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Fruit and pasta salad

Are you looking for a delicious recipe that takes care of your line? Try this fruit and pasta salad. You can also do it in advance.

Garlic prawns

To prepare the garlic prawns you must use good quality ingredients. Serve them in clay pots to keep all the heat.

Thermomix Recipe Seabass en papillote

Sea bass in papillote

Do you like healthy and light recipes? We suggest you make a sea bass in papillote. An interesting way to take care of yourself.

Thermomix recipe light cream of asparagus

Green Asparagus Cream

Have you tried our green asparagus cream? It is light, creamy and delicious. Perfect as a starter or foreground.

Catalan spinach thermomix recipe

Catalonian spinach

Dinner in less than 10 minutes? Yes, with your Thermomix® you can prepare this vegan Catalan spinach recipe.

Octopus ceviche

Octopus ceviche is an ideal recipe to enjoy at any time. Fresh, fast, simple and very light ... only 70 kcal.

Kiwi and prawn salad

Do you want to lead a healthy life and need healthy recipes? Try this kiwi and prawn salad, its flavor will convince you.

Cold cucumber and yogurt soup

Do you need a quick, healthy and refreshing recipe? We show you how to prepare a cold cucumber and yogurt soup in 3 minutes.

Thermomix recipe Chicken with fine herbs

Chicken with herbs

Do you like light recipes? Try this chicken with herbs. The meat is juicy and the sauce is delicious.

Exotic beet gazpacho

Exotic beet gazpacho that will awaken countless flavors on our palate. Ideal to get out of the routine this summer.

Cold cream of leek and apple

With this cold cream of leek and apple you will be surprised by its texture and delicious flavor. Ideal for beating the heat and staying hydrated.

Easy thermomix watermelon gazpacho recipe

Watermelon Gazpacho

The watermelon gazpacho is a perfect option to nourish and refresh yourself on the hottest days. Simple and so fast that it is not lazy.

Cold cucumber and yogurt soup

This cold cucumber and yogurt soup with a crunchy twist is as quick as it is light. Ideal to take care of yourself with Thermomix® in summer.

easy recipe thermomix lemon sorbet

Lemon sorbet

The lemon sorbet is very refreshing, easy to make. This summer refresh yourself naturally with your Thermomix®

Thermomix recipe Hake with steamed vegetables

Hake with steamed vegetables

This recipe for hake with steamed vegetables is a healthy, quick and very complete recipe to enjoy the flavor by taking care of yourself.

Thermomix Desserts Recipe Apple Pie without sugar

Sugar-free apple pie

This sugar-free apple pie is the perfect diabetic dessert. An easy cake, without sugar and full of flavor.

thermomix torrija varoma recipe

Torrijas in varoma

With the torrijas en varoma you will enjoy the same traditional flavor and much lighter. Enjoy them without regrets !!

Easy Thermomix Hake with Potatoes Recipe

Hake with potatoes

Hake with potatoes is a great recipe that is great for a light and healthy dinner. Plus it's ready in 40 minutes.

Steamed wild asparagus

The steamed wild asparagus made in Thermomix® varoma are so easy to make that they will surprise you.

Thermomix recipe Lemon artichokes

Lemon artichokes

Lemon artichokes is a healthy and light recipe that will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet in a simple way.

Brown rice with spinach

Brown rice with spinach is a simple dish to make with Thermomix and ideal to eat at work or at school.

Cream of broccoli

With this broccoli cream you will have another recipe based on vegetables for healthy and healthy dinners for the whole family.

Easy recipe thermomix vegetable soup

Vegetable soup

This vegetable soup is a vegan dish, which will help you control weight and make your dinners healthier and healthier.

Lemon turkey breasts

Discover how to make lemon turkey breasts easily with Thermomix. A rich and easy recipe for your dinners.

Easy recipe thermomix Pumpkin cream

Pumpkin cream

Go ahead with this colorful pumpkin cream and you will easily enjoy the flavors of autumn.

Nelba rice

Nelba rice is a recipe that you can make with Thermomix and that you can take to work and enjoy a meal away from home.

Vegan pumpkin custard

These vegan pumpkin custard made with Thermomix couldn't be faster, cheaper and lighter. The dessert for the whole family.

Crispy carrot salad

This crispy carrot salad is quick, easy to make with Thermomix and very convenient to eat at the office or take to the beach this summer.

Strawberry isotonic drink

This delicious isotonic strawberry drink will help you stay hydrated and recover from your physical activity. Ready in 1 minute with your Thermomix.

Sauce without tomato

This tomato-free sauce can be used like the traditional one to make recipes full of color and flavor. Ready in a few minutes with your Thermomix.

Quince sweet without sugar and with agar agar

This recipe for sugar-free quince jelly with agar-agar was already a classic on my to-do list. And it is not because I did not lend you Delicious Quince Fudge without sugar and with agar agar that will make you enjoy the traditional flavors again without worrying about the calories.

Brussels sprouts with ham

Delicious and tasty brussels sprouts cooked with onion and ham, which are really tender and juicy in our thermomix

The chayote and its thousand and one names.

On my last vacation in Portugal, I discovered the chayote and its thousand and one names. A cucurbit with which you can make countless recipes. La Discover the chayote and its thousand and one names. An inexpensive vegetable, easy to cook and that will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Multivitamin drink

If you like natural juices without preservatives or colorings, this multivitamin drink is going to enchant you. It is made with fresh fruit and it is so simple. Refresh yourself with this multivitamin drink and show off healthy and beautiful skin this summer. Easy, homemade and ready in 1 minute with Thermomix.

Salmon with piperrada

Steamed salmon accompanied by piperrada, a very interesting option for these hot days. Healthy, healthy and fast.

Tonnata light sauce with cooked meat

A lighter version of the traditional Italian tonnata sauce. Without oil, without mayonnaise ... we will use ricotta to obtain that sauce-pate that goes so well with meat dishes.

Celery and apple soup

Healthy and nutritious celery and apple soup, ideal as a starter or dinner. Its sweet and sour taste makes this soup an exquisite pleasure.

Hippocrates soup

The Hippocrates soup is a healthy and healthy recipe with which we can easily prepare a complete menu in Thermomix.

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums

Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Plums. A vegetable dish where we include fruits to intensify the flavor of the stew, providing a sweet and delicious touch.

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream

Carrot and Celery Cream. The most delicious way to consume greens and vegetables in winter. A recipe that will make us warm with the best flavor.

Creamy mashed carrot with juniper

Creamy accompaniment puree made from carrots and potatoes and flavored with juniper berries. It is the ideal accompaniment to meat and fish dishes.

Leek and Pear Cream

Leek and Pear Cream

Leek and Pear Cream. Enjoy the hot version of the classic Vichyssoise with a delicious sweet touch. The tastiest way to consume fruits and vegetables.

Sautéed Peas with Potatoes

Sautéed peas with potatoes

Sautéed Peas with Potatoes. All the flavor of traditional cuisine in a complete and delicious dish that will warm us up at this cold time of year.

Light cream of cauliflower

Enjoying this light cauliflower cream on a cold day is a real treat. A light, simple and very inexpensive recipe.

Pumpkin cream curry

Pumpkin Cream Curry

Pumpkin Cream Curry. A very healthy and delicious option that will help us with our main New Year's purpose: to take better care of ourselves without giving up flavor.

Endive tonic

With this endive tonic and your Thermomix you can purify your body and curb excesses. We show you four alternatives to give you an extra health.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The strawberry and banana smoothie is delicious and will provide you with all the good of the fruit. It's fast and refreshing ... don't miss it !! We also tell you its properties and if it serves to lose weight or lose weight.

Raspberry and chia jam

With the raspberry and chia jam you will enjoy all the flavor with only 17 calories. Fully suitable for diabetics and ready in 10 minutes.

Pear and apple sugar-free jam

Delicious pear and apple sugar-free jam that you can use with yogurts, curds and toasts. Fully suitable for diabetics and diets.

Date paste

With this date paste you can sweeten your favorite recipes in a healthy and healthy way. Discover how to make it with Thermomix.

Chicken breast curry

Curried turkey breast

Curried turkey breast. A low-fat dish accompanied by a very light sauce where onion and soy are the stars.

Rice with natural tomato

Rice with natural tomato. A quick and easy way to prepare a nutritious and complete dish in a matter of minutes. Eat well without effort.

Gazpacho Andaluz

Andalusian gazpacho. Discover how to make one of the richest dishes of Andalusian gastronomy in Thermomix. A healthy and nutritious option to refresh yourself.

Varoma pepper salad

Varoma pepper salad. A peculiar version of the traditional oven roasted pepper salad. You will love its flavor.

Light strawberry jam

Light strawberry jam. All the flavor of seasonal fruit with a significant reduction in calorie intake by using less sugar.

Marinated chicken and mango couscous

Marinated chicken and mango couscous. An exotic and delicious dish where we combine sweet and savory ingredients to make a complete and healthy delicacy.

Catalan-style bream

Dorada a la catalana. All the flavor of a very low-fat fish accompanied by steamed potatoes and a delicious tomato sauce.

Dashi broth

Learn how to make a dashi broth with Thermomix. A traditional recipe of Japanese cuisine and the basis for a multitude of Japanese dishes.

Yogurt, tuna and olives sauce

A light skimmed yogurt sauce made with tuna and green olives. Ideal to accompany salads and cooked or roasted vegetables.

Traditional vegetable puree

Traditional vegetable puree recipe, a vegan dish, ideal for children, weight control diets, lovers of healthy food and lactose intolerant.

Green Smoothie

We teach you how to prepare a detoxifying drink that is also delicious. It is very healthy since it is made with vegetables, fruit and a little honey

Asparagus with vinaigrette

Preparing some asparagus with vinaigrette is very easy with Thermomix. It also helps us control our weight and counteract summer excesses.

Steamed cockles with lime

A spectacular, really simple and very colorful appetizer: steamed cockles with lime sauce cooked in Thermomix

Fake mayonnaise

Tired of counting calories? With this fake mayonnaise you can enjoy your favorite dishes without worrying about the scale.

Chinese style quinoa

Original quinoa recipe, prepared Asian style and seasoned with soy sauce and teriyaki and accompanied by rich vegetables.

Strawberry apple smoothie

Delicious and refreshing strawberry and apple smoothie, ideal for hot days. Perfect for low-calorie diets.

Tomato soup

Do you need a recipe to warm up but without skipping the diet? Try this tomato soup full of vitamins and nutrients.

Pasta with salmon and tuna

Healthy and colorful pasta, made with canned tuna and smoked salmon, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and rosemary. 

Cauliflower with gluten-free bechamel

We prepare the cauliflower with a clarita bechamel sauce and an oil-free tomato sauce. We thus turn the cauliflower with béchamel into a lighter dish.

manchego ratatouille

Traditional Manchego pisto, ideal for lovers of vegetables and healthy cuisine. It is perfect to leave it prepared in advance. 

Oriental style sesame green beans

Oriental style seasoned green beans, with sesame and soy sauce. Ideal as a starter or accompaniment. A quick, healthy and simple dish. 

Aubergines stuffed with ham

Quick and easy aubergines stuffed with sofrito and ham. A perfect starter for when we have little time to cook.

Thai rice with pineapple

An elegant, exotic, balanced, healthy and truly delicious dish. It is an Asian rice accompanied with pineapple, ideal to start the year after Christmas.

Zucchini and carrot cream

Simple cream of zucchini and carrots that is made in Thermomix without complications. It can be served with grated cheese and / or with croutons

Eggplant ratatouille

Vegetable mince in which the eggplant is the protagonist. Cooked in a thermomix, it serves as a garnish or as a first course and is not too caloric

Chicken in vegetable sauce

A great recipe to prepare these days between the copious Christmas meals. It is a chicken made in a sauce with vegetables, healthy, tasty and juicy.

Pumpkin soup for diet

The ideal first course for a light menu. Hypocaloric, inexpensive and easy to prepare. Delicious and healthy pumpkin soup.

Tangerine and date juice

This tangerine and date juice is an excellent ally against anemia, against constipation and in weight loss diets.

Frozen yogurt smoothie

The frozen yogurt shake is perfect to present as a dessert at a dinner or family meal. Serve in small glasses to avoid adding too many calories.

Lebanese tabouleh

The Lebanese tabouleh is a vegan salad made with bulgur and a good amount of peppermint and parsley

Rice salad with mayonnaise

Healthy and nutritious rice salad, dressed with mayonnaise, ideal to transport in a tupperware to the pool, the beach or to work.

Couscous and crab salad

Refreshing couscous salad, served with crab sticks and walnuts and garnished with a mint and lemon vinaigrette. Ideal for hot days.

Fusili with zucchini and prawns

Fusilis made in the healthiest and tastiest way: sautéed zucchini and prawns, all seasoned with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

How to chop lettuce with Thermomix

Surprising trick with which you will learn to chop lettuce with Thermomix easily and quickly. This trick can also be used to chop chard or spinach.

Vegetables with tofu

Sauteed vegetables combined with tofu and cashews. Ideal for a quick dinner or a summer starter.

Cabbage Salad

How well red cabbage combines with apple! Do you remember the garnish of red cabbage with apple and ...

Light raspberry mousse

Light Raspberry Mousse is a mild dessert that is made ahead of time, freeing you up for other tasks.

Cold beet cream with olives

A cold beet cream, low in calories, ideal to take advantage of all the benefits and properties of this tuber: anti-cancer, anti-anemia, ideal for pregnant women and anti-aging. And with only 43 calories.

Strawberry, lettuce and lime juice

With this juice of strawberries, lettuce and lime we can easily be hydrated in summer and, at the same time, ingest vitamins and minerals.

Zucchini and leek cream

Soft and light cream of zucchini and leek with milk, salt and nutmeg. We can serve it with a drizzle of olive oil and croutons.

Vegan cous cous

A plate of couscous accompanied with vegetables and nuts, ideal for vegans and vegetarians and for those who follow low-calorie diets.

Dorada on the back in Varoma

Simple and healthy sea bream prepared on the back, garnished with peppers and onions. Ideal for low calorie diets.

Rabbit with Mediterranean marinade

This rabbit recipe is prepared with a delicious Mediterranean marinade that gives it a very characteristic flavor. It is also prepared at the Varoma.

Cauliflower garnish

A cauliflower garnish, with leeks, onion and tomato, low in calories and easy to make

Spicy mussels

A fabulous idea for a quick and very healthy dinner: mussels in hot sauce. For lovers of spicy food, this is your recipe!

Artichokes with potatoes and ham

The artichokes are tender and the potatoes just right. All this bathed in a tasty sauce in which the ham takes center stage. And easy to do!

Aromatic pea cream

The aromatic cream with peas is a light recipe and very easy to prepare. Ideal for people who want to take care of their diet.

Leek, carrot and potato cream

It is easy to make with leek and carrots and can be enriched with Parmesan cheese, croutons and / or ham. Adaptable to all diets and for children!

Light yogurt and pear cream

This light yogurt and pear cream surprises with its mild flavor and mousse-like texture. It is also suitable for weight control diets.

Spinach cream béchamel

Original spinach cream with béchamel sauce, ideal for vegetarians, children and people who follow low-calorie diets.

Cabbage with apple

Sauteed cabbage with apple and potato, a light dish that can even be used as a garnish for a meat or traditional stew

Endive light cream

Healthy and delicious light cream made from escarole. A healthy dish for its very few calories and its large amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Spinach with garlic

A lightweight plate, ideal for weight control diets. Spinach sautéed with garlic, a vegan and very healthy recipe for vegetarian diets.

Galician chard

Delicious chard prepared in the Galician style, all steamed and washed down with an authentic Galician refrito.

Prawns with mango curry sauce

A delicious holiday appetizer in a presentation that will grace any table. The prawns with mango curry sauce are also an inexpensive and low-calorie proposition.

Banana and mandarin smoothie

Delicious and nutritious banana, milk and mandarin smoothie. Ideal to guarantee the consumption of fruit during the Christmas holidays.

Detoxifying apple, cucumber and celery juice

Detoxifying apple, celery, cucumber and lemon juice. It is a detox juice or green juice, ideal for eliminating toxins produced by food, stress and urban lifestyle. And it is delicious.

Antioxidant juice

This antioxidant juice contains pomegranate, strawberries and tomato, fruits that combine their anti-aging power with a high content of vitamin C, which strengthens natural defenses, as well as anti-cancer properties and multiple beneficial effects.

Fresh vegetable stew

A fresh, healthy and light vegetable stew, made in 15 minutes with Thermomix. Delicious

Mushrooms with vegetables

This garnish of mushrooms with vegetables is made with chanterelles (or rebollones), carrots, leek, tomato, garlic and white wine. It is really delicious.

Light biscuits

Healthy recipes made with mascarpone, whole wheat flour and brown sugar. It has fewer calories than traditional cookies and they are rich in fiber.

Stewed aubergines

Stewed aubergines is a recipe flavored with cinnamon and mace that will comfort us on cold and rainy days.

Vegetable stew in cream

Nutritious and healthy vegetable stew, presented in cream. Quick, easy and delicious. Ideal as a first for fall and perfect for children.

Light cream of leeks with ham

This light cream of leeks and potato with a smooth flavor and creamy texture, is really delicious. We will accompany it with a few pieces of ham, like small pieces.

Potato stew with cod

Delicious potato stew with cod, ideal as a starter for cold and rainy days. Perfect for children and very simple and quick recipe.

Red and yellow plum juice

Red plum juice is a very easy and fast juice, with great properties for weight loss and weight control diets.

Melon smoothie

This smoothie is a low calorie yogurt and melon smoothie, very healthy, refreshing and delicious, ideal for diets or to take between meals.

Octopus in vinaigrette

Tasty octopus salad with vinaigrette and vegetables. Nutritious and healthy it is a perfect snack or dinner.


Salpicón is one of the summer recipes par excellence. Easy, fast and low in calories.

Banana and yogurt light ice cream

A delicious light ice cream to enjoy a good dessert. It is made from banana and yogurt, very easy to make, without added sugar, healthy and low in calories.

Lettuce, pear and kiwi juice

In the lettuce, pear and kiwi juice, fruits and vegetables are mixed to form a delicious and very healthy combination. Full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Cold melon and cucumber cream

Refreshing melon and cucumber cold cream, seasoned with mint and yogurt, ideal as a starter for the hottest days. Ready in less than 2 minutes.

Spiced Lentil Salad

Delicious lentil salad, garnished with a spice emulsion. Ideal as a starter for hot summer days.

Detoxifying juice against hangovers

This detoxifying juice is a natural remedy against hangovers, a vegetable juice to cleanse the body after a copious lunch or dinner where alcohol has been ingested.

Taboulé, cold couscous salad

Refreshing taboule salad, made with couscous and chopped raw vegetables, with an unmistakable touch of mint. Ideal as a companion.

Zucchini Vichyssoise

Refreshing and healthy version of vichyssoise, made from leek and zucchini. Ideal as a starter for hot days.

Super vitamin C juice

Exquisite combination of fruits and vegetables, with which we will create an exquisite juice full of vitamin C.

Prawns in vinaigrette

This recipe for prawns in vinaigrette will help us to preserve the line. You just have to keep in mind that it has to rest for at least 8 hours.

Rosemary meat sauce

Juicy meat sauce with the aroma of rosemary, low in calories and ideal to take with rice, pasta or potatoes.

Jasmine rice salad

Very healthy salad made from jasmine rice and various vegetables, tuna and turkey, served with a lemon dressing.

Salad emulsion

Salad emulsion, an exquisite recipe to use for when we have leftover salad. Ideal as a starter.

Apple, beet and lemon juice

Antioxidant and detoxifying juice, low in calories and full of vitamins, iron and minerals, ideal as a supplement to weight loss diets.

Garlic mushroom appetizer

The garlic mushroom appetizer is ideal for snacking because it is quick, healthy and low in calories. Serve it with your favorite light drink.

Detox shake

The detox shake is an easy and healthy way to eat fruits and vegetables. This shake, popular with celebrities, will not help you maintain your ideal weight.

Natural pineapple juice

A natural pineapple juice, very healthy and low in calories, with all the properties of pineapple, made in 3 minutes and with a spectacular result.

Castilian asparagus

Light asparagus recipe, easy and prepared in the Varoma. With all the flavor and color of the traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Vegetable pancakes with potatoes and chard

These chard, potato, cheese and raisin pancakes are like veggie burgers, but cooked in the oven. They are low in calories and a good solution for children to eat vegetables.

Mussels with paprika

Very simple recipe made with mussels and cooked potatoes, seasoned with oil and paprika. This recipe is especially suitable for dieting.

Pear and lemon juice

Quick, easy and low in calories, this pear and lemon juice is a source of energy, minerals and vitamins. Sweetened with stevia.

Lemon stewed artichokes

This recipe for stewed artichokes with lemon is specially designed for singles. It is an easy and quick recipe with only 85 calories.

Cabbage and pumpkin light cream

Original light cream, made from cabbage and pumpkin, which will surprise you with its combination of flavors. Ideal as a starter for a dinner.

Tomato cream with tofu

A warm tomato and vegetable cream, with tofu and croutons. It is a spoon dish, light, healthy and low in calories, which is also very good.

Lemon mousse with grapes and pears

With only 150 calories this lemon mousse will become a classic because in addition to being soft, it is fresh and has a very light texture.

Pea cream with mint with poached egg

This pea cream contrasts its flavor with that of fresh mint and incorporates a poached egg, which gives the dish an entity and makes it a healthy and low-calorie dinner.

Russian cauliflower salad

Different Russian salad, made from cauliflower. Ideal as a dinner or as a light starter for large meals.

Carrot cream colorá

Delicious carrot cream with red pepper, ideal for dinner and to ensure the vitamin supply of vegetables in the diet.

Melanzane alla parmigiana

Melanzane alla parmigiana or aubergines parmigiana is the ideal starter for vegetables. It has a smooth texture and an intense flavor.

Light arugula soup

Very healthy light arugula soup, ideal for delicate stomachs or low calorie diets. A perfect first course to tone the stomach.

Peppermint gazpacho

An easy, quick and refreshing proposal for these hot days: the mint gazpacho, a reinterpretation of the traditional gazpacho.

Neapolitan sauce

Authentic Neapolitan sauce, ideal to accompany our sauce dishes, such as minced meat for lasagna. Perfect for vegans.

Pear snow

The pear snow or granita is a dessert or summer snack. Its few calories make it suitable for coeliacs or weight control diets.

Apple gazpacho

Refreshing apple gazpacho, ideal as a starter to combat the summer heat. Easy and fast to prepare. Ideal for low-calorie diets.

Salmorejo Flan

A reinterpretation of the traditional salmorejo, which combines phenomenally with fish as a garnish. It can also be taken with toasts as an aperitif or as a starter with salad. Delicious, antioxidant and low in calories, ideal for summer diets.

Natural express tomato juice

Express tomato juice, totally natural, that we prepare in just 1 minute. Ideal as a starter or first, or to accompany an aperitif.

Baked Beans

Baked beans in Thermomix

Do you want to make homemade baked beans with the Thermomix? Discover this recipe that will allow you to enjoy this type of bean that is so popular in America.

Sweet and sour carrots

Sweet and sour carrots

We show you how to prepare sweet and sour carrots with Thermomix, a very rich recipe that you can easily prepare. Have you already done it?

Vegetables with cream cheese

A healthy, light and tasty vegetarian dish: steamed vegetables, cooked in the Varoma, and covered with a delicious cream cheese. Ideal if you are on a diet: 145 calories per serving.

Hake with leek sauce

Discover how to make steamed hake with leek sauce with our recipe and enjoy steamed fish, juicy and tender. Very rich!