum-cake

Do you have some bananas in the fruit bowl about to get lost? Prepare this banana and walnut plum-cake and you will also have a tasty sponge cake.

Thermomix dessert recipe "Eggless" sponge cake

Sponge cake "without egg"

Enjoy a cake "without egg" and with all the flavor of homemade cakes. Use it at your birthday parties or snacks.

Nuts sponge cake

Have you tried this nut cake yet? It is juicy, tasty, and easy to make. Ideal for breakfast or a snack.

Chocolate and nuts biscuit

Looking for a good snack recipe? This chocolate and walnut cake is incredible, especially if you accompany it with ice cream.

Thermomix recipe Ham and cheese pudding

Ham and cheese pudding

Are you organizing a birthday party and want to make a savory recipe? Try this ham and cheese pudding, ideal for children!

Cod and prawn lasagna

Looking for a delicious recipe to take to the office? Try this cod and prawn lasagna ... you will love it !!

easy recipe thermomix fried tomato

Fried tomato

Did you know that you can freeze fried tomato? Prepare this recipe, freeze it in portions and use it when you need it.

Zucchini and apple jam

The zucchini and apple jam is ideal to take advantage of the harvest from your garden and enjoy the combination of fruits and vegetables.

Thermomix Marmitako Recipe


Do you dare to prepare a marmitako in your Thermomix®? We have adapted this traditional recipe so that you just enjoy cooking.

Fruit and pasta salad

Are you looking for a delicious recipe that takes care of your line? Try this fruit and pasta salad. You can also do it in advance.

Thermomix recipe squid in American sauce

Squids in American Salsa

Did you know that you can make this recipe for squid in American sauce with frozen squid? Enjoy a tasty and inexpensive dish.

Spinach roll with salmon

Do you want to make a salty gypsy arm? We propose you a delicious and striking spinach roll with salmon.

Rice with olives

Bored of the typical rice dish? Try this recipe where rice is combined with green and black olives.

Chinese pasta

Do you need recipes to take away and be able to eat at the office? We show you how to make a Chinese pasta, with noodles, vegetables and meat.

Chilindrón chicken

With this simple recipe for chilindrón chicken you will enjoy all the flavor of its mushroom-based sauce.

Chicken Galantine

Do you want to enjoy the aperitif but without adding too many calories? Make this chicken and vegetable galantine. It will surprise you!

Chicken to the beer

With this beer chicken recipe you will have a delicious dinner for the whole family. And the best of all is that it cooks almost by itself.

Thermomix recipe Chicken with fine herbs

Chicken with herbs

Do you like light recipes? Try this chicken with herbs. The meat is juicy and the sauce is delicious.

Mascarpone Cheesecake

If you are looking for a smooth and delicious dessert, try this Mascarpone Cheesecake with Jam. You'll love it!!

Cherry clafoutis

This cherry clafoutis is ideal to spice up the cherries and to enjoy the best of summer.

Peach jam

Who can resist homemade recipes? Peach jam is a breakfast classic that you will also use in cakes.

Pineapple marmalade

Have you bought pineapple and you don't know what to do with it? Try this delicious pineapple jam. Perfect for preparing a tropical breakfast.

Easy recipe Thermomix Plum Jam

Plum jam

Plum jam is the best way to take advantage of the summer harvest and enjoy its flavor throughout the year.

Apricot jam

Do you want to enjoy summer throughout the year? Then we recommend that you prepare this apricot jam.

Tomato jelly

Try this delicious tomato jam, it is perfect for your breakfast toasts, appetizers or to accompany cheese boards.

Cold cream of leek and apple

With this cold cream of leek and apple you will be surprised by its texture and delicious flavor. Ideal for beating the heat and staying hydrated.

Thermomix recipes spinach cream

Creamed spinach

Try this fantastic creamy spinach recipe. A simple and great dish that will appeal to both children and adults.

Liver with onions

With this recipe for liver onions you can enjoy all the flavor of the offal prepared easily and simply.

Thermomix recipe Hake with steamed vegetables

Hake with steamed vegetables

This recipe for hake with steamed vegetables is a healthy, quick and very complete recipe to enjoy the flavor by taking care of yourself.

Thermomix Recipe Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes

Squid with potatoes is a recipe to enjoy a simple, easy and rich authentic seafood stew.

Thermomix Recipe Legume stew with spinach

Legume stew with spinach

If you like traditional recipes, you will love this vegetable and spinach stew. A simple recipe ready in 35 minutes.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Apple Pie without sugar

Sugar-free apple pie

This sugar-free apple pie is the perfect diabetic dessert. An easy cake, without sugar and full of flavor.

Chicken gratin pie

The chicken pie au gratin with tomato and cheese is a rich and simple recipe perfect to brand new your Thermomix®

Easy recipe thermomix Orange Flan

Orange flan

This orange flan is as rich as it is simple. An authentic homemade dessert to surprise your guests.

Caramel tart with walnuts

With this caramel cake with nuts you will have an easy and silky dessert with which to delight your guests.

Pear cake

We show you how to make a compote-based pear cake. Ready in less than 30 minutes and ideal for any celebration.

Sacher cake

We show you how to make a delicious Sacher cake ideal for any celebration, be it a family meal or a birthday.

Chocolate ant cake

Are you one of those who go crazy for a juicy cake? Then you have to try this recipe for chocolate ant cake ... delicious !!

Coconut cake

Do you like coconut? Then you have to prepare this coconut cake. Its delicious flavor and its juiciness will make it your favorite.

Egg white cake

We show you how to make an orange egg whites cake so that you can easily take advantage of the whites you have in the fridge.

Strawberry tiramisu

Have you tried the strawberry tiramisu yet? As easy as the classic but with a fresher and more spring flavor.

Milk French toast

Do you want to prepare some authentic milk torrijas? Well, take note and enjoy this traditional dessert made with Thermomix.

Thermomix Caldero Murciano Recipe

Murcian cauldron

Enjoy an authentic Murcian cauldron. A very simple dish based on rice and fish accompanied by aioli.

thermomix torrija varoma recipe

Torrijas in varoma

With the torrijas en varoma you will enjoy the same traditional flavor and much lighter. Enjoy them without regrets !!

Quick Vegetable Pie

With this quick vegetable cake you will have a starter or a simple garnish that is full of nutrients and color.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Cinnamon Cakes

Cinnamon cupcakes

Would you like some cinnamon cakes to have with your coffee? They are delicious, tender, full of flavor and quick to make with Thermomix®

Hake in beer sauce

In this recipe for hake in beer sauce we show you how to make a rich, quick dinner in the varoma of your Thermomix®.

Condensed Milk Sponge Cake

Condensed Milk Sponge Cake. Soft, delicate, with flavor and very easy to prepare with Thermomix. Haven't you made this homemade cake yet?

Thermomix recipe Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam

With this homemade strawberry jam and made with Thermomix® you can enjoy breakfasts full of flavor with your family.

Chicken with almonds

This chicken with almonds is a simple, exquisite recipe with a divine sauce that you can easily prepare with Thermomix.

Apple and Leek Vichyssoise

Looking for a recipe to cool you down during the summer? Don't resist any more and try this apple vichyssoise. You'll love it.

Genovese sponge cake

The Genoese sponge cake is the basis for countless cakes and gypsy arms. Learn to do it easily both on a cake and on a griddle.

Kiwi Jam

Enjoying a relaxed breakfast with homemade kiwi jam is priceless. It is also so simple that there is no excuse!

Thermomix crêpes recipe


Preparing the crepes with Thermomix is ​​very simple. You can also fill them with the ingredients that you like the most.

Heart cake

Would you like to prepare a special dessert for Valentine's Day? We show you how to prepare a heart cake with strawberries.

White beans with chorizo

This recipe for white beans with chorizo ​​is quick, rich, and can be made in advance. You will love them!

Orange marmalade

When you taste this orange marmalade, you will not have another one. With Thermomix it is easy, fast and without preservatives.

thermomix miracle bread recipe

Miracle bread

With this miracle bread you will have in 45 a homemade bread, like the ones before, with its crunchy crust and its soft crumb.

Rice soup with clams

You like rice? Then you have to try this rice chowder with clams. As simple as it is spectacular.

Thermomix recipe Riojan soup

Riojan soup

With this Riojan soup recipe you will have a nutritious and consistent dish. A spoon dish made easily with Thermomix

Sea treasures

Sea treasures stuffed with seafood will surprise you with its crunchy texture and its tasty filling based on prawns and mussels.

Nougat three chocolates

With this three chocolate nougat you can enjoy all types of chocolate at the same time so that your Christmas is perfect.

Candied fruit plum-cake

We show you how to make this candied fruit plum-cake with your Thermomix. Delicious and easier impossible.

Meat and pate cannelloni

These rich cannelloni of meat and pate are ideal for when we have many guests to eat. They can be done in advance.

Hake in cava

This recipe for hake in cava is delicious. Serve it accompanied by its sauce so that your guests can appreciate and enjoy its flavor.

Death By Chocolate

Who wouldn't want to have a sweet chocolate death? some terrifying brownies for Halloween night.

Thermomix recipe halloween cake

Halloween cake

Do you have a cake made and want to turn it into a Halloween cake? We show you how to decorate it in a simple way.

Nelba rice

Nelba rice is a recipe that you can make with Thermomix and that you can take to work and enjoy a meal away from home.

Strawberry lemon cakes

Strawberry lemon cakes

If you like soft and moist desserts, we know these cupcakes will completely appeal to you. They are made with a dough ...

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots

Yogurt cake with apricots, a delicious dessert that you can share with your guests with individual packages decorated with love.

Fresh lemon sponge cake

Fresh lemon sponge cake

This is the perfect cake to have it chilled this summer. Its soft and fluffy composition with a delicious cream of ...

Karpatka cake

Karpatka cake

It is an exquisite cake of Polish origin, with a different type of dough and texture and with an extraordinary filling with an ice cream flavor. Your result is perfect

chocolate cake

The best chocolate cake

One of the best chocolate cakes with an exceptional flavor. Their sponge cake is easy to prepare and very fluffy and their buttercream is perfect.

Beet and chocolate sponge cake

This beet and chocolate sponge cake is so delicious that you will forget about its surprising ingredients. It is also very simple to do with Thermomix.

Crème brûlée with strawberries

Crème brûlée with strawberries

A perfect and very smooth cream, made with cheese and cream and with a crunchy layer of sugar. In the filling we will introduce strawberries for an authentic dessert.

Bean stew with pumpkin

Preparing this bean and pumpkin stew with Thermomix is ​​simple and in less than 40 minutes you will have a plate of legumes for the coldest days.

Cookie bars with Red Velvet

Cookie bars with Red Velvet

A delicious combination of two layers of chocolate biscuit and one layer of red colored cream cheese. The mix is ​​perfect for Christmas.

Carrot jam

Carrot jam made with Thermomix is ​​quick and easy to prepare. A delicious preserve to drink or to give as a gift.

chocolate cream graveyard

Chocolate cream graveyard

A graveyard made with chocolate cream and decorated with crushed oreo cookies. Very funny if we also decorate it with graves and jelly beans

chocolate muffin with rye and spelled

Malt Spelled Chocolate Muffins

Some delicious chocolate muffins. Very digestive because it contains rye and spelled and much juicier because it contains an aromatic olive oil.

cranberry yogurt cream muffins

Cranberry Yogurt Cream Muffins

Delicious and fluffy muffins made with yogurt cream and cranberries. A very healthy, natural recipe and very easy to prepare.

Purple and Blackberry Candy Cupcakes

A different dessert with your Thermomix, made with violet candies and cream cheese. It is accompanied by a touch of flavor and color topped with blackberries and cream.

Death By Chocolate

A cake with layers of chocolate in different textures. We will learn to make a delicious mousse, a ganache and an exquisite sauce in our Thermomix.

Danish cookies thermorecetas

Danish cookies

If you want the authentic flavor of Danish cookies this is your recipe. It is easy to do, does not need rest and is perfect to do with children.

Squid stuffed with meat

Squid stuffed with meat is a delicious sea and mountain recipe that you can make with your Thermomix in less than 1 hour.

Cleansing cream

The vegetable-based cleansing cream you've been waiting for is here. It will help you counteract the excesses of Christmas in a healthy way.

Mushroom and walnut ragout

I've been making this mushroom and walnut ragout at home for months. It is a vegan version that has a fantastic flavor and texture and the more I make it the more Delicious mushroom and walnut ragout. A healthy and healthy vegan version, easy to make and that you can use in the same recipes.

Turkey stew with mushrooms

Get ready to indulge with this turkey and mushroom casserole. It has such a smooth and delicious sauce that it goes well with everything.

White ragout

Today we show you how to prepare a white ragout in an easy way that you can use in lasagna or in rich pasta dishes. The white ragout or, what is the same, the white ragout is an easy recipe to make with Thermomix that allows you to enjoy authentic pasta dishes, lasagna and other preparations.

Turkey stew Provençal

Get ready to enjoy a unique and complete dish with this Provencal turkey stew that is also made with a variety of vegetables. You already know that with this Provencal turkey stew you will have a rich and balanced recipe with lean meat and vegetables that your whole family will like.

Caramelized onion

With this caramelized onion recipe you can make great appetizers or serve as a garnish. Discover the recipe in video and explained step by step with Thermomix so that you can learn how to cook a rich onion confit.

Salty onion and bacon tart

With this salty onion and bacon tart your parties will be a success. An informal dish full of flavor that appeals to young and old.

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums. A vegetable dish where we include fruits to intensify the flavor of the stew, providing a sweet and delicious touch.

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream. The most delicious way to consume greens and vegetables in winter. A recipe that will make us warm with the best flavor.

Carbonara Pasta with Asparagus

Carbonara Pasta with Asparagus. All the flavor of pasta in combination with the delicious carbonara sauce cooked at the same time in a few steps. A simple and delicious dish that is also accompanied by some delicious green asparagus.

Red Velvet pancakes

Red Velvet pancakes

Red Velvet pancakes. All the flavor of the classic red sponge cake combined with the texture of American pancakes to enjoy Valentine's Day in the best company.

Leek and Pear Cream

Leek and Pear Cream

Leek and Pear Cream. Enjoy the hot version of the classic Vichyssoise with a delicious sweet touch. The tastiest way to consume fruits and vegetables.

Pumpkin Parmesan Risotto

Pumpkin Parmesan Risotto

Pumpkin and Parmesan Risotto. All the flavor of Italy in a simple and delicious dish that will make us enjoy rice in its most international version.

Sautéed Peas with Potatoes

Sautéed peas with potatoes

Sautéed Peas with Potatoes. All the flavor of traditional cuisine in a complete and delicious dish that will warm us up at this cold time of year.

Pumpkin cream curry

Pumpkin Cream Curry

Pumpkin Cream Curry. A very healthy and delicious option that will help us with our main New Year's purpose: to take better care of ourselves without giving up flavor.

Queen almond cream

Queen almond cream. A delicious and smooth first course with which we will conquer the most demanding palates in any special lunch or dinner.

White beans with chorizo

White Beans with Chorizo

White Beans with Chorizo. A fast and delicious way to enjoy a good plate of food in the simplest way and with all the flavor.

Chicken in pepitoria

Chicken in pepitoria. One of the most delicious ways to cook this poultry meat with the most traditional flavors and a delicious texture.

Omelette without egg

Here you will find all the tricks to make an omelette without eggs with Thermomix. A recipe totally suitable for vegans and egg intolerant.

Chicken breast curry

Curried turkey breast

Curried turkey breast. A low-fat dish accompanied by a very light sauce where onion and soy are the stars.

Risotto curry with coconut milk

Risotto curry with coconut milk. An exotic and delicious rice that we will have in a moment. Very different ingredients that combine perfectly.

Rice with natural tomato

Rice with natural tomato. A quick and easy way to prepare a nutritious and complete dish in a matter of minutes. Eat well without effort.

Mushroom and tuna cake

This mushroom and tuna cake suitable for celiacs is very easy to make with Thermomix. Enjoy its flavor and smooth texture.

Chocolate chip cookies

Cookies with chocolate chips. All the flavor of homemade American cookies with chocolate chips. Irresistible.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Andalusian gazpacho. Discover how to make one of the richest dishes of Andalusian gastronomy in Thermomix. A healthy and nutritious option to refresh yourself.

Varoma pepper salad

Varoma pepper salad. A peculiar version of the traditional oven roasted pepper salad. You will love its flavor.

Light strawberry jam

Light strawberry jam. All the flavor of seasonal fruit with a significant reduction in calorie intake by using less sugar.

Marinated chicken and mango couscous

Marinated chicken and mango couscous. An exotic and delicious dish where we combine sweet and savory ingredients to make a complete and healthy delicacy.

Catalan-style bream

Dorada a la catalana. All the flavor of a very low-fat fish accompanied by steamed potatoes and a delicious tomato sauce.

Strawberry risotto

Strawberry risotto. A different way of cooking the classic risotto of always with the acid touch that the strawberry contributes. It will not leave anyone indifferent.

Cupcakes 'Red Velvet'

Red Velvet cupcakes. A sweet and velvety bite that will conquer all who try it. Fall in love with them on Valentine's Day.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (basic recipe)

Hot chocolate (basic recipe). A classic in breakfasts and snacks around the world that we can personalize by adding liqueurs to our liking.

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy

Almond custard with brandy. The traditional flavor where the ingredients of the classic dessert come together with the flavor of almonds and the aroma of brandy.

Lentils with zucchini

Soft, nutritious and delicious lentils with zucchini and other vegetables. An inexpensive and very simple dish to make with Thermomix.

White wine glazed onions

Delicious white wine glazed onions made with Thermomix. Sweet and tender they are the perfect accompaniment to your plates and cheese boards.

vegan tripe

Vegan tripe

Vegan tripe. A good option to enjoy all the flavor of this classic dish within the world of legumes in its vegan version.

Almond milk

Roasted almond drink

Toasted almond drink. A good alternative for the lactose intolerant or for those who want to introduce healthier options into their diet.

mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto. A very complete dish with an international flair to enjoy rice and vegetables in the purest Italian style.

Lavender cookies

These lavender cookies surprise with their flavor and rich smell. Very easy to make with Thermomix and they are perfect for a special snack.

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds

Oriental chicken with almonds. A very simple, accessible and healthy recipe that will make us enjoy the oriental flavor by controlling the seasonings.

Zucchini and mushroom pie

With this zucchini and mushroom cake you can enjoy all the good things about quiches but without adding calories. Discover how to make it with Thermomix.